Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The Conformity of Rebellion.

In their agitprop cliches, peace creeps prefer something borrowed, something ineffective and something fraudulent, while having their security provided by the better men and women of the military.

This is the equation. Affluent, aimless, deluded and spoiled brat angry at generous parent’s choice of living in a successful capitalist democracy finds this subtracts from any chance of real rebel credentials. Though the perception of rebellion can be multiplied by adopting phony left, liberal cum radical ideology but sadly, this multiplies neurotic guilt. Neurotic guilt, plus having nothing to rebel against except a comfortable and fortunate life, multiplied by the adoption of fraudulent posturing as savior of the third-world, the poor or the recent not so strange bedfellow's of downtrodden Islamist’s and assorted killers etc.

All this minus any actual effective reality multiplies the occurrence of crazy childlike thoughts, words and actions divided by being completely supported by the system they despise. This multiplies the inherent mental illness of the left and equals a state of perpetual childhood. Catches breath…phew! And they say kid’s today are bored by math! It’s not the boredom that’s a turn off, it’s the numbers. Replace the numbers with monumentally more tedious and meaningless ideological non-concepts and many are all for it, ad nauseum.

I read a review of a documentary by Michael Franti, a musician of the currently fashionable and seemingly ersatz strain of third rank Bob Marley slash Marvin Gaye impressionists sans memorable songs. Nothing wrong with that and there’s room for everybody, but it does seem to point one in a rather particular political direction, to put it mildly. For example, replaying the ‘right on’ and ‘power to the people’ affectations of over three decades ago.

Hey, I believe it. If you have dreadlocks by Mr David of Toorak, Mayfair or Manhattan, yep, that’s a saviur of ‘the people’ alright. I find non-Jamaicans and non-Africans affecting dreads and other Third World stylings plus the ubiquitous ‘Trench Town Rainbow Hat and Tea Cosy', to show 'Solidarity' and to meet more 'Suicide Girls', as convincing as a severe bar code style brush-over topped by a tiny propeller hat.So many got nothing to say, but that’s ok. Good morning, good morning. Good Grief!

The previously mentioned journo fan piece was all about how our hero Mike made a trip to the darkest depths of the Middle-East and Palestine, and how he was “moved by the openness of the welcome he received there”. Not enough to move there though. But maybe one day when Mike tires of living the life of a completely unaccountable pop star in a functioning Democracy and yearns for the delights of a Theocracy, or Gangster State Inc, he may just live that dream. Um, apparently Mike left his Yarmulke, Crucifix, statue of Buddha and his 'Support for Gay Pride' badges at home.

Mike went on to say how “when I walked into a neighbourhood, they would invite me into somebody’s house and the whole neighbourhood would get food”.

“Hey, and everybody is invited back to L.A when I’m there! The dope’s on me!”

Just a tip, Mike. Don’t look Jewish or too camp, or the neighbours might be bringing food for the Wednesday night stoning and beheading. And you’re the main feature! The article, as it is, draws a comparison between the current anti-war yet pro-violent Marxist cum Islamofascist revolution cavalcade of distorted freaks and the many alleged great achievements of the 1960’s leftist dregs.

I guess great achievements like helping a country or two fall to communist dictatorship's that no hippie university student would ever live under. But it’s good enough for Asian’s! Or maybe the mass arrest, torture and execution of thousands of Vietnamese, plus total economic collapse and the subsequent extreme social decay etc, etc. Er, yeah, don’t forget 2,000,000 odd refugee boat people and perhaps a million drowned or murdered by pirates in the South China Sea. Excellent work! How many hippies who cared so much went to Vietnam to ‘help out’ after 1975? Er, zero. Um, wasn’t the whole idea that it was gonna be better for the Vietnamese when the war ‘ended?’ Gee, I can’t wait to see what the left’s 'Grand Plan' is for ‘saving’ much of the Islamist infected, profoundly dysfunctional and terror exporting Mid East. Maybe give them some nukes!

Now Michael Franti is a young man and young men as they say, are passionate. And that's almost entirely the problem. Like the majority of the Anti-Shmanti-War Leftoids, he prefers his passions almost exclusively. It's all about feelings and how they feel above all. Mike is maybe not big on insight into geopolitical, historical, local government and religious dominance's etc. For the Mikes of the world, everyone is just a big potential rainbow, if it wasn't for the US! And the Jews! And those damn Christians, etc, etc, and all while wilfully looking for love in all the wrong places.

It's hard for the unresearched and non-analytical of mind, to grasp that the local people in most places may indeed be a scream and a delight, but that has little to no bearing in Theocracies, Dictatorships and other non-Democratic Gangster Fiefdoms regards their policies, or the many freelance terrorists groups that operate freely from them and are supported by them. I too, found little evidence on my last Kontiki Package Tour Aloha Paradise Tour, of any cannibalism. But I felt that alone gave me little insight into the workings of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations).

And culture does matter, Bub. Saying you dig theirs when you have little to nothing good to say about your own, may ring a little hollow, especially with people who take their own culture perhaps a little more seriously. The journalist of the article is a Mr Mahir Ali. What a surprise! He calls the liberation of Iraq an “invasion” and oddly, “gratuitous”. Yep, just felt like invadin’, eh? Nothin’ happened for 1300 years, either before or since at all…

Mahir the Taqiyaa Peddlar, does say that compared to the self indulgent rabble of the 60’s and 70’s, today’s shrill freaks are, wait for it, “sedately Conservative!” Er, no. Mahir says Iraq has resulted in an outpouring of “anger, music, cinema and theatre”. Yeah, but maybe he means the audience pouring out of said rudimentary concerts, cliched cinema and tedious agitprop theatre.

“Aaaagh! I can’t stand it anymore! Was it $120 to get in, or out?”

Ali refers to one of Neil Young’s later masterworks of either the screeching or droning school and states that his album "Living With War, has no parallel in any album recorded during the Vietnam War period”. Well, not of music anyway. Though maybe the Monkees suicidal ‘Head’ period compares nicely. Neil Young hasn’t recorded a consistently decent, coherent, disciplined and edited album since Gold Rush, which coincides pretty much with his getting more ‘political’, read that as a kind of highly re-numerated student union pamphleteer. How do rich old musicians and celebrities Live with War exactly?

“Hey man. Me and the bass player are coming under some heavy mortar fire from the pool house. Send in some napalm and we’ll try to make it to the bar for cocktails. And warm up the Limo will ya?”

Here’s one of the Big F’s nuanced lyrics; “We can bomb the world to pieces, but we can’t bomb it to peace!” Ali said Mike’s approach to current affairs is summed up in these lyrics. They certainly are. In fact they sum up a lot of very bad, fake non-lyrics by authentic fools. See the clever use of “pieces” and “peace?” Bet cha’ didn’t see that comin’, eh? Yep, we’re bombing a couple of hundred countries then, including Hawaii and Wales. Gee, real factual Quality Control there, Bucko. Quality Control, the trademark of the Leftist Radical! Gotta keep the student hyperbole Ebola at bay, I guess.

Er, so “peace” is merely the absence of war? Pretty peaceful war wise in North Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe and Iran etc, but er, still not a lot of peace of mind for the general populace and their ‘Standard of Barely Living’, really. Mike’s doco is called “I know I am not alone”, which proves that he’s not totally bereft, unless he is alone, then he’s more deluded than I thought. Some of the other titles destined for ‘The Great American Song Book’, are 'I wanna get so high'. Did Mike play that particular tune to his Muslim host’s and give a demonstration of a typical Western stoner musician? They love that stuff at ‘Gunfire Into the Air Central’. Another is “Nobody right, nobody wrong”. Now there’s an anthem for the nihilistic, fatuous and moral relativist set.

“Nobody is wrong, except for America and the Jews!”

Ali says “there are echoes of Bob Marley in Franti’s music”. Er, no. Just echoes. Franti says he devoted his music to “the ideal that we can admire other cultures and religions”. Er, read that as all of ‘em except for Judeo Christianity, capitalist free-market democracy, the Western Canon and the Jews. Um, I don’t want to ‘admire’ the religion of Islam that naturally repulses me due entirely to its empirical history, its freakish nightmare founder Mohammed, its relentless actions and its clearly and daily stated goals. As Mark Steyn has said, if all cultures are equal then why bother learning about the non existent differences and details?

Because in truth they’re not all equal at all, except to the disingenuous who think that avoiding discrimination by rejecting rational thought is a moral imperative. And this bit of opportunistic turn around from people who commonly believe right and wrong are merely subjective concepts, unless of course it’s something they believe in.

The singular and glaring fact of the current and largely failed crop of responses by musicians, film makers, celebrities and other self imagined artists to this very real World War 4; is their total and absolute inability to have anything worthy to say about it. For most of them, they can neither grasp it, analyse it in any depth or with any nuance or clarity whatsoever. Nor can many put into any valid and potent artistic expression, anything coherent, individual or authentic in either explaining to themselves or others and in evoking its deep, profound resonances.

Like the ‘Frants’ fairly rudimentary blathering, it’s for the most part, been uniformly Undergraduate at best and unnaturally squeezed through a bizarre rehash of 60’s and 70’s paradigms. It’s really a consistent failure of serious, sustained and adult concentration. And what’s with the time warped, Laugh In styled fancy dress? At least Rowan and Martin were deliberately funny.

Today’s embarrassing parade of anti-war leftist out patients for peace', are kind of equivalent to thousands of Zoot suiters, dozens of big band leaders, hordes of jitter buggers and legions of pencil mustachioed matinee idols, all blowing into the Haight-Ashbury circa 1967 and saying “Let’s blow this corny war, Daddio, with the power of Swing and Jive! And don’t buy War Bonds! The Nazi SS are our brothers! We support all Kamikaze Pilots right to self determination!”

In short, most of the ‘artistic’ community’s response has been often more disposable and undistinguished than the crassest dance track, bubble gum pop or teen comedy, but the pretence is that they’re making ‘Important Artistic Statements’. Er, where? You can’t generally make IAS’s without the necessary courage, talent, ideas and individuality and to be tuned into the actual contemporary circumstances you are in. Or you are like Paul Revere riding through today's L.A yelling that the British are coming. “Er, yeah, we heard about that”.

In reality, the only people making a real statement regards the war or anything serious are the troops, their families and communities, law enforcement agencies, the few governments that are serious about the harsh realities of Islamism and any allied services and citizen supporters etc. If every ant minded Anti-War artist, academic, musician, actor or stupid, ignorant and deluded politician stayed home, producing, doing and saying nothing, it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference to anything, except in the positive.

As is the default form today for all good celebrity leftovers, serial twerp Franti still manages to get in a few sideways insults for the actual fighting men and women in Iraq. Is there another kind? I mean enough to fill a medium sized hire bus. Mike was surprised, er, expect a lot of that in the future Mike, by how the troops didn’t want to hear ‘war songs’, whatever they are. Maybe they just didn’t want to hear drivel and dirges a’ la Franti. Mike was, according to Ali, “above all moved by the universality of the ideals he encountered”.

Mm, maybe. But I don't think many of us want to murder Jews and gays, 'demand restrictions on the free flow of information, are all for the subjugation of women, have an inability to accept responsibility for individual or collective failure, want the extended family or clan as the basic unit of social organization, are crazy about domination by a restrictive religion, have a low valuation of education and assign a low prestige to work'.

Nor do many folks I know have an apocalyptic and determined plan for a Global Islamist Caliphate, whatever it takes. And few of us are going to use nukes as soon as we can get them. But I’ll canvas a few people down Chapel Street, and see what I come up with.

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