Thursday, 5 March 2009

I Read The Age Today, Oh Boy.

The now ex-Victorian Police Chief and donut fan Christine 'lets eat!' Nixon, is surprised by an intruder in the middle of her 3:am 'snack'. "Hey, unarmed crime victim is for everyone else!" she said cheerily while sweating profusely between massive bites.

Now they know how many assholes it takes to fill the assholes scrawl. Several years ago I owned a couple of restaurants and I used to get all three daily newspapers and I’d read them all. Now I don’t. Occasionally I have to waste damn good money on 'em, but usually I can find them in the trash or a public toilet inside Andrew Jaspin's zoot suit, which cuts out the middle-man.

The Australian is less than half readable and apart from Andrew Bolt and Terry McCrann etc, The Herald Sun can’t be read much and The Age is unreadable without laughter and revulsion. It may be because Andrew Jaspin, like most editors of the dying Age newspaper, was a twisted leftist elitist fuck who solicited subscriptions in the editorial toilet cubicle. No, I’ve seen the video with Jaspin calling out pitifully “Subscribe to our journalistic standards free Marxist anti-Semite pro-terrorist shite and I’ll blow ya! Please!” Seems to work from Prahran to Brunswick and there about.

[Hat tip to Mark W who informs me Jaspin got the sack last August! Yep, porridged back to Scotland to continue his career in elite Marxism. My, how embarrassing...Don't tell anyone. Ah, the pitfalls of non-subscription ranting. Ha dee ha hoy. Hey, pay me an editor's wage and I'll get everything right. No, really.]

So for every reason the rational notice, the disgusting pages of The Age are as consistently worthless garbage. Hell, it’s been beyond belief PC agitprop crap by and for the affluent, smug, mediocre, talent-free and phony for so long, that utter junk is now THE tradition at the old paper mache distributor. Here is my slice and dice of the largely mediocre yet cowardly. To witless: Der front page says “terrorists” and who are they and why? Who knows? Could be anyone. My Aunt Doris, the Taiwanese milk bar guy or the cat. Can’t jump to conclusions, old boy. Here’s a wild guess though and every objective fact points to it, they're wait for it, fucking MUSLIMS and they are committing vicious acts of terror to spread now wait for it, ISLAM.

And here's theblankpagesoftheage on how the cliche is "we must talk to them". Yep, after the military and tactical response units shoot them dead. Look forward to the complete collapse of the retarded and Islamic in virtually everything that counts, including Pakistan. Hey, it's fun with NUKE armed sharia jihad nihilist time. Break out the Miller! But then many allegedly related story in Al Age is by some local or AP style hack, with a pathetically bog-standard laughable“analysis” such as the dry and almost useless one by Daniel Flitton. A riveting, penetrating and insightful piece of bravura. No.

“Finding the culprit behind yesterdays attack is no easy task” says Dan the analist man. Quite. Golly, look for folks that say “Alluah Akbah!” a lot. “The malignant spread of this extremist movement is the greatest threat to Pakistan’s stability”. Radical madness and mayhem is all that's holding the place together. Here’s the thing. Pakistan has never been stable cos golly, it’s Islamic and full of wait for it, Muslims. Like all Muslim terrorists, they are not extremists Muslims but authentic Muslims exactly following the example of Mohammad and his ideology as laid down in the Krazy Koran.

The boobs of global media ask "why target sports people?" If one is a Muesli terrorist, why not? Cricketers are unarmed. Why do you think they target anybody and everybody? To fuck up everything in order to bring about a global Islamic caliphate. Cos they're nuts. And because for authentic Mohammad following Muslims, their threats and violence WORK EVERY SINGLE TIME. Thus Gordon Brown gives a hideously sickening happy Ramadan speech. “Please don’t murder me or my family Mr Jihadist. I’ll do anything even sell out my country and the entire free Western Canon. Just don’t hurt me”.

Read every article and not one piece directs the public to a single book, site, article or the serious and courageous intelligent people that could enlighten them somewhat about the harsh facts of Islam and gee, the amazing leftist indoctrination of the dominant dimmi treasonous power elites. The morals and insight free of the freakishly dull and calculating Marxist based personality disorder that is Hillary Clinton, one half of the worlds most famous clinical narcissist couple. 60 geek Kings, presidents and imaginary leaders are gonna hand over $8 billion to Hamass, Hezbollah and Al Aqsa to help them to you know, continue murdering Jews, Christians and other Muslims. Oh, it’s for “reconstruction?” Sure it is. Whatever. Give me a fucking break.

Find 60 similar who would donate a dime to Israel. And Hillary Clinton is there at a resort in Egypt for this conference of Jew haters that banned Israel, Iran and Hamass. Ha-ha. Get it? They’re all the same! Oh, also maybe no-one at that anti-Semite blow-off fest wanted the Iranians or Hamass to murder them. What do you need to know about Hillary Clinton? Just this. The Clinton's, like all top level Democrats love power above all else. Thus Christopher Hitchens perfect book title on the Clinton's: 'No One Left To Lie To'.
As a young woman, she was mentored by one of the first major influences on her peculiar control freak liar mentality, the Reverend Donald Jones, a “Methodist” Minister. Jones was a disciple of the radical existential émigré theologian Paul Tillich, read Marxist scumbag. Jones gave a subscription to Hillary of 'Motive", a radical 60’s and 70’s far left trope mag. Clinton told Newsweek that an article in 'Motive' changed her views on Vietnam. She still has every edition printed of said agitprop crap sheet. 
The essay was by Carl Oglesby, elected President of the Students For Democratic Society, or the SDS. You may recall that the SDS is the twisted brat base from which Bill Ayers Weathermen sprung. Carl was a pro-Communist and pro-violence scumbag to.

Hillary wrote her thesis on her good friend who was so impressed by her that he offered her an internship: Saul Alinsky, Marxist scumbag, inventor of the fraud and big lie of “community activism” or “organiser” [see Obama’s CV] and the author of Rules For Radicals. This is THE guidebook for much if not all of the nihilist diseases of Leftardism that infect us all today. And hey, Saul Alinsky is a mentor and major influence of the current President of the US, Barry Obama. Clinton’s thesis was titled: There Is Only The Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model. “We’re not interested in social reconstruction; it’s human reconstruction” writes Clinton. How fascist and utterly totalitarian of her. By the way, Obama’s thesis which has been locked away by Columbia U, was on some of the more perhaps wonderful aspects of the Soviet system.
“CHANGE means movement. Movement means friction” said Alinsky. Ah, change. A word from the dictionary without a set meaning. To this end he worked very closely with leftarded clergy and promoted them heavily as activists. “Rubbing raw the sores of discontent” he said kindly. In Rules For Radicals Saul Alinsky says “...where men speak of moral principles but act on power principles”. THIS is entirely the Clinton method and character to a T. Via [Left] Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg.

Jonah Goldberg on Amazon.

Read [Left] Liberal Fascism and dig her pal and insider faux scribe, Robert Reich, a “one man band beating out lies for the cause”. And indeed he wrote a book made almost entirely of them. Or her Marxist loon and friend Michael Lerner another SDS creep. He “believed LSD was the only way to understand socialism”. Exactly. When he married, he insisted that the creepy couple should organize a “guerrilla group" like Che the child killer and Mao. No, really. The ring was and I kid you not, made from the fuselage of a downed American plane. Ah, agitprop romance. The cake was inscribed with the Weathermen motto “Smash Monogamy”. The marriage lasted 12 months. Boom-tish!

Thus Hillary and her perfect summation of smiley-faced, good for the group not the individual liberal fascism, is found in her crazy collective manifesto book, It Takes a Village. As Jonah notes, it connects almost seamlessly from Mussolini and his “everything within the state and nothing outside the state”. And all these freaks and friends of the repellent Clinton's, are part of the lefts incessant drive toward their longed for control freak religion of the state, as it and they coerce and proscribe absolutely everything while naturally seeing the free individual as a natural enemy.

Then there’s a bit of depth and history free tripe on Brown and Obama meeting to talk about the economic crisis. Ironically neither know anything about this subject, except how to create said crisis in the first place via their infantile socialism for you, capitalism for them mentalities. Ah, and a bit on Barry Obama’s secret letter to the Russian PM, saying that Obama will be a spineless weakling and dump any missile upgrade if Russia stops helping Iran, cos gee, Armachimphead wants to murder millions, with er, missiles.

Yes, logical. And one can trust Putin and 'The New Soviets' utterly. Especially as their birth-rate collapses to the tune of half a million less ethnic Russians lost a year to be replaced by millions of oh, Muslims. And then a column by the political Jack in a Box Peter Costello, a man who has an image to many a dullard, of a smart, tough man of depth. He’s intelligent enough and often witty, yet apparently largely spineless in action and often curiously somehow shallow. Hey, I should be so lucky.

Nuclear power says Pete and he’s right. Watching the entertainingly cardboard story of Billy Elliot reminded Pete of how Margaret Thatcher was a “terrible and heartless person”. And riiight. So terrible and heartless, that the last time England had a living, dynamic economy, way more individual choice, freedom and a confidence in being British was when she was PM. And hey, without the Thatch, there would have been nothing for the Socialist Marxist pro-Islamisation elitist freaks of Labour to fuck over and betray so heartily over the last eleven years. Thus Pete Costello betrays the Liberal [Conservative] Party while just hangin' around babbling.

Lastly, another classic humourless, idiot editorial totally lacking in any self-awareness, on the latest Soviet product of PC infected Police Commissioner, once again determined to continue Christine Nixon's tradition of dooming the public to a massive and relentless year’s long crime wave without any effective hope of recourse. And all of us now entirely unarmed in direct proportion to said criminals [no, not the police]. Great. [Note: do not try to defend yourself in any way whatsoever as the law will NOT be on your side. Nope, roll 'em up in a carpet and take them out to the desert for a trench shovel party.]

Chrissy and The Age unbelievably posit that the woman who has hamstrung the Police with inevitable and terrifying result of incompetent leftism was wait for it, a massive success. The only thang Nixon was successful at was getting massive. A more donut-laden cop you could not find, unless one fused five William Conrad’s as the private detective Cannon into a Marlon Brando suit minus the head. The newt Police Commissioner is called Overland. Over land, over dale, as we hit the dusty trail! Caucasians go rolling along! Apparently he’s fabbo. Maybe so. Non? Nope, he ain't. The Age babbles that he has a lot of “public recognition” and “confidence” that he’s da man. From whence pray tell doth thine flatulent words cometh? Thine ass?

“Excuse me, Mr Incurious and Clueless Public. How ya feel about Overland?”
“Sorry, I usually fly”.

He told The Age “I think we have the direction right”. Already eh? Excellent meaningless sentence by the way, so right on for more of the same crap then. Fabulous. “I will be my own boss and I will be my own person” Sure. Ah, all mavericks talk that way, don’t they? Say the same drivel with a robotic voice and it’s a perfect one liner gag.

“We are all programmed to be individuals.”

But then there is a kicker from Mr Positive and his “working with the community” cliché du jour which he does actually say. So the 40% of the time that the Police turn up to say um, your restaurant under siege by North African gangs, may mean that they may or may not have a cheery chat with the criminal tribes concerned, while letting them off with stern warning number 125, and they may or may not cadge a free drink. No, really. Overland the Virtuous says he expects crime rates to increase cos of the economy. Less money means you suddenly attack people apparently. Especially crimes of “envy and anger”. Riiight. Well, as long as one has confidence in the people to be regular scumbags, and the scumbags to be regular people. But dig the kicker. The Age: “His call on the community to change its tolerance, even EMBRACE, of public drunkenness is justified, given the rise of alcohol-related crimes.”

Got it? It’s all OUR fault! Gee, I didn’t know I was embracing violent street piss heads! Well, there ya go. So it’s all up to you, Mr and Mrs Citizen and all the little citizens. Er, there is only the lack of serious policing, law and court enforcement related crime I’m afraid. Oh yes, and a media that refuses to report most of it if it’s er, un-PC and thus problematic to their clung to paradigm. The Age: “...but the early signs are promising that he will pick up where she left off”. Quite. So the cake tray then. Start eating. So first business will be the police forced to march in a gay parade like Nixon then? So soft on crime to the extent that police actually run away, [no, really] are clueless or avoid dealing with just too hard crime as ya do. And again more gangland murders, drugs, piss heads, rapes, assaults and marauding creeps cruising five to a car. Lovely.

Oh yes, I’ll look forward to the next Muslim and Marxist Jew hating free West hating treason and pro-Hamass Hezbollah festivals in the CBD, attended by five thick, bored and careless plods then? Excellent. So more of the chance of the police being much use at all at way less than 40%? Great. Tradition! SO more corrupt and stupid officers and more useless leadership so that worthwhile Police resign in droves? Great! Thrilling.

The Age says that “as an outsider and a woman”, Chrissy faced “ill-disguised hostility” and there were “enemies” now on trial. Yes, it can’t be her fault, heaven forbid, it must be the enemy list or because she’s a woman and not a lousy, lousy cop. What is that shit? A student manifesto and gripe meet? I’m sorry, but I cannot connect discipline, energy, self-reflection and gross morbid ever expanding obesity. Can’t. “In philosophy and approach, my views are very similar to Christine Nixon’s” he said so reassuringly. Ah, but dig: “...with his arts-law degree and background as a policy adviser and desk bound member of Australian Federal Police management, the new boss is not one of them”. [The Australian Tuesday March 3 2009.]

Christ, could it be any more self-parodying and irrelevant? Y. Yees we can! Ah, The Age “shares” the new Chief Plods aversion to golly, weapons that work and are on par with those they face. No Taser's and no serious armory updates. Yes, let’s keep the obsolete revolvers while Lebanese gangs have automatics, pump actions and Uzi sub-machine guns. The Age is full of crap. Yes, he has a “sophisticated approach” apparently. Maybe so. If only crime was generally more sophisticated. Sadly, standards are low. Sophisticated as in lefties who would never place dealing seriously with crime above their ideological positions. That way only the unarmed victims of crime will be offended.

And here is the swingin' blankpagesoftheage with The Age [self-loathing Jew?] and Idiot Of The Week. A nice little insight into the Koskid mindset and how it affects everything so that people simply CANNOT think rationally:

A Western Heart: “Of course, this crew was the very first to blame Bush (for example) for 'allowing' the 9/11 attacks to take place by not doing enough to stop them. The minute he took that action after the event (to prevent it happening again); they were then the first to scream 'fascist' because he had done so. And they hold these positions without batting an eyelid”. James Ozark.


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