Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Wonderful World of Denial. Captain Bligh says there's no mutiny.

The Left Liberal Radical Axis of Mediocrity lost in the Wasteland of Moral Relativism and Cognitive Dissonance.

I did a post called 'The moral vanity of The Age turns away from The Dark Of The Sun’. This new and miserable post is my take on one of the latest public displays of pure political and ideological driven balls.

As reported in the Brisbane Times for October 05 2007, Labour Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh recently fired a disingenuous broadside from her poopdeck at Federal Liberal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews. Here's the ABC on same.

What a broad!

This was after Kev decided not to increase the quota for Africans due to some Sudanese immigrants having very serious problems in er, assimilating. He also said that he wanted to move the focus of the quota toward Iraqi’s and other groups in need. Surprise, surprise, few mainstream media outflows challenged the following funky bunkum by Captain Bligh with a leg wax.

Anna called the Minister a "racist" as you do Er, right. Sure he is. She used the old canard of the mediocre and venal, Cliché Number 27B, that the Ministers statements were like something coming from "the Deep South of America in the 1950s". Quite.

"Racist!" is the auto-mating call of the PC Left Liberal and radical when they have no case or are trying to divert your attention. The old "down South" thang, is one of the few ways a Left Liberal and Labour fool can vent their natural and laughably repressed bigotry's.

Thus driveled the Captain before jumping off the high end of her own hyperbole plank, "I think frankly, Australians will see Kevin Andrews' comments for what they are. It has been a long time since I have heard such a pure form of racism out of the mouth of any Australian politician".

Well, just listen to your playback then. Apparently Anne of Sickly Green Gables doesn’t take Africans seriously enough as adults to logically believe that any should ever be held accountable for their own behavior.

Sayeth the Cap’n, “For it to come from the Immigration Minister is particularly disturbing”.

Er, yes, but this crap coming from the State Premier is at first merely laughable then creepy.

“I think we are in for a desperate and ugly federal election campaign and I would suggest that people like Kevin Andrews need to think long and hard about the long-term traumatic effects he will have on the lives of refugee children and their families before he opens his mouth again".

That’s right. Even though Police reports, business people, welfare worker’s, African’s pleas for help with their children etc, all exist, a River in Egypt is the place to go for Anna. Oh Anna. You come and ask me girl, to set you free girl... Yep, Premier Bligh may be the source of denial!

Here's Andy Bolt's Mea Culpa on how he joined in the Andrew's kicking, for November 19 2008. Ulike most, it's typical of the Bolta that he has the grace and smarts to admit an error. Plus he shows how Police Commissioner Tricky Chrissy Nixon and all and sundry, skewed the statistics for African crime and got the whole story wrong.

So a year ago and even as a raw and beginner blogger, I got it entirely right, thus proving that I'm better than most, being one of the God's an' all.

"Kevin Andrews comments are basically making a judgment about the character of people on the basis of their race," said Miss Anna Funicello, er, Bligh.

Balls. Um, Minister Andrews made the judgment based on cultural and criminal realities and um, the most common practitioner’s of Sudanese culture are surprise, Sudanese.

Sudan being quite a bit less multicultural and ‘inclusive’ than Australia, hence the decades of vicious warfare and internecine tribal mayhem. And um, why can’t you judge on race, exactly? Especially as there is no such thing. We’ve been pretty judgmental about countries with a warlike culture before.

Nameless drone; “Sir, the Japanese have sunk half the American fleet at Pearl Harbour!”

High Ranking Official who knows far better than any plebe ever could, who simply doesn’t have the Officer’s sense of nuance; “Let’s not rush to judgment, soldier. Can’t you see that your kind of racism will only inflame the situation?

Anyway, anyone who would do such a thing, while it should be deplored in the strongest possible terms, is obviously not a real Japanese. Now pass me that nice coloured paper and scissors and help me cut out dolls. That’s what being truly constructive and inclusive is all about”.

And that’s the thing. As Evan Sayet has said, one of the defining characteristics of PC Leftardism, is that it sees having no discrimination and discriminating thinking whatsoever as a "moral imperative". They don’t want to judge anything, except for any difference of opinion to theirs. And especially if you dare to disagree.

"The ability to discriminate is the basis of rational thought". Evan Sayet.

Anna Bligh and her kind dismiss any contradictory views, opinions, experiences, and empirical evidence, no matter how objective or documented, as invalid if it contradicts her delusions and wilful ignorance. This virtually guarantees that the situation at hand will fester until it's far too late for everybody, as it has in the Britain and Europe. But never mind. It’s the messenger’s fault.

Insert Political and Ideological Cliché Number 19/B.

But of course everybody comes out of this environment of endless war, tribalism, mass murder, despair, zero schooling, total societal collapse, rape and no room service, pressed and ready to go straight to the office. right? Got to, Mister!

“Clean shirt? Check. Watch? Check. Tie? Check. AK47? Check”.

Many Sudanese may be regular people, even relatively speaking including their relatives, really. But those that ain’t, are pretty effective at um, not being so regular.

“Before I go out at night, I like to have a nice bowl of All-Bran and put on my Crips Colours. It keeps me regular!”

Well Anna does have support though er, from the usual coalition of the publicly funded. Here’s some of the Baloney Squad. The following in quotations are from the Brisbane Times followed by my nasty but witty comments.

"Elhadi Abass, the Manager of the Multicultural Sudanese Centre in Flemington, said the so-called African gangs were simply groups who stood out because they were black and tall”.

"There are no gangs; it is the Sudanese culture to walk together as a group". Elhadi Abass.

Isn’t that great? Ok, get your breath. It is funny, innit? Elvis wasn’t an addict. He just liked taking enormous amounts of drugs!

Bol Gok, a member of the Sudanese Community Association of Australia, said the dossier was another way of the Minister "targeting the African community”.

Er, apparently there are some other ways he neglected to mention.

"I don't think anything he says should be correct because he has generalized the whole community. These problems can happen to anybody, not just the Sudanese community".

Not at eight times the average, chum. Er, riiight. Kevin "generalized" when he clearly never did, so Ball Cock then actually generalizes about the Minister! Er, good luck with that, Jim.

Here’s an impeccable source of fearless objectivity: “Human Rights Commissioner Graeme Innes said any decisions about Australia's refugee intake should be made on the basis of humanitarian need and not how well refugees integrated into Australia.[!] It's not surprising there are problems. These people have been in refugee camps for a decade in some cases", Mr. Innes said”.

Er, I thought the only problem with Africans was Kevin’s mean words, but now there is a problem?! I’m confused Mr. Innes. Is that Graeme Innes the airport novel writer? And we should not care how well people integrate if at all?! Good Grief! Oh, I get it...Graeme means he doesn’t care how well they integrate into your neighborhood and not his. Got it Gra Gra.

"We should be embracing and helping people rebuild their lives, we shouldn't be singling out groups”. More Innes.

Embracing eh? Watch out for that knife! Er, I thought we were helping, to the tune of millions of dollars and an actual immigration policy that the immigrant's countries don't have. Gee, I don't believe Sudan has an Immigration Policy? Well, Graeme, maybe you would have enjoyed embracing the seven young African males, that an undercover Detective at our cafe, was forced to mace?

Er, I think Grabba Grabba hey only wants one group actually. The parts of the African Community that can never move into his street.

I knew plenty of African business people and Church going folk who suffered from the behavior of their own young males. Guess what? Maybe a few of 'em want the same things as everybody else, minus the PC infected guff.

"Paul Power, from the Refugee Council of Australia, said the claims made in the dossier "could be said about any community in Australia". Er, statistically speaking, no.

My wife is Japanese. Yeah, I'm terrified of her Tokyo friends just like everyone else. No. Ooh, lookout! It's a Welshman! And he's got a pie! I won't leave the house due to Taiwanese $2 shop owner's, surfer's from Hawaii and roaming gangs of Jews.

"Mr. Andrews is presenting it as concrete evidence, and none of the other side of the story. He is presenting an extremely one-sided view of African Australians”. A single minute of Power is enough.

“Reverend David Pargeter, from the Uniting Church's Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, said: "When a Government minister, on the eve of an election, connects violent action with one particular cultural group, we know we have reached deeply into the darkness of racial politics”.

Actually, when I hear your crap, I know I know I'm listening to a professional grievance mongering and lying Leftard multicultist. Er, look fluffy, change “connects” to disconnects and you have the previous cavalcade of PC rabble’ down to a T. Here’s one last Logical Fallacy from the parade of Cognitive Dissonance before you throw, sports. It's professional asshat Tim Costello.

“And World Vision chief executive Tim Costello warned that other countries might stop taking Sudanese refugees displaced by the Darfur crisis if Australia clamped down on African migration”.

Er, yeah Tim, as usual, right on the mark as usual. Er, no.

Councilor and teacher Peter Brown of Dandenong, or Fun City, said this year that the Australian Government was "easing the ethnic problems of black Africa by transporting their citizenry to Australia by the jumbo jet-load".

He said to Radio 3AW that the Sudanese had been one of the most challenging groups of students to deal with. “They've come from an environment where there's been very little domestic control”.

Yep, ethnic groups are entirely worthy of being taken seriously, but never enough to notice any flaws.

Here are some quotes from a whole parade of alleged "racists!" just trying to get elected, apparently. Let's start with a comment by the Police. The source is the intermittently mediocre Neil Mitchell in The Herald Sun, via Abandon Skip

“Many of them are continuously looking for problems. They choose not to adapt to the Australian way of life and more annoying they do not like to abide by our laws”.

Senior Detective Dave Logan from the Transit Police, speaking to the Berwick Leader: "Ninety-nine per cent of our assaults, robberies and armed robberies involve the Sudanese”.

Secretary of the Police Association, Senior Sgt Paul Mullett, to The Australian: "The Sudanese are very difficult to deal with. They come from a lawless background and they really have to be educated about Australian society's standards”.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Evans, officer in charge of Region 5, which includes Noble Park, speaking with me on 3AW: "This is a cultural thing. A lot of these people are brought up as warriors in their own country”.

Evans, speaking about police activity after the murder of Mr Gony; "We really want to keep a lid on this. It's a bloody awful thing”.

Sudanese Community Leader Martin Johnson, from the National Democratic Alliance of Sudan, who describes it as cultural shock, where young Sudanese suddenly have freedom and clash with their parents who try to control them: "We are sorry for what our kids have been doing and sorry for what has been happening to the community in Australia”.

Here's a simple fact for the pea sized of mind to try and grasp: Africans also suffer from endemic African style violence, especially in Africa! So, let's do something effective in of all places, empirical factual reality. Right here and right now. Many Africans are Christians and maybe a little hip to the local scene per se.

So, I'd get with their Churches a little too, maybe. In short, treat them as the human beings they are, for good and bad, not ciphers for lying. It's crazy enough to work. Ah, the light hearted fun and laughter of our merry waltz to cultural suicide.

Here's my letter to Captain, my Captain. I got a bog standard form response but no celebrate diversity festival show bag.

My feeble missive as follows.

Dear Premier Anna Bligh:

Ahoy Captain. I was very interested in your very serious charge that Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews is indeed a racist. This is naturally something I'm sure you are in the process of reporting to the Police, as a racist Minister of the Government is against the law an' all.

Er, one thing, Miss Bligh, um, we are both using the same definition of racism aren't we? Meaning that one believes in the idea of race which has no scientific basis. And then one extrapolates that some of these undefinable races are intrinsically inferior to others. Are you with me so far? Good.

Er, or do you mean the fraudulent 'charge' of racism being made as a way to avoid facing problematic and harsh realities and the ensuing er, responsibility?

Hey, what do I know? I'm just a guitar player.

Now, we live in a Parliamentary Democracy where little to zero can be done without first passing a law via the many levels of checks and balances. So Kevin Andrews’s alleged racist actions that you have not spelled out beyond ad hominems and Logical Fallacy, would surely have a basis in a law or laws somewhere first. Am I right? Yes. Er, where are these laws exactly then, Anne dear?

Doesn't that kind of make all the many people who voted for these people also er, "Deep South racists?" Say, people like me and my Japanese wife must also be supporters of a racist! Gee whiz! Do you really think it could be so?

Aah, Old Dixie, one of the few groups and cultures you can exercise your own kind of acceptable racism and bigotry against, anytime, anyhow and anywhere. No one complains. Guaranteed. Yep, they're all trash down South, even the Chinese, Japanese, Jewish and Latinos etc, eh?

They're all Southerners, Jim.

I'm married to a Japanese woman and come from a very working class background, so I tend to be very sensitive to when ethnic groups and the working class are being used as handy ciphers for political and ideological cant. Like you did with Africans, in the Brisbane Times I believe.

I will state here quite clearly, as one of the anonymous, powerless and voiceless drones of the Australian public, that you have made an absurd, outrageous and profoundly phony "I'm so much better than you" lie, and a slanderous public statement.

Look, I may be wrong, so send any photo's you have of Kevin Andrews in full KKK regalia and we'll call it quits, eh?

Any chance of a reply, old sport? I would like one, if that's ok. I'm sure you're very accountable, hmmmm? Now no need to tender your resignation and subsequent suicide. Just tell me how and why you would say such bunkum in public and how many people do you think would actually swallow it, I mean without wanting to anyway? Or apologise to Kevin Andrews’s maybe....

Here's the link to something I wrote rather nicely on my popular and shabby blog regarding the whole typically fraudulent response by The Age newspaper to the whole Festival of Political Posturing regards the unpleasantness with immigrants. Newspaper? Sure it is.

All the best from Colonel Robert Neville.


DP111 said...

Now some Sudanese if not the majority, may be quite "regular" and all that, but they are regular in the Sudanese sense. Aussies, Kiwis and Brits are also regular in their own way. Some may be highly "irregular", but that irregularity is within the parameters of their society.

The trouble is not "regular" people or whatever, but the fact that societies such Sudanese, Somalis, and the generality of all Muslim society, is so different from Western society, that friction, leading to civil strife is inevitable.

Why is our LibLeft elite hell bent in creating civil strife? How has it come about that "diversity" within a nation came to be seen as desirable. Diversity of a culture within a nation leads inevitably to disunity, and disunited in values and culture leads to a fall.

Colonel Robert Neville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear DP111, ya right, of course.

A good example of what you describe, is of a lawyer I once knew from Ghana. He was married to a Japanese woman who was an aquaintance of my wife, who is also Japanese.

Now, this guy had finished his Degree in Australia, had lived here for almost a decade, owned cafe's and bought real estate etc, right?

One day, we're leaving his office, and we walk out the door and down the carpeted hallway.

About a metre from his office door, he drags up from past his knees it seemed, a whole lot of mucus and spits it out onto the side of the carpet, and then rubs it in with his foot.

Apparently, this may be part of his regular pre-trial grooming, who knows? He also liked to urinate in car parks for no good reason but they "were there".

Now, if you'd met him, he'd seem fairly "regular", if a trifle vague, self absorbed and dull. Er, yes, he was also a Muslim and he often informed me that Somali's are "dirty people". carpet?

He also thought that some other African's "looked strange".

He and his wife divorced eventually, as she got a little bugged at all the Islamic restrictions and controls etc, like no laughing on Wednesdays.

We don't see him any more, especially since we got the new wool blend wall to wall. It's all for the best though, as I try to avoid stepping on cultural sensitivities and their idiosyncratically sticky situations. Haa-yoyk! Splat!

Colonel Neville.

Colonel Robert Neville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports, race is mostly drivel. Do you know it can only be defined as a gradient? That is, there is more variation within any 'race' than between 'races'.

By any measure, race cannot be found beyond being a part of a vast spectrum that merely circles around and around, until it includes everybody! Thus, a true racist is either barking at a phantom or just barking.

We really are the corny rainbow of humanity.

Aah, but culture. Culture matters. A lot.

It especially matter's to the Left
of mind, as they are entirely defined by their fashionable love of every and any culture but their own, which for the most part, they relentlessly and restlessly despise.

The Left feel that other cultures though, should be frozen in an aspic museum, untouched, because to the them, these cultures have invariably reached a Nirvana of perfection, no matter how absurd, oppressive, useless, dying and boring they may be.

However, according to such mindless Leftoids, Western Judeo Christianity must be deconstructed to infinity or preferably obliterated.

This is why seemingly small agenda pushes of the Left are never really small, but seethe with the almost hidden. However seemingly reasonable it may be presented, taken to a logical end, it's never rational. For the Left will NEVER be satisfied.

They will ALWAYS want to control more and more aspect's of everybody's life, from what they think, what they do and who they are.

My suggestion is, never give an inch to the disease of Leftist bunk. Smile. Colonel Neville.

PS. Here's a great quote from Jonathan Porter at 'The Australian' newspaper in 'The Wry Side' column. He's one of the few witty journalists employed in Oz.

He called the ABCTV's 'Lateline', a "Bolshevik Sewing Circle!".

Yep, will long time ABC 'interviewer' hack and former Labour speech writer Kerry O'Brien, ever fit through the eye of a needle? Er, nope!

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports, here's 'the Tone' AKA the Opposition Immigration Minister, speaking on ABC TV's Insiders program with Barrie Cassidy on the 07 Oct 2007.

An aptly named, mostly useless and typically dull Aunty show. So, er, the Police are with the PC program, eh? No.

TONY BURKE: What Kevin Andrews has provided has been disputed by the police. He has provided anecdotal evidence but hasn't been willing to put publicly or provide directly to the opposition all of that information.

He has just put out snippets of information there. The police statistics appear to be the more reputable source.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

(Repeated comment)Dear sports, er, that reminds me, I guess the Footscray Police Chief was lying to me, and the Police Officers I often spoke to over three years, and the many direct experiences I had as a Cafe owner in the 'Madhouse of Diversity', was all a dream. Yes, that's it, a dream.

Yes, I know what I need...a nice piece of pie, yes, I'm going to go home and have some pie. Maybe with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Oh, goody.

Colonel Neville.

PS. Now only the good things are allowed to be real, sports. Apparently the new PC slogan, Comrades is "Urban Warfare is Peace".

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear DP111, "why are our Lib/Left elites Hell bent on creating civil strife?"

Because for the most part, they don't live there.

They prefer the places where only the fun parts of multiculturalism mostly are; the restaurants, the foreign professionals and the celebrations etc, and these can all be totally ignored if need be.

But for those of less flexible financial choices?

Good luck, Bon Voyage and don't complain!

Peter Lorre: "Stop hitting me!"
Bogie: "You'll take it and you'll like it!"

Colonel Neville.

Abandon Skip said...

If you get a reply from Ms Bligh, it might be along the lines of the reply I got from a minister after I sent in a right royal email rant once. They said something like "you can be sure we will look into your matter very carefully". I took that to mean my name had been put on a loony list, and they were now looking into me.

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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear er, "sara100", regards my "personal decent suggestion" to ram a grand piano into your own ass at one hundred miles an hour, you are entirely welcome, you automated advertising cunt.

No, really. Colonel Neville.

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Wow! Alarms Houston! I'm going right out and buy 500 of your great alarms now! Now fuck off you automated shite. All the best. Colonel Neville.

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Colonel Neville.