Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Story Of Life is quicker than the blink of an eye.

The Story Of Life.

[Limited money, the wrong studio, and the wrong people at the wrong place and time, with songs that should be re-recorded as hits. Please send any old stocks, bonds or briefcases full of cash now. No, really.]

Dear sports, here are three more old toons of mine. I dedicate these slim offerings to the lovely, kind and beautiful Ikuko, who died Thursday 12 of February 2009 in Osaka Japan, aged only 37. That is all. Colonel Neville.

I Had A Plan Or Two.

Make Our Own People.


"P.J Klute" with an acidic punchy thang. Features our photos taken 18 January 2009 in Melbourne Australia of that pro-Hamass Muslim loon and Marxist circus freak geekfest of lies, hate and treason. It was an Islamic and Socialist Leftard misfit lynch mob of free West and Jew hating insanity. Low budget laughs and repulsion to be had.

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