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Socialists fail when they run out of other peoples money.

Beyond belief Sean fucking Penn on how great Fidel and Chavez are. In The Age for November 16 2007 Sean the shithead said "You don't know that I have a relationship with Chavez, you just read it some piece". Riiight. No mutual rhetorical blow jobs then? Check and nuance.

From The Age: "He says his interest is purely for an article he is writing on the Socialist leader". You're an utter liar then, Penn. Er, what is a Socialist leader then? "Obey! All disagreements are to be forwarded to the firing squad!" On Letterman, Penn called Chavez a "fascinating guy".

"The first thing I'm going to say is that we know more lies in the United States about him than the truth...for the moment he's more of a positive than a negative for Venezuela". Yep, Penn would live in a town ruled by Chavez of course. Nope. Hey, sooo classy to stand up for a Communist dictator and uber fan of Che the child killer Guevara. Penn's a miserable Hollywood fuck.

theblankpagesoftheage on the Antony Lowenstein geek.

Maxine loves Obama and the corruption of conflicts of interest but not in that order.

Ezra Levant book Fisks the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Mark Steyn on how Obama has doomed the young to massive debt and a collapse in their future prosperity.

Forthardknox on how Cornell stopped a display of foetal development! Plus photos of early developmental stages etc.

Robert Reich the naturally self-loathing Liberal Marxist bigot wants you to share in his personality disorder. For more background on this lifetime radical and elitist pal of Hi Larry Clinton, read [Left] Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. He should be known as Reich the third!

As per usual the entirely Quality Control free Marxist Leftard zoo.

Global warming = global socialism. Are the majority easy to con?

Andrew Bolt on the institutional mass bias of big 'effing surprise...academia.

"PISA is conducted in Australia by the Australian Council for Educational Research. Its chief executive Geoff Masters said the purpose of science courses was to develop a concern for the environment in students..."

Another big 'effing surprise. Science has a Marxist leftard political leaning. Ya don’t say? The left are nothing without logical fallacy and cognitive dissonance except laughable.

Leftard asshats quoted: “Emeritus professor Peter Fensham, a member of the PISA scientific expert panel from 1998 to last year, said there was little distinction between belief and knowledge.

"People like to sharply distinguish as if it's absolute and true, where in fact knowledge is what we believe to be true," he said.

"Knowledge is a matter of belief; they're very closely related." He dismissed the Brookings report as a "right-wing complaint", saying the US was one of only four countries out of 60-odd that objected to the questions on sustainable development being included in the PISA test.”

PISA is conducted in Australia by the Australian Council for Educational Research. Its chief executive Geoff Masters said the purpose of science courses was to develop a concern for the environment in students.

He said developing students' interest in science was also important in order to encourage study at the higher levels at school and beyond.

"That's what these questions are about: they're trying to assess students' interest in science and their attitudes toward a range of different things," Professor Masters said”.

Kevin Rudd has bet more than any other leader on spending his way out of a recession. Jack the Insider worries it could be a losing bet: Australia’s two stimulus packages of $52 billion combined account for 5 per cent of our GDP, compared with the United States $1.2 trillion dollar spend at 2.9 per cent of US GDP.

Other developed economies don’t come near Australia’s high water mark of 5 per cent of GDP. Gordon Brown’s Government will spend around 2.5 per cent of GDP, as will Spain. Canada is hurling the cash around at 2.4 per cent of GDP while France, already blighted by a huge budget deficit, will spend just 1.9 per cent of GDP. In Germany, Angela Merkel’s Grand Coalition (is spending) 1.4 per cent of Germany’s 2008 GDP..

Australia leads the developed economies in its reaction to the global financial crisis. It is yet to be determined if this is recklessness or good management.

Gerard Henderson on the hopeless Leftard death in aspic of their ABC.

“When introducing his guests in this segment, Adams had referred to Bea Campbell’s previous description of the plight of a human rights lawyer in Northern Ireland. He failed to mention, alas, that Beatrix Campbell’s commitment to human rights causes was a late development in her brilliant career.

On 20 October 2007, Neil Lyndon wrote an article in the London Sunday Times about former members of the pro-communist left in Western Europe who had refrained from renouncing their one-time support for Stalinism. The penultimate paragraph in Lyndon’s piece read as follows:

The feminist journalist and author Beatrix Campbell, who is visiting professor of women’s studies at Newcastle University, is honoured with doctorates at British universities but is never called to account for the fact that as a young sub-editor on the communist Morning Star newspaper she took state-subsidised holidays in the odious Erich Honecker’s East Germany and lovingly spoke of that nightmare land as “the GDR” (German Democratic Republic – a formulation in which only the word German was not a foul parody).

On the days when young Bea was a Stasi-lover, no one in East Germany could get away with calling the police “Mr Plod”.

Obama ONLY hires crooks like Obama.

Forever to be incomplete Obama crooks list.

The relentless and total tradition of Hamass murdering Muslims.

Torture and the Hamass reign of fear.

"In 2007, the death toll of Palestinians killed by Fatah or Hamas exceeded for the first time the number of Palestinians killed in clashes with the Israeli occupation forces," said Hamdi Shaqqura from the Gaza-based Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.

According to figures cited by Mr Shaqqura, 394 Palestinians were killed in clashes with the Israeli military and security forces in 2007, but at least 500 were killed by forces aligned with either Fatah or Hamas.

Mr Shaqqura said Mr Shoubaki's execution was just one of many that followed a similar pattern. "We are talking mostly about barbaric acts of revenge and retaliation. Human rights abuses are witnessed every day here. People have no freedom of association or right to assembly, no freedom of speech, or access to an independent justice system."

At the time of his arrest, Mr Shoubaki, 40, a plumber by training, was working as a fruit and vegetable seller to support his family".

Mark Steyn speaks to University students.

'minaka posted 3/13/09 @ 10:30 PM EST:

"University students are at maximal idealism and minimal knowledge of both history and how the real world works so they have little defense against manipulation by people with a leftist agenda which is always dressed up in the glittering raiment of idealism no matter how unsavory the underlying junk science, falsification of history and economic illiteracy. Parents as taxpayers might give some needed perspective, but who listens to parents at that age".

Mark Steyn: “Europeanism is like Communism: the less time you've spent living it in practice the better disposed you are to it in theory”.

"Pokie March 13, 2009 3:01 PM: "...religous tend to absolve themselves of failure more than the less religious..."

Only logical, if you consider that God helps those who help themselves... unless you think that God is capable of helping folks generate failure. Besides, statistics show that conservatives/religious are more generous with their own money, whereas liberals are more generous with other people's money.... Socialism fails when they run out of other people's money... said a non-American, Margaret Thatcher!"

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