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Support your local Police in dealing effectively with the McClods et al of Australia and get betrayal, fined, injury, death and dishonour.

Before joining the Police.

Now here’s the thing. I used to work in the hideous security industry and I owned a couple of restaurants. I unfortunately lived above one of them for several years, from where I could observe and experience the growing dystopian wonderland of social suicide and multicultism and gee, honestly see how bad things really are. And they are very bad, sports.

We have atomised our own society via decades of Marxist left liberal product fraud. You know, every culture is great but ours. And through teaching nothing of what makes our lives so uniquely bright and blessed in the otherwise dark tunnel of history, we have made many in our own culture incurious, indoctrinated children of perpetual irrational grievance, where even adults aspire to be teenagers forever. Thus we end up with a strange, passive aggressive local citizenry with seeming random values open to easy and cheap manipulation.

Read The Death Of The Grown Up by Diana West on how young people no longer aspire to adulthood as such, but to a perpetual teenage. And adults in turn aspire down to a kind of eternal adolescence.

A real delight innit? We now get freakish neighbourhoods filled with the diversity of nihilistic mindless narcissistic hoodlums both domestic and imported.

Is the average young person now a passive aggressive drone without mental or moral depth? And this is now virtually normalised. You be the judge and here.

No child at my son’s school is specifically taught anything as culturally confident and mature as the glory and greatness of the Western Canon, from the Enlightenment, to the Renaissance, the Founding Fathers and the industrial revolution etc. No one is either specifically taught a conservative principle or thinking skills. Not one. They prefer fashionably vague and secular ideas of being “tolerant” and nice to each other but without any serious judgement.

Quite frankly I don't want to as they say, tolerate the intolerant.

That’s because unlike diversity, which is always considered essentially good: discrimination is thought of as essentially bad. Sadly, discrimination, or the ability to make a logical choice between good and evil, creative and destructive, smart and stupid or shit and clay, is the basis of rational thought.

Nope, instead there’s “Harmony Day” next week, and as the flier says “ us celebrate our cultural diversity”. Help me!

If I had three kids, I'd dress one as Churchill, one as General Patton and the other as Ronald Reagan. Celebrate that.

By its very PC title, it assumes that there is disharmony and hell there is now, because we have er, “diversity”. Whatever diversity means, but it’s usually assumed to be a positive only spoiled by troublesome people who are allegedly "fascist." Rather ironic considering that the form and direction of multiculturalism has never been voted on, but instead enforced entirely by the state.

The assumption appears to be that the citizens of Australia are too racist too appreciate how wonderful diversity is for them. That’s unless they can afford to live in the more affluent suburbs which are invariably less hey, diverse. And deliciously where you are more likely to find the very people who frame our suicidal laws. And who invariably call anyone that questions their doctrinaire bunk, a racist and thus sub par to them because those in charge are never bigots.

Diversity is not a given good. It just means different. Thus one can find a diverse range of skin diseases. Or within our own society, people have atomised into a kind affluent faux tribalism, each group often more tedious and limiting than the next. But invariably it’s shown as the local culture as the problem and you know that they mean the white Judeo Christian culture, as they are naturally so they say relentlessly, the ones creating the er, discord. Proportionately that's balls, old boy.

Mark Steyn said so wonderfully that “multiculturalism absolves you from knowing anything about a culture at all. You just feel good about it and go to the restaurants”.

And get which er, culture get’s the caveat of “please no pork dishes” on the Harmony Day handout? Well, there are no people with the name Goldberg at said school. Ya guessed it. Yep, it’s everyone’s favourite fear factor met with a reflexive rictus smile: Islam. Big ‘effing surprise, eh? No.

Sudanese garbage beat up a white guy to celebrate diversity as two Asians just walk by. Yeah, Asians without mobile phones, eh? Carry on then. Celebrating multiculturalism.

As time drags on and over the last four decades, the compulsory teaching of the politics and ideology of essentially nihilist despair have the desired effect. Think of the front group mass movements of environmentalism, critical theory and PCism etc. They are all essentially negative, miserable, boring and well, damn unsexy tripe. And thus I cant even begin to speak to people I assume are adults because outside of their specialty, they often don’t know anything and are invariably uninterested.

But I digress. The news item that grabbed me was of an assault on the Police by a gang of sub-creep crackers. What interested me is that the Police had apparently no competence in tactics, combat, restraint, assertiveness or using their weapons. And then an officer is left paralysed and brain damaged and said thug geeks get off. No, really. An excerpt from the news item is at the end of this laugh a minute post.

Australian Police routed and one officer paralysed by the Mclod inbred trash family who later are let off by the judge. Gee, why does this give me zero confidence?

I learnt the truth while working in in security etc, that you can no longer defend yourself, any one else or support the Police without serious financial, physical and mental risk. There is a very good chance that the law will NOT be on your side. The Police will NOT be on your side. The Police will NOT turn up more than around 40% of the time. When they do, they are NOT that good. And dear reader, the mass of the public will NOT help the Police or anyone. They'll watch, feebly make a comment, ignore it and walk on or cheer and join in: on the winning side.

When the old Bill do amazingly arrest someone, you may indeed see the offender around your place of business by morning, laughing away at you. The law is truly blind and sadly also deaf, dumb and stupid.

There are many good Police, and many of those resign in droves on average after only a few years.

Now the training the Police receive in effective combat skills are surprizingly and grossly inadequate for as an ex-Policeman said “it’s up to you to get the training”. And boy, does it show. Policemen wrestling like school boys with trash. And apparently up to one third of Police are female and they want to make it more! A joke I’m afraid. It will doom us all. Generally, middle-eastern and black males do NOT respect female Police officers or any female authority figure really. So good luck, ya gonna need it.

Wait until the big societal breakdowns. The Police will be overwhelmed and massively outnumbered and outgunned defending their own home and families. There'll be NO law enforcement on the streets, just the mob and the gangs with the guns, and not the law abiding and unarmed citizen.

Unless you are a lawyer, a Doctor, a combat defence/restraint specialist and SOMEBODY, and you can predict the future of the chaos and madness of a real street fight, do nothing and help no one. No, really.

I was a security guard when the licensed venue I worked in had two long time criminals on methamphetamine and Jack Daniels threaten to murder and rob the venue, and then they assaulted customers and staff. Then they tried to kill my security partner with bar stools. Everyone froze except me. Fifteen people and all rather spineless, sports.

Inside I didn't feel so swell and leisurely myself. One of my first thoughts was "hey, I think I may just die tonight and I’m not going to see my family again. And gee, how ungroovy".

I stopped them both by hand so to speak, and I was the one in trouble. While my partner thanked me for as he said “saving my life” and the staff wrote fine letters on how brave I was blah, blah, I was essentially and utterly alone afterwards. As the company I worked for said "we're 100% behind you!" They were. All the way back to France by my estimate.

Yes, while fighting for several lives, I should have stopped for a conference to check I was being “proportionate”. Er, no. If I could go back in time, I would have done precisely nothing.

Oh, except to say to the management as they asked me to deal with the problem that "gee, this is probably a bad time, but here's my resignation and goodnight". No, really. I suggest you do the same unless you really believe you are prepared to risk EVERYTHING and alone and all for nothing. Are you? Ok, if it all goes relaively well then you're in the newspaper for a whole day. Yippee yawn kie yay.

And if it doesn't, you're in a shit load of trouble for how long exactly?

Under serious attack there’s only winning or injury, death and dishonour. And sadly, one can never really trust the Police too. Sorry, but they ain't your pals. They are barely each other's pals if you observe how truly lousy and PC two-faced Police management is.

So we’re back to square one and the thousand stories I haven’t told you and how beyond belief and hope our society has become. I believe it’s too late. No, really. Those who control the forums, the paradigms and dominant memes are only getting worse and ever more stupid and delusional. And then others with the power and influence are entirely deliberate in their pure treason. Think about that.

My advice is to first of all avoid, avoid and avoid some more. Be AWARE of everything around you and get away. DO NOT walk around in the dream many folks appear to be in. Learn real unarmed techniques and drain every conflict of emotion.

NEVER let anyone seriously intimidate and assault you. EVER. Just remember that no matter what you do, the law is no longer a friend of the ordinary citizen like you and I, especially one who trusts our institutions. The law is no longer even a supporter of the effective Police officer. Go figure. But all situations by nature can unfold unexpectedly and without a rhythm or logic.

And always speak through a great lawyer. Sadly, great lawyers are for the rich, criminal or otherwise.

With the Police, the law, academia, the MSM and the government etc, expect nothing or the worst you can imagine and you’ll NEVER be disappointed. Yes, we have a serious massing of er, problems, sports.

The ever complicated Sinatra spoke of the repellent Mob goombahs that he clearly knew, that they never asked for respect, they “demanded respect”. Remember you’re often dealing with the cowardly, the corrupt, the insane, the mediocre, the brainwashed and the dangerously irrational. And the criminals are often worse.

Hey I grant you an ironic reference considering how sickening the Mob is and that the cruddy movies glorifying them are almost as sickening. I find it impossible to not be utterly bored by gangster’s et al, never mind absurd ideas of respecting such violent mediocrities and parasites, but that’s just me.

Thus we get criminal layers in our society that see nothing but the signs of weakness and decay. Read up on the Broken Windows Theory. And some more here.

I guess that’s why they rolled people in carpets and took them for midnight picnics in the desert. It may be something to consider if someone harmed those you care about, and that reminds me. There’s a carpet sale on up the road a little and I could make it to the sands by eleven. Now where’s that hamper? Maybe I’ll take some cheese and a nice piece of that blueberry pie.

Excerpt via yahoo news: “Perth policeman Matthew Butcher was left paralysed and with brain damage and sight impairment after he was knocked unconscious by a head butt during a fracas outside the Joondalup Old Bailey Tavern in February last year.

A jury on Thursday found Robert McLeod, 56, and his sons Barry McLeod, 29 and Scott McLeod, 35, not guilty on all counts of assaulting Constable Butcher. Barry McLeod was alleged to have endangered the life of Constable Butcher by felling him with what prosecutors described as a "flying head butt".

In the only guilty verdict against the men, Scott McLeod was found to have made threats to kill a civilian who recorded the incident on his mobile phone.

Family, friends and colleagues of Const Butcher say they are in a state of disbelief over the verdicts. Mr Rudd said he was shocked by the front-page report of the jury verdict in the West Australian newspaper.

"I had to read it twice," he told Fairfax Radio Network.

He said while he was unfamiliar with details of the event, it was "a wake-up call" for communities to support their police force.

"Every police commissioner I've spoken to in the eastern states has told me how hard things are getting, and in the central business districts in particular," he said. "What we have here is a wake-up call for people to rally behind police.

"They are doing a first-class job in the community and I think it's absolutely important we use this event as a focal point to rally behind our police."

He said police put themselves "in the front line every day, in very dangerous and difficult circumstances".

"Most (of these incidents) are never reported," Mr Rudd said. "I think it's high time the community just got behind the police in absolutely everything they do”.

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