Friday, 5 October 2007

Opposition Security Spokesman Arch 'Butt Head' Bevis says it’s wrong to equate terrorism with Muslims.

"A man who straddles a fence for too long, is eventually going to get kicked in the balls". Colonel Robert Neville.

Archie is right. Most Muslims are not terrorist’s, but most terrorist’s are Muslims. Cue auto-apologist idiot response (CAAIR): "But they're not real Muslims!" They never are are they? If it looks, acts and sounds like a duck...

Arch Bevis is the Australian Federal Opposition Spokesman for, wait for it, Homeland Security. No, really. Gee, why doesn’t that fill me with a feeling of confidence? Yep, I was all against equating World War II with Germans and foolishly equating them with Nazi's, or Imperial Japan with Japanese and Fascist Italy with Italians and er, Fascist's. Let’s all see the real enemy as declaring war! All together now. I see it! I believe it! It’s all so easy!

So, we’re going to fight the tactic of terrorism but not the very particular religious group who empirically use terror almost exclusively in the world today and for their clearly stated global religious goals? Islam is the hate that we dare not speak it’s name.

In 'The Age' newspaper for 05/10/07, 'The Butt' said “We are in real danger of losing support as political leaders, community leaders and media opt for simplistic and ultimately harmful characterizations that juxtapose ‘terrorism’ with ‘Muslims’." Riiiight...

Oh, there are so many delicious examples of cognitive dissonance in there that I simply have to stop and savour them. Er, according to Archie 'Either Grossly Incompetent or Bald faced liar' Bevis, ain't most Muslims supposedly against terror? But then according to Bev, Muslims have nothing to do with Islamic terror at all! Um, but we may apparently “lose the support” of Muslims who have nothing to do with terror if we state the obvious facts. Lose their support how exactly? You mean they’ll change to supporting terrorism then? What exactly do you mean by this latent threat by proxy to any critics of Islam and fashionably suicidal Western policy?

Oh, I get it. It's our fault for mentioning the war and that's why we're under attack because we noticed it. Of course. Er, before or after it started? I mean, the 7th Century was so long ago and I don't think I even have a diary entry for it.

Er, I’d say global Islamic Sharia jihad wanting to finally conclude the 1300 year old dream of its freakish founder Mohammed, by making the world entirely Islamic via any apocalyptic means available, is about as explicit and “simple” as you can get. Not a lot of shading there really. The fact is that very few political leaders or “community leaders” have any serious grasp or analytic ability regards Islam's worldwide goals despite the daily mayhem, mass murder, nightmare history and current rapidly realizing potential. The media ditto, Bev. Terror today is Islam, Islam is terror and the main follower’s of Islam the last time I checked, are um, surprise...Muslim's.

Again, just like in WWII, the enemy was clear. It was Nazism as practiced by, wait for it...German's! And I think Militaristic Imperial Japan, with its beliefs of Bushido, Shintoism and Emperor Worship were practiced by, wait for it...Japanese! I think Italian Fascism too, was practiced surprisingly, mostly by Italians. Crazy, eh? So gee, Islam is practiced mostly by, er, Muslim's innit? Could be.

Bev, the current mainman for the Federal Opposition to Security and preserving our own culture, or FOSPOOC, also stated that the government was “contradictory” and “confused!” Er, riiight. Arch Bevis is not confused at all. He’s going straight for delusion, willful ignorance and outrageous denial. Very little grey area there, or grey matter. Apparently the government is confused because they rejected some kinda Chief of Police and the Environment, Mick Keelty’s absurdly predictive, naïve, distracted, plain wrong-headed and irrelevant view that the tautology and money churning fantasy of currently named “climate change” was going to be the “main security threat” into the century. Er, no.

How many of us are going to be blown-up or beheaded by the sun exactly, as opposed to the Sons of Islam? If Global Warming and er, climate change are happening right now, check out the temperature today. What is it exactly? 18 degrees celsius or 23 degrees celsius? In your opinion, should it actually be hotter or cooler now?

Completely contradicting his previous spine of oatmeal position, the frightening vision of Christmas future that old Bevis the Minister for Cultural and Security Suicide mused to the press that “on key factor’s of dealing with border security and terrorism, (No Muslim connection here, Beverly), how is it that our most senior public servant’s and Minister's hold such differing views?” Er, that’s because some are dhimmi idiots and apologists for Islam locked in a gutless and doomed denial and some ain’t.

The Munster for Half-Baked Security wiped away the drool and then continued, “The Government should be clear about the task to be confronted”. Islamic terrorism, right? Or does Butty Boy mean the largely leftist mental gymnastics required to state the usual phony baloney and straight lies in order to get elected?

I couldn’t agree more about "the task to be confronted". And when does Archie and most everyone else plan to start this incredible show of strength and resolve? To demonstrate his utter sincerity and dedication to the defense of Australia, our incredible freedoms, our great Judeo Christian Western culture, rich society and envied way of life, I know exactly what the next bold step must be for Arch Bevis, geopolitical superman...

His resignation and subsequent suicide.


Abandon Skip said...

One ripe and rich tomato landed squarely on the forehead of the Butt! Well done. Opposition Spokesman for Homeland Security: very scary ...

Dan Zaremba said...

This guy as our security boss scares the living shiite out of my mosque!!

Pegleg Pete. said...

Comment: [quote]“We are in real danger of losing support as political leaders, community leaders and media opt for simplistic and ultimately harmful characterisations that juxtapose ‘terrorism’ with ‘Muslims’.[/quote]

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm waiting to see any such "juxtaposition" in our msm.

If you arrived from Mars today, and relied on Australian media for information concerning the state of play, Planet Earth, 21st century, you'd never know Muslims were responsible for, or implicated in, every shooting war currently taking place in our world.

You wouldn't know that Muslims are employing terror tactics to achieve their barbaric aims [b]every day of the week[/b], somewhere on the planet.

You wouldn't know that Australia has surrendered more rights, in the insane pursuit of "not upsetting the Muslims" than we have in our entire history.

You wouldn't know - at the most critical juncture in our history, when every citizen has a right (and need) to be informed.

It's not a case of someone being asleep at the wheel but a case of virtually everyone in power, from Prime Minister on down to
Security Chiefs, Police Dept heads, Public Service movers and shakers, academics. All busily abdicating responsibility and manipulating the truth.

The Emperor has no clothes....but don't tell anyone.

Dude said...

May the Good Lord have us all in his mercy, for there's no other hope left if this Butthead gets the job.

Dan Z. said...

This talented writer, Colonel, R. Neville is a real gentleman. Apparently he always dresses for diner .... or so the story goes.

The Mighty Islam Monitor. said...

Islam is the problem ---and as a consequence, those who follow it.

Particularly the ones who actually know the fine example of Mohammad and their text!

Find me a Muslim who doesn't think Islam must rule the world, muslims are the best people, Mohammad is the perfect example, that their sick values and practices are a perfect morality.

That in persuing their world dominance, anyone who stands in their way, deserves destruction and the res;, servitude, slavery, or dhimmitude...

Terrorism is only a tiny aspect of their push for world dominance, an aim clearly spoken of (with threats), by many Western Muslims.

If only our idiot leaders and academics etc would listen!!!

Rosie said...


So our brave Mick Keelty is going to tackle global warming all by himself? Has he talked to the UN Secretary General for too long?
Apparently according to him, the Darfur crisis is caused by global warming.

Oi! It's a hard, a very hard life.

Dan Z. said...

It is rather disturbing that this guy may one day become our Homeland Security Chief.

I don't think that any amount of information can change his IQ, which sadly, is at the lowest basement level.

Wendy. said...

Comment: 'The fact is that very few political leaders or “community leaders”, have any serious grasp or analytical ability regards Islamism's worldwide goals and daily mass murdering, its nightmare history and current potential'

This is the principal problem. There is always a psychological resistance to acknowledging an overwhelming nightmarish reality.

The Islamist threat is not just a political one. It's a psychological one. And that problem is a very basic human one . Avoidance of an unpleasant reality.

Dr Evil (Phd) said...

There are salient points to make in reviewing statements that infer not all Moslems are terrorists. That may be true, but in totalitarian language Moslem Terrorists are but the Military Wing of Islam.

And just because all Moslems do not participate in these acts of terrorism “Directly”, does not constitute their non compliance in the act of Imperialism.

They travel in sympathetic virtue of their own doctrine of being an Inferior/Superior and are themselves an Evil Cult of Cretins.

Just refer to the Gramsci methodologies which have been adopted by some Islamic groups to use the very democratic ”Secular system to eat it from within".

Admittedly there are Battalions of Lobotomized Clueless Cultureless Cretins or 'The New CCC' juxtaposed to the KKK.

These pursue their own Ideological caliphate for power and Glory, by taking short cuts, Albert Gore to name only one on his emotional Bed wetting adventure.

They are out side of the Moslem Imperialist group but have the same Ideological outcome in mind.

Colonel Robert Neville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports, here is the actual letter I wrote to Archie, with a link to this page. So far, no respnse and no arres for questioning an 'Official Dope to be'.

Dear Archie;

Freedom and a voice for the mass of the ordinary and powerless people, is to be found on the Internet and in the Blogosphere.

For most, there is no real opportunity to be heard in the largely laughable, unaccountable, dull and entirely predictable Main Stream Aussie Media.

But then, that's an ideal environment in which to maintain one's empirically absurd, delusional Logical Fantasy's and Cognitive Bias.

Basically, it's a form of highly refined denial and Dhimmitude at best.

I send you a feeble link to a post I recently, er, posted regards your eyesight and Islam.

I'd love to know why you think you should be in charge of our security....couldn't find a reason anywhere, and I even looked in the ironing cupboard and the garage.

I have a shabby blog that seems to get a few laughs.

Yours sincerely, Colonel Robert Neville.