Sunday, 14 October 2007

The moral vanity of 'The Age' newspaper turns away from 'The Dark of the Sun'.

There are some great shopping bargains to be had in more ethnically diverse and working class areas for those who come suitably prepared.

A favourite Mark Steyn quote is of how "the great thing about multiculturalism is that absolves you from actually learning anything about another culture. You merely have to feel good about it and go to the restaurants".

Like every Western country and the only countries with multicultural immigration policies, Australia is experiencing er, some Celebration of Cultural Diversity problems. Someone left the cake out in the rain it seems.

The equation works out something like this: The middle-class and upwards usually enjoy more of the positives of Multiculturalism, while the poor, the working class, the immigrants and the refugees themselves, bear most of the brunt of the negatives. You know, the empirical facts of violent mayhem and dysfunction that dare not speak their name.

So basically, unless you're living in it and UNDERSTAND what you are experiencing, the MSM and our authorities will leave you ignorant of the true scale of our own massive social decay.

“Hey, I really like that Vietnamese electrician, the Scottish dentist and the Chinese accountant. Not so crazy about the Sudanese rapist and the heroin dealer from Saigon, the aggravated burglary fanatic from Canada or the pervert from Pago Pago”. A racist.

In 2007 the Australian Immigration Minister Mr Kevin Andrews, said that he would be limiting the intake of people from Africa, in part due to the difficulty of more than a few being unable to um "fit in" and as the quota is filled, policy would focus on Iraqi’s and Burmese etc.

Fit in. Sounds like the slightly gauche guy at a sophisticated dinner party making a faux pas about Madame Bovary and modern art.

“Oh, I meant that Jeff Koons was neo ironic in his references to over sized consumerism, not just ironic in the distillated sense of say, Karl Von Poo Poo pants”. Inner-urban sophisticate Left Liberal hypocrite and thus never a racist.

Or maybe like this...

“I don’t know. Ahmed and Van just don’t seem to click with people. Could it be the screaming, gang colours and the machetes? Australians are soooo narrow minded!”

On Friday October 11, 2007, The Age newspaper, [sure it is!] had a banner above their headline of “Community’s anger spills over” at the top of page one that read, “We are all Australian, Mr. Andrews”. Quite. Whatever. Er, no.

That shows him, eh? Pure self-righteous balls. It’s the perfect self-serving default slogan for the meagre and mediocre morally vain Age journo, your guarantee of unbalanced and alleged news. Yep, ya reckon the Age Editorial staff all live in the fucking working class and migrant heavy suburbs, you know, the one's with the mismatched cheap curtains? Er, no.

But they’re willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with Africans against racist hyperbole whether actual or imagined. They’ll just do it as many suburbs away as possible.

A Sudanese “community spokesman”, [See biggest loudmouth creep] said that all Australians should be ashamed of the murder. Er, I'm sorry but no. Only the people who killed him, I’m afraid. Um, isn’t the whole drift of all this supposed to be that you shouldn’t judge a whole culture by the actions of a um, minority? Oh, I get it...Check and nuance.

The riots in Sydney were according to the earnest to prove their right on non-racism, all the fault of white mobs. Yep, no-one PC complains if you throw all white people, especially working class nobodies into the "racist" jive. Apart from including a lot of drunks, there was the tiny irritation of a decade of serious intimidation and violence by Lebanese Muslim gangs that contained authentic tribal and ex-militia types.

That's over a decade with absolutely no “community anger spills over” headlines and no serious media criticism of any Lebanese bullethead. It was “shame” and “racist” when the paradigm suits the MSM, all aimed at white Australians and via bullshit headlines screaming disingenuously from page one.

Now paradoxically, I have no time for idiot mobs whatever their beef and would have hosed them all.

But do dig corruption whistleblower and ex-detective Tim Priest, who speaks clearly of how for over ten years, both Government and Police ignored Lebanese gangs whatever they did, as policy via corruption of sworn duty, incompetence and PC cowardice. Not much different in Melbourne, Tim.

The headline on was “Coalition accused of race politics”. Not until the seventh paragraph do you find out who the objective source for this expose actually is. Surprise! It’s the Opposition Immigration Minister, Tony the Burke. Er, a boy is murdered and the Opportunist Minister for Imitation kind of infers the actual Immigration Minister of kind of being a racist, or at least "incompetent" and a political opportunist. Er, fraudulent, spineless and gut turning bollocks, Burkey boy. Cos Burke doesn't believe in being discriminating. Sadly, the ability to discriminate between good and bad choices is the basis of rational thought.

Dig "Comrade Burke" and the Utopian Marxist company he enthralls at the Labour Tribune...very 1930's innit?

"I'm yet to be shown a good reason why." These were Burke's words on suggestions that temporary protection visas should be retained. He finished his speech with a message for asylum seekers and refugees under a Labor government: "The day you arrive in Australia is the day your persecution ends." Burke will face a struggle in shadow cabinet to win support for abolition of TPVs, but he is confident he can win. Refugee and immigration activists in the ALP and beyond should put maximum pressure on Labor to win this change.

Of course at the heart of the injustices is a world system that is all about controlling human labour-power as a commodity. As the world economy becomes increasingly global, it is a crime that human beings are treated as criminals for wanting a better life. Tony Burke is quite right; no human being should be illegal. However, there is only one way to ensure this and that is to abolish immigration controls altogether. Democrats, humanitarians and socialists should campaign for a world without borders. Businessman and explorer Dick Smith has called for the end of all immigration controls, saying, "Borders are really – they’re immoral, really if you analyse it."

The Age like all of the Left, love their victim pets, whether they are or not. Must be damn fine to be a contrived and fraudulent hero especially as it's a pose that you can discrad at the drop of an irresponsible hat.

Man, there's shithead louts in better areas but basically no. It's always “Police arrested two men from, [the working class suburb] of St. Albans and fifteen men from St. Albans and 150 men from St. Albans. They also gave a stern warning to seventy-five WTO rioters from St. Brats Private College”.

The focus of faux tears by the The Age, was a young African man apparently and rather ironically from a Christian and awfully suffering family, Liep Gony. Liep was 18 years old in Thursdays ‘Age’ and 19 years old in Friday’s edition. Right. Confidence building. Liep already had several serious charges against him, including weapons, assault and theft. A sad and mixed up dangerous kid, sports. And as an ex-cafe owner in an immigrant area, Liep was the kind of lad I had to deal with over three long years.

He was allegedly and brutally murdered by two South Australian males, Clinton David Rintoull 22, and Dylan Sabatino 19. Rintoull is reported as having a mental illness. Quite. Violent murder pushes ya over the edge every time. Liep Gony has been filmed wearing a red gang bandana while taking part in ongoing violent behaviour in one attack led by him and his pals in a store.

Bigotry and racism come straight from immaturity and ignorance mostly, and human nature. From boredom and zero role models. From being dumb as a bench. From the atomisation of society that results from forcing mostly poorer people to be together when they don’t really want to be. From the Marxist Left critical theory of denigration of every and any institution and tradition in the host country, and the patronising elevation of diversity until it means nothing beyond a vacuum and nullity.

It comes from dysfunctional young men and women who are not productively occupied. It comes from the opportunity to take cowardly advantage. From the fact that not everybody likes everybody else, and why should, or would they? And racism ain't just white people, which is invariably the feeble default MSM meaning.

Why and how did he die? Well, that’s crime and crime happens. Often it's for nothing and random, or some juvenile "reason" For plain dumb bigotry, for kicks, or a for a troublemakers wasteful but logical end. And it may have had nothing to do with racism or bigotry at all.

I’ve been violently assaulted more than once. It doesn’t happen any more and for rather good reasons. But it could. I could have easily died or even killed my attackers defending myself. And if any one had then asked why, the answer would have been for no reason at all. None of the violence made any sense. Hideous and oddly boring really.

Where do poor immigrants go to live exactly? The professionals and more affluent can go to nice suburbs with nice driveways. The regular and poor more likely go to places filled with video stores, take away food outlets, two dollar stores, graffiti, desolate and very ugly railway stations, and little or zero night life.

Unless you’re a member of the Tottenham Clockwork Orange Droog Re-enactment Players.

Still, the utilities all work and they can be ok places once communities are established, and a hundred times better than downtown third world Tintown. But sometimes, nothing actually improves. It's just imported and everything is dragged down and permanently. Despite the design of suburbs, policies, culture and support services etc, we do have violent, ugly no-go areas. And they're growing.

The deal now is to celebrate diversity, but never mention or even allude to the unpleasant parts however much they may smash you in the face.

“Avert your eyes children! Look away!”

All people have faults, but some are a little more life threatening than others. Thus there is little community apprehension about people from Japan, Scotland and Hawaii etc. But some concern with those from African failed states like Sudan, recent war zones like Serbia and the Islamic madhouses of the Middle-East.

Gee, we can’t make any judgement of our own anymore, eh? No, we must abrogate our own thinking to our PC betters. Er, no. The Age and it’s like, consistently lack a an empirical, cohesive and reliable sense of judgement, if any.

I should be so lucky, or I wouldn't have built that damn business.

Few Age journo's seem genuinely interested in looking at the reality of life for people who don’t really read The Age, except as grist for their phony platitude First Aid Kit, that they invariably get out every time there’s a problematic and potential destabiliser of said shibboleths.

It goes something like this folk’s. When any human flaws and reality flare up in an ethnic group, subject change to blaming any preferably white person and our culture.

They write this guff not to inform you, but to feel good about how good they must be. Never a dark or incorrect thought crime crosses their pasty PC brows.

"AIN"T WE GRAND!" Age headline.

Er, no. Ya mostly tired and dated crap for a tired and dated readership.

Stuffed with phony and stupid opinion pieces spouting the lie that the Minister had somehow caused or influenced all this and must apologise etc. Er, so maybe their dumb pieces could have an effect? Nope, not really.

Proportionately it's not a huge Age kind of readership in the Western suburbs. Yep, apparently Sudanese, Somalians and Lebanese were all strangers to war and violent conflict until that damn Minister mentioned "The War", and then everyone started going berserk like the panic scene in Flying High, but with machetes and baseball bats.

A simple fact missed about this latest swingin’ scene, and quite deliberately so, is that this violence and intimidation effects Africans too. They're often the first to suffer from it. Do they really think thugs don’t prey on their own people and often first? Do they really think it doesn’t have consequences for people with hopes and ambitions for their future? Be honest about things and they may actually be of some help. I saw how African business and shop keepers suffered, and the women and children...

Now here’s the PC conundrum, chums. Ethnic cultures are apparently all of equal value and should be acknowledged, but not enough to notice any flaws. How do you acknowledge a culture exactly?

“Yoo, hoo! Animism! Over here! I’d like you to meet Muslim Child Brides and this is Crap Traditions of Afghanistan and please, say hello to Bad Teeth from Estonia. Can I get you something to drink? I’m sorry about the B.O. We’re French”.

Yep, to the PC Left Liberal, all cultures are wonderful cultures and absolutely flawless and fabbo, except for our own. We're apparently noshing but flaws. The default position of the neo-Marxist leaning is that of a perpetual teenager or five year old.

Everything is how you feel about things and what your peers think. It's all rather, emotional. The modus operandi of journalism today. One can afford to be generous when glib and unaccountable.

The Age is a dull, biased and incompetent broadsheet that naturally reinforces the ignorance and right kind of bigotry of many of its comfortably smug readers. I used to read it everyday until it became not just unbearable, but useless.

The dominant tone is that of a talentless, humourless and tedious journalism graduate.

Perfectly happy to pursue a spurious to outrageous beat up sans any evidence, that the decent and professional Immigration Minister is “playing a racist card”.

MSM Cliché Number 12B, folk’s. Anything for love, eh? self-love. The angle of the story is baloney of course, but what do they care? Not a whit, Bub.

They say they really care about the people in places they'll never need to go, and people they'll never need to know. Mere MSM grist, Sparky.

Gee, talking about The Age is only slightly less boring and predictable than trying to read it. The fantasy that they’re a quality adult newspaper is pretension.

The Herald Sun is “Oh, how gauche!”, lacks the same put-on but has its own. It can reflect in its throw away, shallow and almost text free format, something more actual about da people than The Age would ever try to. The Australian newspaper is superior to both and is sometimes even fit for adults.

Now culture does matter. Culture is all. Ideas of race which have no scientific basis? Nope. It’s culture. Class maybe, but it’s not really permanent, innit? It's culture, as many children of immigrants clearly see as their parent’s attitudes rapidly disappear in the rear vision mirror of assimilation. Character yes, but not generally speaking and not over culture, without some er, difficulty.

It’s culture really and they are not all equal. As Mark Steyn said, if all cultures are equally valid, then why bother to learn the non-existent differences? Why have immigration if there are no differences? Just get more of the same people.

Some cultures are superior to others. Some parts of some cultures are better than other parts. Some cultures get on with other's and some don't. Some culture totally suck shit. Most cultures have class divides. That’s life, unless you have fashionable communal tribal fantasies, but enough about the middle-class.

This is the contradiction the self puffers of PC want you to swallow.

“Cultures are very, very important, but not enough to ever have a negative effect and you can’t notice any flaws etc” and ad nauseum”. Only a mad person has no urge to belong to a group and usually it's their own group. Why would it be any different?

“Without the aid of prejudice and custom I should not be able to find my way across the room”. William Hazlitt.

Just because someone gets on a plane, no magical maths formula can make a culture naturally add up to everything being just Jim Dandy. In Britain and Europe, its unravelled in under reported disaster, urban civil clashes, atomisation and a profound and wide spread demoralisation.

Africans are people too so um, some must also have human flaws, a background and even distinctive behaviour, like you and I, or my Japanese wife, non?

No! Never! Do you know that many millions of African’s are Christians? It’s the fastest growing religion in Africa. Nothing tribal and superstitious though, surely? Christian and black. What a conundrum for the irreligious and Christian loathing Left.

But that’s the thing. In poorer states, a lot of people are tribal and superstitious. Maybe not as much as middle-class and other New Agers I grant you.

The local junior criminals that sent hideous and criminal text messages to Africans are probably not big library card users.

Mentality in certain areas can be a drag, and a bad landscape feeds it. When such swell chums come into the inner city at night and don’t know how to behave, it's because adulthood is not an option that occurs to them. It’s upbringing, environment, class, culture, personality and character that form attitude, bub.

Culture is something the Police take very seriously, or they would not have ethnic squads.

What the posers at The Age are saying apart from admire me, is that any fact that doesn’t tie in with their assumptions, is dismissed. They’re telling people who experience this directly, that their judgements, observations, standards, experiences, cultural expectations, history and values are superfluous and bankrupt, whoever they are. They’re just not acceptable.

And once a story rapidly fades away, most journalists don’t have to live in these places. But one day, violent and dysfunctional sub-cultures will be entrenched and seemingly everywhere. Here’s two interesting statistics. In the US, 94% of murdered black men are murdered by other black men, predominantly gang and drug related.

Africans in Australia figure by 8 times more in crime statistice than the average.

The fact is there are serious and real problems with more than one immigrant and local group such as Vietamese, Middel-Eastern, Eastern European etc. Africa is not homogenous and there are many very different kinds of people and cultures. Some a lot more fun and laughter than others.

Long enough ago for the nausea to subside, my Japanese wife and I had these cafes. One in the middle-class inner city. Good. One in a heavily immigrant area of old working-class area of over 140 different languages, that we mistakenly though was on the way up. Er, no. Over a couple of years we directly experienced not only the reality of the inbuilt dysfunctions of multiculturalism, in all its atomised glory, but the joy of a Left Labour Socialist council in power for many decades.

A perfect symbiosis, the council contained well intentioned and rather naive people to the wilfully disingenuous, profoundly incompetent ideologue and the plain dangerous idiot. A virtual parody in dire need of an ideological enema. Add dozens of welfare and ethnic lobby groups, Marxist radicals and a crippled undermanned Police Fiasco Force and away-ay we go! It was, wait for it..Hell.

I remember knowing some peculiar Left types at the time, who had moved from hip and inner city St. Kilda because as they said, it was “too Yuppie”.

Meaning young and professional, right? Which one of those is supposed to be bad, exactly? They themselves of course, were merely old and affluent. The real reason they moved to these less able suburbs was financial, and in the inner-city areas, there was also no longer any one they could feel superior to. Thus they moved to where the looking down is easy and the cotton is high.

Yep, Hell says I. The street violence, alley way dealing and drug injecting, swearing, mind numbing loud public screaming matches, the drinking, vomiting, extremely reckless driving, the fighting, the constant threats, murder, rape, burning, the car smashes, riots, insane cavorting, the despair and the laughs.

Nothing wears you down like mass stupidity.

People were left to their own devices, both the perpetrators and the eternally suffering victims. The attitude was all wrong. So much learned helplessness and negative ways of explaining everything. It was always “them what dun it. It woz them what dun ‘im in, I tells ya!”

“Ripper strikes again! ‘Orrible murder in Whitechapel!” No? More like “Orrible activist, welfare lobbyist and Labour Party Safe Seat Hack strikes again in Western suburbs!”

Now coming from a very working class backgroud and being married to a Japanese woman, I tend to be sensitive to when the working-class and ethnic groups are being used as a mere cipher for ideological and political preening. Aah, I do.

Let me say at this jolly juncture, that the immigrant shop keepers and business people in this mistakenly selected pile, were some of the nicest and hardest working people you could meet and just the kind of people that are rather ignored by the comfortable twerp media.

There were many decent and regular Africans, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Arabs, Italians and Indians and so on. So it wasn’t all bad, just bad enough. There are good people from all over the world in these areas, but they often get little support and protection, and they never expect an authentic voice in the media. Thus they’re never disappointed. But don't get me wrong. The overall effect whatever way you cut it, is still a drag.

The fact that these people manage to do what they do in such peculiar circumstances, in educating their children, running a business, holding down jobs, giving to charity and being decent citizens and so on is well, a miracle and a profound achievement.

When we first encountered problems at our café, about seven and a half minutes after first opening, it was hard to choose who was the most disturbing threat, because the competition was so fierce.

Was it the Lebanese neo-militia haircuts with their emotional hair triggers and pea sized tribal brains? The Serb drug and prostitution ring leaders with Bowie knives, handguns and a cheery smile? The Vietnamese stolen goods, guns and heroin merchant asking if “Are you Jason, mate?”

Jason: Chasin'...heroin.

Maybe it was the old school street alcoholics urinating on the road? The Middle Eastern Muslim loons with their insane Jew hatred and screams of “Islam will kill all you fucking skips!”

Perhaps it was the guttersnipe white trash, with dangling cigarette, pram full of soft drink, potato chips and endless inane talk of “the Jacks” and “fucking dogs?”

Maybe the straight out hordes of the straight out insane? Aah, so many memories. We used to pray for the area to become a gay enclave. Sadly, it never happened.

Now hear this, many of these pranksters hated each other intensely and themselves. Not everyone in every group, but not a lot of multicultural mixing and curiosity there. And why should there be? They often seemed like separate radio frequencies. I bet most journalists and everyone else mostly hangs out with people like gosh, themselves!

That’s human nature and not a crime. It was just a little more pronounced there if you know what I mean. You ain’t seen internecine conflict until you’ve seen civil rivalry by tribes and bitter micro state enemies in a 1960’s style suburban street, especially of the couple of hundred years vintage hatreds. It was in short, a delight.

'It was a very good year, for fighting in car parks and using a knife”.

oNE OF The worst for us were the young, black males and if they were Muslim and Arabic speaking too, WELL that was even more fabulous. And in a gang? even better. And some from the same background were some of the nicest. But the not so nice hated our white female staff, threatened to burn our business, rape my wife and kill me.

And leave no tip.

If I wasn’t a rather testy fellow, and I had no real choice, we may have met the same sticky fate as many others. Maybe my luck held. Not always so for some other local business people, I can tell you. Maybe too, because I kept a trench shovel in the kitchen.

Call the Police? Good luck. I spoke to the Police many times and even visited the Police Station Chief for a chat.

He spoke of how insane and without limit’s African domestics are. How the preferred L.A style of ersatz homeboy’s don’t listen to Police and just laugh at them, drinking and driving without licences etc, usually on the road. He said many rapes are committed by Africans and Middle-Eastern males against white and Asian girls, who are often seen as no better than prostitutes. And these largely went unreported and unprosecuted.

One wonderful Saturday night, a few hundred yards from our café, over one hundred Africans rioted at a local CBD intersection from about 10 pm till dawn. This was black on black. They stopped cars and so on into the night, screaming and fighting. I called and called the Old Bill but the Police never arrived and they certainly didn’t turn up during the riot. They were outnumbered and out bluffed.

And like us, damn scared.

In the film Dark of the Sun, starring Rod Taylor, set in 1950’s Colonial Africa, the end carriages of a train that has escaped from a town just before it falls to a Mau Mau onslaught, stalls and then breaks loose on a hill. It rolls right back into the mayhem with everyone trapped on board. It’s filled with desperate and fleeing Africans, Chinese, whites and others. Of course, their end is rather nasty.

Eventually everyone loses by denying a searing reality merely to maintain the phoney idol of multiculturalism, its assumptions and fashionable PC drivel.

One can delay the effects if you can afford to live somewhere else, but not comletely and not forever.

We never, ever miss the rich tapestry of raw multiculturalism or pine for the inclusiveness of an all night riot. And we eventually did sell that cafe. Unlike the poor bastards forced to stay there, we were fortunate enough to own an apartment in the hip, swingin’ inner-city and pretentious part of town, away from the Mau Mau Appreciation Society.

Hey, The Age newspaper. Just the right size for wrapping fish.


Dan Zaremba said...

Ethnic cultures are apparently all of equal value and should be acknowledged, but not enough to notice any flaws.

Ooouch! This is deadly and brilliant point.
If equal they must be equal in everything. Including small imperfections. No?

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Hi Colonel Robert,

Thank you for your important comment on Maribyrnong street jihad. You won’t believe it but I used to live in Moonee Ponds on Maribyrnong Rd.

I lived there for 20 years and played with the Maribyrnong football club as a teenager. In 1999/2000 after my Dad passed away, I sold the family town house and made a new start away from the city. I live and have NO regrets having moved to the Bass Coast area.

Just the thought of having the Maribyrnong Immigration Center nearby made me sick. Also after studying about the many Y2K possibilities I was turned off city living altogether.

Now the Sudanese are landing in Wonthaggi....War kids still fighting for Allah in a new country. I’ve chatted to local police and have warned them on The Horror to come. My biggest concern is for white Aussie girls getting into trouble by not being educated (clueless)…

Just the other week this happened, share it if you want:

I had a car load of school girls come in to where I work (a servo) I noticed a big round sticker on their car side rear window.

It was a cresent moon and star- black background with the moon & star white in scribble style. ( surf cool )

I peered into the car and asked the girls if they were islamic ?
They all cried out NO!! we’re Christian, blah,blah-.

I said to them “then why do you have the cresent moon & star of Islam on your car (speaking to the driver) ?”

Her reply was “I bought it at a surf shop” I just shook my head negativity. As they drove away I yelled out Allah Ackbar!! To them.

Aussie kids with the symbol of Islam on their car and they didn’t even know it. I hope they ripped it off and I got through to them..

God Bless the West…..

Sir, it would be an honor to add your blog to my list- upper top it will be…

Kind Regards
Victor Ziccone

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports, here's 'the Tone' speaking on ABC TV's Insiders program with Barrie Cassidy on the 07 Oct 2007. An aptly named and mostly useless and typically dull Aunty show. So, er, the Police are with the PC program, eh? No.

TONY BURKE: What Kevin Andrews has provided has been disputed by the police. He has provided anecdotal evidence but hasn't been willing to put publicly or provide directly to the opposition all of that information.

He has just put out snippets of information there. The police statistics appear to be the more reputable source.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports, er, that reminds me, I guess the Footscray Police Chief was lying to me, and the Police Officers I often spoke to over three years, and the many direct experiences I had as a Cafe owner in the 'Madhouse of Diversity', was all a dream. Yes, that's it, a dream.

Yes, I know what I need...a nice piece of pie, yes, I'm going to go home and have some pie. Maybe with a scoop of strawberry ice cream. Oh, goody.

Colonel Neville.

PS. Now only the good things are allowed to be real, sports. Apparently the new PC slogan, Comrades is "Urban Warfare is Peace".

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