Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Fashion models are smarter than the Left’s alleged intellectuals.

This man lived next door to Naomi Wolf for fifteen years. "People said he looked like a famous Fascist, but frankly, I couldn't see it" said Naomi.

Now here’s the thing and it may surprise you. The difference between Naomi Campbell and Naomi Wolf is that Naomi Campbell is perhaps less of a stupid, neurotic, spoiled, out of touch with reality and a pain in the backside, mirror gazer than Naomi Wolf is. Naomi Campbell is not a treasonous, fatuous and deluded fool…er, ok, there was that episode where she literally bubbled with juiciness for, wait for it…Fidel Castro! Yep, that old pig bladder rapist and gangster, with a moustache and beard disguise set attached.

Um, but Naomi Campbell has never proposed with a straight face and a bent mind, the preposterous Monster Sized Conspiracy Theory Drivel, that Wolf does. According to Naomi Wolf, ‘interviewed’ in the laughable ‘The Age' ‘newspaper for 06 October, 2007, America is having “a Fascist shift” and by default, Australia is too. Er, riiight….

Yep, Australia and the USA are apparently way on the road to Nationalising all industry, conforming all educational institutions to a military model and arresting millions of Leftists, Communists, homosexuals, Gypsies, writers, artist’s, the physically and mentally retarded and so on. Yep, Hollywood is almost deserted after “BushHitler” arrested all the freaks. While incarcerated, George Clooney has managed to smuggle out his ‘Opus of Freedom’ to the outside. It’s called “My Struggle with Deep Thought”. “Let my Multi-Millionaires go!”

Wolf is like the Dorian Gray to the Andrea Dworkin in a picture frame she must keep in her attic somewhere. She employ’s the same mental gymnastics and hateful inversions of reality. It’s all so Middle-Class, University Grad, Post Toasty Modern, plain old madness. It’s just done without Dworkin’s Sartre in drag meets Yoda looks.

“Oh my God! Its eyes follow my crotch around the room!”

Ok, fashion models probably aren't as smart as Naomi Wolf, but it still all comes out the same amazingly ridiculous way, don't it just? Campbell is kind of thick and ordinary and er, there was also her non-book and well, almost everything she’s ever blathered….but that’s not the point, I tells ya!

Naomi ‘What the Hell year is it?’ Wolf can’t recognise Fascism even when it still has a very silly moustache but now with a matching beard. She can’t recognise Fascism when it literally sneaks up and bites the heads of almost 3,000 people one clear September morn' in New York. ‘Da Wolf’ can’t recognise the harsh, relentless Fascism of Islamo-Fascism as everyday, in almost every country Islamist’s commit atrocity after ghastly atrocity.

Wolf couldn’t recognise an authentic Bin Laden or Hitler if they were both sitting outside Starbucks exchanging bubble gum cards.

“I haf told you vunce, you untermensch schwine! I already haf zer Don Larsen!”

In Wolf’s topsy turvy moral vacuum, Wolf can’t recognise shite. Her latest bog-standard Leftist paranoia tract with the familiar title of, "The End of America", intellectually crumbles as a premise like the collected works of the Eloi. Yep, in the final analysis, both Naomi C and Naomi W, are very useful and wealthy idiots indeed. Try for actual reality and insight, Mark Steyn's 'America Alone; The End of the World as we know it'.

Here’s a news blast for ya Naomi. "Ere, don’t you know there’s a bleedin' war on?" Not for the wealthy and insulated, there ain’t.

The list of countries and places that have suffered and continue to be maimed by Muslim’s and their various convert’s relentless spree of murder, intimidation and fifth column cancer is very, very long. If you add the places where attempts have so far been thwarted, then include Australia and Hell, just about everywhere but the Arctic. Ya wanna see it? Why not, eh?

India, the Sudan, Germany, Thailand, Algeria, Afghanistan, Australia, New York, Pakistan, Israel, Russia, Chechnya, the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Nigeria, England, Spain, Egypt, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Turkey, Casablanca, Kabardino-Balkaria, Morocco, Yemen, Lebanon, France, Uzbekistan, Gaza, Tunisia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Mauritania, Kenya, Eritrea, Syria, Somalia, California, Argentina, Kuwait, Virginia, Ethiopia, Iran, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Louisiana, Texas, Tanzania, Pennsylvania, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, East Timor, Qatar, Maryland, Tajikistan, the Netherlands, Scotland, Chad, China, Nepal, the Maldives and ad nauseum.

Source: thereligionofpeace dot com.

“That’s some Conspiracy, that Catch 22 Conspiracy”

Much of the world and every race, culture and religion is included, and this means Muslim’s too. The main killer’s of Muslim’s are other Muslim’s. This is a major point that most people fail to grasp that rush to masturbate over their phony cries of “Racist!” Er, which race exactly? Islam is a religion, bub.

Over 9,000 major murderous attacks by Islamist’s since 9/11 and that’s the known ones. I believe this is only the tip of the Islamic iceberg of abuse and killing.But to Naomi, the USA, filled with millions of Jews, has a secret plan to, wait for it…resurrect the Third Reich, but in in America!

Um, Naomi, your brand of well groomed twerpitude, like the more unkempt variety, has been saying America is “turning Fascist!” since LBJ in 1967. And with Nixon and with Reagan… er, this Reich is taking a damn long time to rise, innit? That’s around forty years so far. What’s time is it due, Mrs Wolf?

Perhaps it’s time you got some serious professional help regard’s your disingenuous and fraudulent non-evidence theory peddling. Oh, you don’t need help really, do you? You just need your agent, publisher and banker. This bunkum is shite easy to do by the ream and numbers. After all, it’s very, very lucrative.

It never seemed to occur to the interviewer that Naomi’s ridiculous tripe is absolute rubbish. All the way through the zero journalistic standards piece by Mark Coultan, it’s “Nope, I see your insane lies and codswallop may have some merit. You have magnificent brains by the way”. Dear Naomi San, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, not just cleavage.

No real Fascist death and mayhem register’s within the ‘Logical Fallacy Land’ and ’Cognitive Bias Backwater’ of Wolf’s ‘mind’ and her ilk, such as it is. Ya can’t get much ilker, folks. Iran has murdered around 4,000 gays since 1980 but that’s pretty ok with Fluffy. This is what ya get with today’s Left and its embarrassing intellectuals. Targeted turpitude.

The Left relentlessly squeeze everything, and I do mean everything through the same stupid, tired, irrelevant, useless and nonsense paradigms. But that’s what you learn at University you see. It’s all deconstructed to the point of no return.

It’s as if for every no intellect ineffectual, every year is forever 1968, 1972 or some date without numbers and always will be. Perhaps for Naomi and Gnome Chumpsky etc, it’s Fratnesday the 39th and a half in the year Pooty. Who knows? If this is the standard for a public intellectual, then meet my Aunt Doris, Geopolitical Mastermind.

“How do you feel about Red China, Auntie?” “Och, not with the blue table cloth!”

Maybe they mean Public Toilet Intellectual. “Um, do you come here often to this cubicle? I was hoping to meet some other deep thinkers. Do you like a little bit of um, er, probing into things?”

Spanky makes the stratospherically venal comparison between the persecution and mass murder of the thousand and eventually millions of European Jewry, gypsies, homosexuals, Communist’s, Unionist’s, women and children etc, etc and wait for it….the arrest of David bleeding Hicks! The famous Islamo-Fascist trained eager sympathiser, liar and traitorous bum. The Hickey was so ‘abused’ at Guantanamo Bay that he put on around 20Kg.

Wolfy performs the classic comfortable faux rebel trick of conjuring up a secret campaign to ‘get her’, with a ‘list’ and everything! And people like Wolf, who unlike most of us, has a very loud platform of interview’s in magazines and newspapers, lectures, best selling books and sold out appearances, then makes the wacked out claim that, wait for it….she’s being silenced! Er, no.

It’s people like me and the millions of anonymous nobody’s who are not even getting a chance to make any sound in the first place who have no voice at all.

Ooh! Naomi is terrified of the Bush Nazi’s! She’s stowing aboard a steamer to South America tonight from where she’ll raise a rebel fightin’ force of New York fluff heads.

Nearly every Left, Liberal blanc mange has an inbuilt super hypocrisy flaw that’s so bleeding obvious that to the normal and sane, it’d cancel out any feeble legitimacy they may think they have. Virtually every Democrat has one or more. Wolf has built a career out of saying women are exploited, manipulated fools and victims, if they want to look something like Naomi Wolf does.

Er, what has NW done about the real, truly dangerous and present Islamic Fascism? Or Iran’s nuclear Fascist plans regard’s Israel etc? Or North Korea? Or…? Gee, maybe every month she goes to the ‘Fight Global Islamist Terror Bag Sale!’, at Saks Fifth Avenue. “Shop till we stop the beheadings! That doesn’t mean we can’t lose our head’s at a sale, girls!” Right on! Power to the rich people!

Naomi says she would never make the claim lightly because she’s the Jewish child of Holocaust survivors. I think that’s exactly why such a wrong end of the telescope viewer as Wolf would make such a claim er, light-headedly. I’ve seen a few similar views from the same background. It’s curious, but why should your parent’s terrible experiences bestow the learned skills of analysis and clear thinking on their children? Maybe, but there’s no evidence of such a thing at all.

Yep, they check at airports because duh, unaware as the many militarily protected, pampered and weak minded are, WWIV is all fantasies to the contrary, currently on. They have fools like Wolf on ‘lists’ as Wolf complains, because er, they’re fools.

And often international ones with big, useful mouths. What do her fake anti-consumer postures mean but another product that sells? And mostly selling to those who are receptive and eager to maintain their self delusion while um, consuming. As Wolf herself says, “History is full of decent people who gave unchecked power to monsters”. Er, isn’t that what the US, Western powers, including Australia and Israel are trying to prevent?

The gleeful Killer Chimp of Iran doesn’t register with her? North Korea, Cuba, Zimbabwe and so on, are pretty cool with Naomi. They ain’t on Naomi’s fashionable radar. She says “we’re not supposed to draw any insights from Nazi Germany”. Er, not the totally and monstrously wrong ones and get paid monstrously well for it. Er, the answer then, would be no.

Yeah, the US tortures people who have murdered thousands, planned to murder millions and know all about it. With water boarding? Water up the nose? Deprivation? So maybe just dialogue, eh? The information gained from this is priceless and is about our very survival. Pour away and I’ll fill the jug! Naomi thinks we should maintain etiquette when dealing with people who will do anything to create Islamic Hell on Earth. Slicing off peoples head’s on film is merely the hideous entre’.

Let Naomi get the info then and protect us all from Global Islam Inc. Good luck. Read them one of your interviews and they make choke from laughing and joy as they realise that the alleged intellectual heads of the West, contain no brains.

Whether or not Naomi sadly overdoses on her own conceit or not, it won’t make a damn bit of difference to the fact that, we are at war with hyper aggressive Islam. And gee, maybe that’s why certain things are the way they are, just like in WWII? To protect everyone, including the ungrateful and useless minded twerps like Naomi, even from themselves. Could be?

Here’s one last dumb as a bench quote, from the smug strata Naomi inhabits that only exists in the cotton wool and permanent infancy of the privileged West. And all of it, every affluent piece of it, maintained solely by our Government and troops. Am I a little harsh on Herr Volf? Er, no.

Naomi 'why don't cha' blow me? Wolf, accused the Prime Minister, the Government I voted for, and the President I would’ve voted for, of being a bunch of secretly plotting Nazi’s, and ipso facto, anyone who voted for them is by default a Nazi sympathiser too. Or maybe we’re just not as smart as the enormous head of Wolfy? Now she’s hardly spreading her filth, guff and poison around privately, is she? Don’t put it out if ya don’t like any criticism.

Sayeth the Wolf; “This elaborate push to torture brown people to confess for crimes they didn’t commit makes political sense, even though it should make the moral sense recoil”.

Replace the phony, bog standard Left, and self awarding title of, ‘I’m not a racist like you’ phrase of “torture brown people”, with “murder all people”, and her statement is a little more accurate and revealing regards both Naomi and the Islamist trip. Waiting for most of the West’s high profile intellectual class to genuinely recoil at something recoil worthy is like waiting for your youth to come back.

When Naomi Wolf looks in the mirror, like most members of the Left, Liberal Axis of Mediocrity, she see’s a pretty ‘right on’, deeply perceptive, intelligent rebel type and champion of ‘the people’. Yep, looks can be deceiving.


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“I haf told you vunce, you untermensch schwine! I already have zer Don Larsen!”

Ha, ha! You're killin us man. Again, hysterically true.

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