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We had a million identical laughs.

P.J O’Rourke’s swingin' speech on how all things left liberal are inevitably discredited in utter failure, if you just wait long enough Pt 1.

P.J O’Rourke, Evan Sayet, Peter Cook [Clive] and Dudley Moore [Derek], Mark Steyn, Al Sonja Schmidt, Anne Coulter on the dominance of left liberal logical fallacy and cognitive dissonance.

“How modern [left] liberals think”. Monday, March 5, 2007 featuring Evan Sayet. Writer, lecturer and pundit hosted by Becky Norton, Dunlop Vice President External Relations at The Heritage Foundation.

Now here’s the thing. I may be the only conservative, satirical, rational, libertarian and pro-Israel individual talent for 5,000 miles. No really. I'm also non-self-loathing and thus perhaps entirely and deliciously alone. I’ve done a meagre handful of naff gigs which is a word very similar to geek, as in circus. And I aim to do a hell of a lot more if I live long enough. But then the one with the regular and paying gigs is by default, the better act. Aye, there's the rub.

One of my favourite Peter Cook impromtu moments, was when he offered to have his chauffer pick up Idi Amin from the airport on Amin's bizzaro visit attempt to Britain. As Peter made clear, his "batman" always carried a loaded shotgun with him and would be more than happy to blow Idi's fucking head off. The chances of a similar statement of disdain today by the average comedian for any authentic totalitarian, cannibal or otherwise, is rather slim.

There's a rather disturbing book by Graham Greene called The Comedians, about the murderously depraved Papa Doc Duvalier of Haiti and his Tontons Macoute freaks. Whenever I see the word comedian, I tend to think of screaming and machetes.

Graham always had these wonderfully ambiguous and evocative titles, that hint at so much more in the undergrowth and rivers and so on, and then he always delivers so viscerally. That's maybe a workable guide for comedy. Without the machetes of course.

The overwhelming hordes of hilarious comedians are gee, left. It’s like The 3,000 Stooges sans relentless apolitical anarchy leaving just the lame B movie script. Most of the arts are objectively left and that’s why they’re often so bad. It hasn’t occurred to quite a few that the ridiculous paradigms and ideology of the 1960’s and 70’s do NOT apply to anything connected to reality today, if they ever did. But apply they still do and what sometimes passes for an audience applauds. Go figure.

The incurious, indoctrinated and the unread. Artists have maybe always often misunderstood the world around them and then blamed others for not seeing their er, vision, but now it's so strangely pronounced, innit? "You suck!" is now the audiences fault for not accepting a shrivelled, dire paradigm in aspic. And when they do, it's a sure sign of a clear minded group agreement on a hip fact. Nope.

"Labour camps are full of people who opposed someones beautiful dream".

"A [left] liberal without guilt is no liberal at all".

"Citing global warming yields mor cash than a gun".

"Morality has it's limits. Moral relatavism has none".
bestobamafacts com.

Comedians, actors and musicians et al, are often wonderfully amusing but today, appear to be largely emotional children having the equivalent of a life long five year-olds tantrum as the intellectual basis of their product.

“The worlds all wrong!" [Meaning complex, nuanced and paradoxical.] "It should all be my way and now!” [Meaning impossibly juvenile, stupid and largely insane.]

Good fucking luck but since the virtual death of the grown up adult, it amazingly is mostly their way. Thus the range of references such as they are, are beyond belief uniformly narrow and malnourished. Pick any subject and you can phone in the opinions of the average left boob and by the numbers.

Don’t get me wrong. There are obviously many wonderfully talented people around even if most of them are dead. I should be so lucky. But what’s with the curiously predictable conformity and tinsel town faux rebellion? Hmmm?

Most children and teenagers used to aspire to being effective adults in an adult world and now they aspire to staying as they are, while the alleged adults perversely aspire down, and to an imagined and often embarrassing hipness.

Thus Peter Garret the ex-pop star and now Labour politician is criticised for maturing almost into an adult, and lauded for being a preposterous middle-aged pretend teen by the same.

Not just the world of stand up comedy brims with people with a curiously similar template, views and passively received opinions. No really. And while amusing the rebellion is well, generally phony. I saw a tedious vid called I think, “Acmed the terrorist.” So it’s about fucking Islam, right? Er, apparently not.

The only er, joke about any religion was not about Muslims per se, but two typical fake ones about golly, Jews and Christians. How freaking daring. Maybe the ones about Koran inspired head slicers were later on, but I wouldn’t count on it.

“The Prophet Mohammad walks into a bar and after beheading the bar staff and taking all the women as sex slaves, he burns it to the ground!” Nope, won’t happen.

Yeah, if the Chaser did a world tour parodying Christianity, they could support an aged Dave Allen and nothing would happen. If they did one seriously mocking Islam, the headline would more likely be “CHASER TOUR CANCELLED DUE TO THE DEATH OF ENTIRE CAST”.

I get creeped out at the universal acceptance of the same old ripe canards presented as observable facts when they ain’t.

Once at the Esplanade hotel, after watching ten alleged comics in a row do their wiener spined conceit of “John Howard is a fucker, fascist, Hitler and The Borg” shtick, it occurred to me that left comedians doing left comedy at a left hangout to a left audience is not really a challenge.

The idea of merely just doing stand-up is not actually that appealing to me per se. Why bother if it ain't explosively outstanding damn good value for your money and time and leads to something else? Something more than say old carpet? Still, it's a larf.

In the latest edition on page two of the official Port Phillip Council newsletter with the more than ironic and predictable banner of “Divercity”, is a picture of Cr Frank O’Connor with his arm around a couple of guys dressed as nuns for er, gay pride day. Proud to dress as a done to death joke I guess. I guess their standards would find blackface unacceptable.

Of course the bleeding obvious total safety of ragging Christians with tiresome camp deviancy is viewed as wacky, daring and thus entirely acceptable. It’s entirely normal cos people are dumber than dog hair.

What are the chances of seeing Adrian and Sandy dressed in a full burkha and as an Imam respectively, so to speak? Zero. That’s how fake and enforced their idea of freedom and rebellion is. A diversity of their opinions only and read as left.

It’s like the ads I used to see for musicians wanted scrawled illegibly on an instrument store notice board. The alleged influences almost invariably a tedious list of twenty teen bands just like them. But of course in such dullard minds the old joke of “we play both country and western” could never apply to their alternative delusions.

This is why the opinions of musicians, actors, artists and comedians are basically interchangeable. They reference mostly each other who reference each other who...

But I don't digress. No matter how much comedians are the latest thang, it's bucketing from the same predictably shallow political and ideological well. Even last nights which was a lot of fun and had a lot of potential talent, still had a compulsory and compulsive “Bush is dumb” joke. Yes, an unexpected and inspiring riot.

As Christopher Hitchens perfectly said, “This is the stupid joke that all stupid people can always laugh at”.

There is no courage, originality or truth in this mating call of the leftard. When I hear such a cry of the mediocre in a wasteland of original ideas, I can almost feel what little air there was in the room being sucked out like a scene from an air disaster film. When the choice of material is more laughable than the act, well, you have no act.

If ones supposed creative armoury contains this kind of fatuous level of innate boredom, then you have no material. And once I hear it, I don’t care about anything they may happen to parrot drivel after that.

"Courage is not merely one of the virtues, it is the essence of all virtues at the testing point". C.S Lewis.

One last thing. How many comedians are not nominally employed but fully qualified FA4 jet pilots and ex-Presidents or equivalent? Apparently most of them cos’ they’re all so much smarter than George W.

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