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Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is a Marxist Keynesian elitist economic spastic.

MP Daniel Hannan dismantles Gordon Brownose. Who will die first? Brown or Britain? Rudd or Australia? Obama or America?

The other night Kevin the phony and casual liar, was interviewed on the crushingly dull and largely irrelevant News Hour, unless one is a boring, stupid and deluded old git. Fluffy said that it was “laissez faire right wing capitalism and free markets that have got us in the trouble we’re in”. Balls. No really.

Without free markets, even with the government socialist monkey on its back, there would be NOTHING to get in trouble with. And of course Rudd remained unchallenged by dead eyed Jim, the hound dog headed host of an hour of mainstream impotence. That's of the NPR/SBS tax payer funded variety boredom show.

Our PM is a physically and mentally puny career diplomat. Think about that...[thinks...]

But he has over 25 million dollars from his wife. You know, entirely due to er, capitalism... that's the tune of over $25,000,000 for the The Krudds. Check. Nuance. As per usual two-faced Labour fake. And of course the Liberal Party, [the alleged Conservatives of Australia] fill me with confidence. Er, no.

It's often a larf in government, academia and the media et al too, cos' you rarely have to test your idiot theories in any harsh reality that effects you personally. You got it made merely by getting there. Sadly, Kev IS testing his idiot theory in our reality.

P.J O’Rourke wrote of the empirical fact that the only differences that count between places that suck and those that don’t, is that the places that suck do not have accountable civil democratic governments, and proven capitalist free market economic systems. Rudd is trying to take us there as fast as his tiny legs and mind can take him. Note the dearth of vids critical of Australian elites similar to US media. Tells you everything you need to know about the dull, laughably and horribly biased, spineless and phony infested control freak Oz MSM.

God help us all from such non-idea cliche spouting, zero serious reading and research free, anti-capitalist democracy pinheads. Kevin Rudd is fulla crap.

Mark Steyn on our Marxist leftard economic doom.

Obamas beyond belief tax cheat bum administration.

Green Hell book review and how envirofascism will be a big help in bankrupting and controlling us all.

Comment: “Is Global Warming anti-human? Absolutely. If you are truly a believer in global warming, you should strongly advocate the extermination of 95% of the human population.

Let's say you believe in GW, what should you do? If you really believe, you should be thinking about a career as a serial killer. Your heroes are Hitler, Stalin and Mao. More human death means less global warming. You should start your global warming activities by killing yourself, and relieving the planet of one more human. That's Green. Which makes me wonder why the ObamaLLamaDingDong is against the second amendment - after all more guns would lead to more gun deaths, and therefore less global warming.

In summary, if you are a true believer in Global Warming, you need to start the murder machine up. And start with yourself!”

The Man and I do mean THE MAN, black Republican Lt Colonel Allen B. West on Obama logic. The Colonel is a Republican politician from Florida aiming to get to Congress. Go West, young men and women!

March 20, 2009 by Lt. Col. Allen B. West © 2009.

"I pride myself in being a person of calm demeanor, unless of course you are Attorney General Eric Holder and you call my America a "nation of cowards." So as I begin this column, I find myself on the verge of total rage – which is great for writing.

In these first 60 days of the Obama administration, I am beginning to have concern over issues of national security. There have been some very disturbing trends over the last two months.

It first started right after the coronation – I mean inauguration – with Obama's first phone call going to Mahmoud Abbas. Last time I checked the leader of the displaced Arab nomad group in the West Bank called Fatah was not a national leader or ally. Considering all the other key allies who have stood by the United States, why was this gentleman first on the new president's call list?

Next came the series of executive orders that commanded we shut down Guantanamo Bay detention facility, stop any harsh treatment of terrorists and ceased any ongoing military trials against those being held. Now just recently we have heard from the infamous GITMO 5 who have claimed they take utmost pride in what they have accomplished, including the atrocities of 9/11.

We know that some 60 released detainees went right back to the battlefield to include several who are now leaders in Yemen and Afghanistan. Some would say this recidivism rate is low – but not when you are the American man or woman in uniform overseas fighting."

Barry's math aftermath.

Sean on Bazza the stoner. Barry ALWAYS was a stoner, is a stoner and will always BE a stoner. Barry Hussein Sotoero: lifetime Choof Gang member.

Barry is still smokin’ hooch and laffin’ it up about the economy.

Mark Levin the Constitutional attorney, on liberty and tyranny and which side Obama is on.

Dope: I wish I was the President.

Anne Coulter on Gordon Gekko is a Democrat.

“Last September, The New York Times reported that individuals associated with the securities and investment industry had given $9.9 million to the Obama campaign, $7.4 million to the Hillary Clinton campaign and only $6.9 million to the McCain campaign. Either they're all Democrats or some commodity named "hope" was going through the roof last year.

Employees of Lehman Bros. alone gave Obama $370,000, compared to about $117,000 to McCain. (No wonder Bush let them go under.)

According to an analysis of Federal Election Commission records by the Center for Responsive Politics, the top three corporate employers of donors to Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel were Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and JPMorgan. Six other financial giants were in the top 30 donors to the White House Dream Team: UBS AG, Lehman Bros., Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse Group.

Since 1998, the financial sector has given a total of $37.6 million to Obama, compared to $32.1 million to McCain. But Obama ran for his first national office only in 2004. So McCain got less from the financial industry in a decade that included two runs for president than Obama did in four years."

Cartoon Obama. “None of them will be missed.”

Obama's highway to hell.

Poll shows most Australians know pretty much zero about economics and the true nature of their enemies. Thus they vote for a socialist “stimulus” absurdity, more government regulation and more global Islamic terror.

“Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's personal popularity has returned to near record levels, while opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull has lost support, according to the latest Newspoll. The result comes after the finalisation of the government's $42 billion economic stimulus package and passing of new industrial laws.

The weekend poll also found nearly two thirds of Australian voters now opposed increasing troop numbers in Afghanistan .

As Mr Rudd prepares to meet with US President Barack Obama in Washington, the poll revealed just 28 per cent of Australians were in favour of reinforcing the nation's 1100-strong military commitment."

Obama the honeymoon suicide.

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