Saturday, 20 October 2007

The Bleeder of the Opposition.

The most important thing that the Australian Labour Party can never seem to do.

The Leader of the Australian Labour Party and the Opposition, Kevin Rudd, has accused the Prime Minister John Howard of being negative by merely pointing out the clear facts of the Shadow Cabinet election line-up consisting of 70% Unionists, then Lawyers and Party Hacks.

Er, therefore, Rudd admits exactly what Howard is saying; that these facts are a negative! Julia Gillard, the woman who would be Deputy Prime Minister, is an old Communist that belonged enthusiastically to 'The Socialist Forum' at her old University. Er, as you can imagine, their agenda lacked um, Democratic nuance regards their true totalitarian dreamscape goals.

Now, imagine if you will, any Political Party putting up a neo-Nazi as Deputy Dawg material. Imagine the scandal.

Er, what’s that I hear? Let’s not take her past Communism so seriously. Not “real” Communism and Socialism? It never is, is it? One hundred million dead can’t be wrong.

Why is the thought of a gleeful Pinko sans a Road to Damascus, not basically the end of Rudd’s line-up of the usual suspects? Er, the media is mostly short for mediocre and what’s left is Left and that’s it. Far too many people seem incurious and undemanding. As long as they say the words you long to hear. “I know your deepest, darkest fear. I know everything. I’m a spy”. So said sad Jim Morrison.

Kevin Rudderless describes the classic career arc of what he is; a career Diplomat, and a ‘Consultant’. Er, yeah, Consultants…your guarantee that you have just paid a lot of money for often unproven advice available elsewhere for free. Now he’s a faux spontaneous Party Guy! He’s as spontaneous as a mimic can be. The reason Kevin is such a populist wind sock, is because he’s empty of any actual convictions at all. Just tie him to a pole in the horizontal and watch the wind blow right through him.

If the Labour Party were to win, it will prove to them that they never needed to change after all. Not their faction, Union and Left infected ideology or their fatally flawed Party structure.

"Jeepers! We were perfect all along!"

For months, Lazy Labour has been coasting on a fatuous sea of poll driven illusion, based entirely on the assumption that a majority want to vote for them, and not because of anything they have actually said, changed, put in place or achieved. This is smugness and conceit defined. This is 'Classic Labour Party'.

"We found voters were turned off by 'New Labour', so we put back the kilo of sugar and vinegar and are now calling it "Classic Labour".

Yep, for the Left and Labour of mind, feelings trump reality every time, especially when the great economic achievements of the current Government and much more, are taken often completely for granted by so many. Er, John Howard is on almost every count that matters in reality, one of the most effective, competent, pragmatic, mature and hard working Prime Ministers in the world today, sports.

Now, I don’t like that he took guns away from law abiding citizens and insists like virtually every leader, that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’ when it clearly isn’t. Ok, so we don't have the guns, but hopefully we have the numbers.

And as for the easy tripe phrase of "new ideas". I haven't yet heard a single one from 'New' Kevin. Er, I bought some new Chinese slip on shoes last week. They weren't as good as my old Italian hand mades. And I think I'll stick with my 'old' Fender Strat and old fashioned, living in the past Marshall. I'm a regular 'old' stick in the mud. Yeah, new ideas. Oh, I just thought of a new idea! Let's wear flowerpots as formal hat wear! It's new. Gotta be good.

Kevin Rudd is at best, often superficially pleasant and smiley, while underneath is a seething anger. John Howard is relentlessly polite and naturally so.

While other’s bend to the wind sock of populism, various fantasies of useless charisma and to nonsense about often dangerous “vision”, the PM achieves one incredible accomplishment after another, both consistently and often low key. And for eleven years.

Why is Peter Costello not considered one of the greatest economic heroes of our country and indeed anywhere? Instead, he’s either ignored, disliked or given a grudging and slim credit. Costello has performed one vastly competent economic miracle after another over eleven of some of the most volatile years in Australia’s history. And he also believes in the individual and the civic good.

Yep, it’s always “Er, yeah. Howard’s good at the economy but nothing else”. Er, the economy is the everything that everything else springs from. There is no ‘something else’. Rip off all your clothes, and live under some leaves in the local park. Call yourself “The Wildman of the Wood’s!" See how ya go.

Rudderless and all 'Howard Hater’s' always never, ever give credit to the PM. Howard is always just “tricky”, “clever” and a “liar”. Bunkum. He’s achieved what he has entirely due to empirical, highly measurable and measured competence, skills, talent and methods. It’s not a trick, but a trick of the light, to those unable to get out of the bog of Left and Labour ideology.

Yep, John Howard is a square and that’s just how I like my Prime Minister’s. Now, if the election was about auditioning a lead singer? Yeah, then I’d want someone hip, but otherwise, no. I’d vote for Winston Churchill if he was available for parties, but there isn’t one on the horizon and John Howard is the closest thing around.

Every faux “issue” that’s been generated and thrown at him over his eleven unprecedented years, is laughably distorted and inflated usually beyond any serious consideration. And that’s after they’ve almost invariably started as baloney. Then these vitally “important” topics are either given the status of virtual 'Urban Legend's of the Left' and endlessly recycled to true believers, or quickly replaced with a new and pressing canard straight from the sodden pages of ‘Journalists Anonymous'. They may be key issues to Kerry O’Brien on ‘The 7:30 Report, ‘The Age’ Editorial Team or a WTO riot participant, but er, no. Not really.

These mostly Leftish inspired ‘non-issues’ have been almost uniformly as unimportant, insubstantial and un-life like as a Socialist Alliance paper mache puppet, a la the Prime Minister as Fido.

Before I drone on anymore, here’s a list of a few of the Howard and Costello team's meagre achievement’s and er, “tricks”.

"That’s some Trick, that Trick 22”

Economic areas. Labour (1995-1996) versus John Howard’s Coalition (2007-2008).

Net Govt debt. Labour, $95.8b. Coalition, Zero.

Average mortgage rates. Labour 12.75%.Coalition 7.15%.

Real wages growth. Labour -1.% (Mar’83-Mar'96). Coalition 21.5% (Mar’96-June’07).

Unemployment rate. Labour 8.2% (March’96). Coalition 4.3% (Aug’07).

Long-term unemployed. 197,800 (March’96). Coalition 71,400 (Aug’07).

Australians at work. 8.3 million (March’96). Coalition, 10.5 million (Aug’07)

Average inflation. Labour, 5.2%. Coalition, 2.5%.

Avg. household wealth. Labour $136,257 (’95). Coalition $348,782 ('06 preliminary).

Industrial disputes. Labour 193 (Avg.’83-’95). Coalition 59, (Avg.’96-’07).

Source: Australia, Strong, Prosperous and Free. The Liberal Party. The Herald Sun Saturday October 13 2007.

Yep, that’s a lot of Party Tricks, eh? Or maybe luck!? Er, no. There’s nothing more enraging to the Left and Labour than public facts. They have to go into some heavy denial, relentless subject change, focus strictly on peripherals and boy, the mental gymnastics alone calls on every bogus ad hominem at their disposal.

Yep, the same freaks who chant “Little Johnny!", would never say that to someone who really was short.

“Hey, look! There’s little Johnny Wilson, the midget!” Nope, never.

The ad hominems aimed at the PM are invariably such absurd juvenile hyperbole, that they may as well be saying he's the biggest 'Destroyer of Solar Systems' since B9setT2-3A. And that's saying something.

If we ever get to see Fluffy under pressure as a Prime Minister, waiting to make no decision at all because he has no one to copy, well, it’s uh, going to be a blast or two.

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