Sunday, 28 October 2007

Media Is Short For Mediocrity.

The Australian MSM (Main Stream Media), is constantly searching for 'young', 'fresh' and 'progressive' 'talent' who will 'tell it like it is', such as new cadet Larry 'Young Guns' Hoopla, pictured here writing his popular weekly column, 'I agree completely with Noam Chomsky', for 'The Age' newspaper. Like most journalist's, Larry upholds the highest standards and practices enshrined as they are, on a framed Lynch's dinner napkin, kept in pride of place over the 'Age' 'Editorial Board's Memorial Urinal' hand basin.

It reads in part, "We promis too uphild the gratest,, the highest stuff and whatever etc". Impressive, eh? You're in good hands, Aussie public!

Here’s something inspired by a recent post by the great Tim Blair at timblair dot net. It’s the groovy old Beatles song, ‘Helter Skelter’ in regards to the leader of the Australian Labor Party and the loyal Opposition, Kevin 'Fluffy' Rudderless, the man who would be Kink.

“Er, sure I went to New York drunk on a boy’s night out. Yeah, I went to a club where young women spread their trimmed genitalia before me, but I didn’t notice, or I looked away, or something, or I’m lying. I was doing a crossword puzzle. A four letter word for vagina? Hmmmm…no, I know this one…don’t tell me? Four letter word for vagina starting with the letter ‘c’? I’ve got it! CEO’s! Everything I’ve ever said is a lie including that. Now just let me say this”. I will Kevin, but I can't hear much while I'm asleep.

Hells to Schedule.

When I get to the question, I go to the top of the poll,
Where I bop and I worm and I go for a ride,
Till I stall and I churn and I go for a lie,
Till I give you no answers, and I fool you again.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, eh.

Do you, don't you want me to flip flop?
I've a Commie Clown Dep, says she's miles above you, aah.
Sell me, sell me, sell me,
Bums tell me the answers,
I may be a phony, but I ain't no chancer.

Hells to schedule. Hells to schedule. Hair!

Well, do you, don't you, want me to fake it?
I may come down fast but don't let me wake you.
Smell me, smell me, feed me the answer,
I may be Labour but I ain't no saviour. Left out!

Reds out! 'Cause here Gill comes.

Your media is not for you and it ain’t for me. Yep, our media is not for us at all, kid. It certainly isn't about us. It's for the media and those who benefit from it. It’s not your ABC, it’s theirs. Now SBS reflects a multicultural and PC vacuum all its own. It’s the Symbiotic Baloney Sophistry really. Commercial TV is actually far less commercial than is perceived or it’d be wildly more successful instead of being gradually self marginalising.

Kerry O’Brien on ABC TV’s ‘The 7:30 Report’ speaking to Virginia 'yes there is no alt MSM' Trioli.

Kerry: “Virginia, don’t you find it a total and bankrupt fraud that people like you and I are both so long-term affluent and privileged, are often government employees via the taxpayer, and yet we still spout relentless ‘with the people’ bilge? Of course, we’ve probably never done anything of the sort, but we think we’re ‘the voice’ of truth. Is this not er, sickening? I mean, I get to ask lots of canard and junk questions instead of anything worthy, and all wrapped in a pretense of ‘serious’ journalism! It’s outrageous! ”

Virginia Trioli: “You’re right, Kerry. Ensconced in our smugly conceited Limousine left liberal phony default paradigms, we live almost entirely removed from the actual indifference to hatred that the plebes have for us. And year after year, we give ourselves endless kudos and get even more for er, zero achievement. The best part is, we’re entirely unaccountable, unreachable and pretty damn comfortable too”.

Kerry O’Banyan: “Er, do my ears look big in this hairstyle?”

Virginia Tripoli: “You should see my weekend spread!”

Networks don’t really always sell what you may want to buy. They’re selling what you are supposed to buy, or whatever you'll accept. They are entirely timid beyond the excitingly average, mildly prurient and what is often barely diverting to the intelligent. TV is now close to being fit only for bored children, Nursing Home dementia patients, Social Security waiting rooms, bad bars and people without cable or the Internet.

There’s no conspiracy. This is maybe the best these bores can do and they don’t think people like you and I will notice. Where’s any alternative to compare it to? Online, sports or you buy it. Nothing free is free. The majority of printed media in Australia, while ideal for getting the lowdown on the opinions of journalists, editorial staff and of the Undergraduate mind, is otherwise far more useful as a source of frustration, boredom or as mere pointers to researching the actual facts of the matter at hand. Surprise, the empirical truth is so often the exact opposite to what you have just read or been insulted with on TV.

I say read advisedly, as much of the MSM is so intractably dull, humourless and predictable, that it’s unreadable, unwatchable and unlistenable. It helps a little if you use the flick through headlines speed reading, listening and watching click over methods. TV is virtually devoid of real local talent. Who and where are they? Who knows, certainly not in a TV studio.

Sure, it’s not all crap, at least 15% may be worth a damn in spite of most elements of reality missing in action and neither published nor broadcast. The list of unapproved material and topics is long. The laundry list of what will always get coverage is short and tends to overlap. If it wasn’t for the perversely put down, predominantly US imports, movies and occasional narrow documentaries, I’d have no reason to touch the TV set except to play a DVD or dust it.

Try turning off the tube, radio and don’t read any MSM print for a few months. When you return, it’s much like any soap opera; the same plot lines and tedious characters resting on often unearned laurels of predictable and mediocre scripts.

Like last weeks debate between Kevin ‘Dud’ Rudd and the PM, ‘Peter Cook Monologue’ Howard. Yep, John went on and on about ‘unexciting’ and ‘non-vision’ things, such as boring old facts regards the economy, security and entirely in a present reality. And I'm sorry, but the PM was utterly correct on every count. The Howard Governments great achievements are empirical but are fraudulently, disingenuously and almost invariably treated as otherwise.

Kevin Rudd has the advantage of talking entirely about nothing but the apparitions that haunt the PC and Labour Left mind, such as it is.

Anyone who understands economics, investment, business, governance and real wealth creation, realises that Costello and Howard's highly competent successes, despite any flaws, will likely continue to grow and pay off into the future. They’re not merely based on taking from the productive and giving to the unsuccessful because of whatever guilt or moral vanity may have possessed you.

The Prime Minister in full bore: “I enjoy collecting toffee wrappers during the week, so if it is precipitous, I can spend Saturday afternoons spreading them out. Do you know that if you combine the area of an entire lifetimes worth of wrappers that these wrappers could cover the New Hebrides? Of course, I could never consume such a vast amount of toffees. No, such a vastness would be out of my league. That's more for your professional bores like Al Gore”.

The Opposition to Random Things Leader, Mr Kevin Crudd: “Let me say, that visions are the things I see almost daily. Sometimes it’s a flying custard pie in flames, Mr Zebedee or a really super, wow, really fast fighting robot, with special rockets for flying! Visions and hallucinations are what my alternative to government is offering. John Howard has lost touch with unreality and has no New Age ideas whatsoever. Vote for me and we can all imagine a future together”.

Yep, the hideous coverage by zer Channel 9 Netverk included a preposterous, tacky and entirely manipulated electronic and laughable ‘debate monitor’ in the form of a worm! I kid you not, foreign readers. Yeah, the Minor Niners apparently collected ninety-nine ‘uncommitted’ voters and handed them little devices to er, rub away at. So, the 'embarrassing because it's a stupid idea' worm, responds to how they feel? Yeah, right, that’s the basis of all objective and rational thought, eh? Feelings, nothing more than feelings, trying to forget you… Riiight.

"I feel your slogan!"

Yep, these ‘committed’ voters were so impartial, that as Kev drew in breath before he spoke, the monitor went vertically up, and vertically down, most of the time the PM spoke. Ray Martin?

Er, how does one describe a venal, phony, mealy-mouthed and typical Oz media veteran? Freak? Rich? Unaccountable? Creepy? A serial dullard and poser? False slanderer of the Howard Government? Deliberate liar blaming the ABC Chairman for Ray’s own behavior? Gleefully misleading? Research free? A professional bore?

"No! I won't have it, Fawlty! He’s a Saint of ‘the people!"

No one cares more about truth, informing the public and his hair than Ray ‘we’re all pals here’ Martin. If Ray and George Negus by some bizarre accident, ever managed to create anything, especially not still-born media wise, well, that Mother could be almost anyone in the Oz MSM really, as they’ve not only been shoving it in our throats for years.

‘The Age’, that well known table cloth for winos, shoved out the next day, a standard bogus headline that read, “Rudd’s decisive win. The worm’s verdict”. Quite. Maybe so, but er, this was a TV debate, not a Federal Election result, right? Ninety-nine people? What percentage of the Australian population is that, without using the formula for Pi and atomic fractions? Gee, no bias or glee at ‘the Aged’ eh? Eleven years of incredible growth and development virtually unique in the world, and the PM’s hated for not spouting peripheral and fashionable Left agenda’s?

Peter Costello, one of the most incredibly competent Treasurer's in Australian history is not revered as the financial giant that he objectively is, and for what? Focusing entirely on his job? Instead he’s despised and insulted by the very not so ex-Labour PM Paul 'Scumbag' Keating, one of the worst, disaster achieving, arrogant, affluent and elitist Limousine Left Liberals in Australian political history. The chances of Keating bowing out gracefully are as slim as ‘The Old Morgue Attendant’ and rich art buyer himself, preferring to hang around ordinary people instead of the spectacularly wealthy, powerful and similarly bitter.

What do you honestly see? That the Labour Party has changed at all? Yeah, it has. It’s far worse than it's ever been, as it disappears into the shrink wrapped vortex of its inherent, militant flaws and inbuilt incompetence. See the gleeful freaks both old and new, as they come out the cracks of the MSM like summer blowflies. The Unions, such as the disgusting and bankrupt Leftoid cesspool that is the Teacher’s Union, just can’t wait to roll out their entire line of frauds and shibboleths ad nauseum etc.

And the Opposition Deputy Prime Minister is an old Commie! Unmarried, childless, a committed hard core Unionist, an unchanged Leftist, Socialist and ugh, a lawyer! If only she was an animal torturer, it may have toned her profile down a bit. Yep, for Julia ‘Ocean of evasion’ Gillard, the only thing she would pick up on if she ever had a Road to Damascus conversion to normality, would be a commitment to be more inclusive regards Islamist killers.

Hard to believe, but a recent survey of some 'True Believers', thought that Bob 'hold that thought' Brown, a childless gay man and Julia 'I forgot to have children!' Gillard are, wait for it...'the two people with the best views on child care!' Fantastic. It doesn't get any better than that, folks. Oh, but it can, it can.

Ok, of the four males at my sons kindergarten, at least four are gay! They all seem pretty competent and nice guys, but er, isn't it a little bit coincidental and simply an ideological perversity to choose Bobby 'Frank Zappa Parody' Brown, and Julia 'Smash Capitalism!' Gillard over anybody else? No one else measures up, eh? Riiight. I guess the Marxist lesbian in a wheel chair wasn't available.

The Labour Party is entirely planning so it can seem, to relive its past except more so, much like their avid supporters like the ‘anti-war’ but pro ‘Peace Kills’ Left, but that’s ok crowd. Ah, and now the Left do indeed march very comfortably with the 'Islamist Grand Global Death Plan' much as the Left has always wholeheartedly embraced Che ‘the child killer’ Guevara. Yep. It’s 1968, 1975, 1987 and 1996 all over again folks. Yeah, you and I have no voice in‘The Great Diversity of Opinion Swindle'.

“Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve been had?” John Lydon.

Yes, 24/7.

Thanks to Tim Blair's Netsite and Andrew Bolt's 'Herald Sun' column of Wednesday 24 October, for additional info sources and inspiration. Go Blair and Bolta!


Delfina said...

Hi Robert! You left several comments about my post on Ann Coulter's recent article. Notice how I am being polite despite your childish name calling and bashing. I believe your view of Islam is very black and white. Just because I protest Islamo-Fascism Awarenesss week does not mean I support Islamo fascist. I just don't understand the point of bringing attention to them while the other fascists of the world are ignored. It's also very hypocritical of Ann (who attacks any idea that doesn't coincide with her views) to attack fascists when she is the biggest and baddest fascist of them all. By the way, how's the weather in Australia? It must be getting warm there if it's cold in Houston. Have a nice day.

Colonel Robert Neville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colonel Robert Neville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Delfina, er, I'm glad you enjoyed my childish comments. I do love them, they give me....I don't know, a laugh. If you read my blog banner, you will see two of my favourite people are Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

So, dig. Ridicule and satire is my bag, Daddio. So don't touch my radio, as the say.

Um, my view of Islam is er, "black and white" as you say, simply because Islam IS black & white on every count. Shades of grey in Islam? Nuance? There are NONE. Zero. Zilch. Nada. The Big El Zippo.

As all Muslims believe, there is but ONE God, Allah. ONE Prophet, Mohammad, & only ONE Holy book & ONE way to be...a Muslim. No if's, but's or maybe's. Wherever Islam & Muslims have a enough mass, power or total control, ONLY Islamist ways are allowed.

The ONLY choices are Conversion, Dhimmitude or death. There is very little shading in this, wouldn't you agree? Maybe I missed a detail? Er, no.

Mohammad, Poop Be Upon Him, was a 7th Century pedophile, rapist, Jew hating, mass murdering pervert and Warlord, who hallucinated "the filth", as Christopher Hitchens very correctly calls it, of Islam, in a cave! Sure, Mo had a negative side too...

This was first while he was a lice infested bandit freak and later as a kept boy. He all the while spewed his madness and crap into the crude, turgid and unreadable insanity of what would become the Krazy Koran.

A madder book by a madder bastard there is not, or equal until you read Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.

By the way, Mein Kampf is a very popular book in the Mid East or 'God's Monkeyhouse', and very popular with Islamic terrorists.

Mein Kampf means struggle, as Jihad kinda does, and both are not really about an inner struggle anymore than it pertains to how I can modify myself, to kill all my enemies.

It's one of the few foreign 'books' allowed to be published in Sandland. Nothing much else is.

Islamists prove their thinking, words and actions daily. We should ALWAYS take them at their word. Always.

If it looks like a duck? And it does. This is the reality of Islam; it's a death cult, it's inhuman and is anti any normal life. It hates the millions of small things that make life human and worthwhile.

Go to thereligionofpeace dot com, jihadwatch dot org, read 'While Europe Slept' by Bruce Bawer, 'America Alone' by Mark Steyn.

'The truth about Mo, Islam, the Koran & the Crusades by Robert Spencer, go to my links etc.

Read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's 'Infidel', 'Londonistan' by Melanie Philips. In short, unlike most disingenuous, lazy, unresearched, security and culturally suicidal Dhimmi's, drop ya comfortable and 'right on' denial posturing, and look into the Abyss of Islamism.

Dare to do serious and real research. Dare to WANT to know. Find the causes of your own PC, Main Stream Media, Leftoid schooling and deluded ignorance....

The only reason these Global, real and empirically determined freaks have not used nukes, is because they don't have them yet.

Er, show me the 'subtle' message in a beheading and I'll print it up as a nice poster for my sons kindergarten. After all, that's Mo's message, a monstrous freak who personnaly sliced off hundreds of heads in a single day and liked nothing better than rubbing up to naked children. A historically exceptional madman, really.

I'm happy to dance in my Jimmy Dean motorcycle boots on the insane, preposterous and murderous bunk of Mohammed, Islam and the Krazy Koran.

I'm sorry, while there are indeed many decent Muslims that may be judged as individuals, um, as we have seen with 'the UK Doctors', ya never really know. Look up the Islamic concept of 'Taqiyaa'. It's very interesting...

While I always treat Muslims as I find them, as I know them, as the friends they sometimes are, as the varied human beings they are, Islam, Mo & Koran get no sympathy or credit here. Their credit was overdawn about 1300 years ago, at the hideous birth, sport.

If enough of us do not hold to the following and practice it, we are all doomed to chaos, war and darkness and right up to our front doors, chum.

"God Bless the Free Capitalist Democracy's of the West, the Western Canon, free markets, the free exchange of ideas, freedom of expression, human rights for men, women, gays and children etc". That'll do, you can figure out the rest that ya couldn't live without. Not a chance ya could.

Unless of course, you live in a fantasy life completely supported by the system you despise. Many do, but they too, will also be called to fight for their own life, that of their family, their neighbours, their country and the survival of the world as we know it. Yep, something like that.

Oh yes, God Bless Our Troops.

May they show us the only choices are victory or defeat. In other words, let's utterly destroy Islamism and the states that support it.

I am and will be proven 100% percent right.

Keep on laughing and God, brains, freedom and guns help us all.

PS. Yep, the weather is warming up. Aah, Houston. We'd pack and move to New York, Montana etc, in half an hour once we make the cash. Thanks for replying and as I say, I respond in kind and never delete, not even a Roger Whittaker fan.

Sincerely Colonel Robert Neville.

GM Roper said...

My Dear Colonel Neville, I hesitate to write to such an accomplished blogger, primarily because I hardly ever dress for dinner, but Sir, I am quite curious as to why you would attempt to change a mind such as evidenced by one delfina type commenter.

She (he?) states quite clearly that her view of islam is much more nuanced than yours, but at the same time, in the same comment she obviously cannot tell the difference between Coulter the entertainer with sometimes questionable humor and murderous thugs who think nothing of mass murder. Mass murder on a scale not seen since... oh hell, take your pick, since Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao or any of another half dozen rapscallions who aren't listed in the history books only because of lack of opportunity not lack of desire.

You have rightly pegged the pedophile phrophet and Delfina admits that she doesn't support the islamo-fascists who are after all, only putting into practice what Mo preached.

So, kind sir, I remain
yr mst obdnt servant

GM Roper

Colonel Robert Neville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear GM Roper, so lovely to get a post from you, old boy. Thanks for the very kind words.

I like your piece on the worlds foremost clinical narcissists, Hill and Bill Clinton. I mentioned to a friend recently, that the Clinton's telephoned me last week, merely to deny that they had ever telephoned me.

You may like this vid by Lonnie on Conservative Voice on that very fiasco bravura performance regards the Light on the Hilary.

Ya right of course regards the Denial of Delfina. Why bother?

Mostly as a nice though limited springboard, I guess. Yes, folks like Delfina do indeed see themselves as so "nuanced" in their outlook, as you said, that they can't tell shit from clay. With their total lack of clarity, the two do tend to merge.

Yep, she doesn't support Islamo Fascists? Er, so she does admit that they exist, but opposes the few who do actually try to do something about it by exposing the truth of Islamism!

Aah, all that's needed for evil to triumph is for stupid people to not think, do nothing and oppose the clear minded who do, as I think old Ed Burke said once.

Then in the same paragraph it's business as usual cant, canards, hyperbole and the usual Left drivel of calling respectable citizens "Fascist!" etc.

The worlds main Fascist groups are firstly Islamists, resurgent and old Communism, Nazis and derivatives, plus freaky Nationalists and the Left, Liberal and Radical Axis of Mediocrity.

I don't know who old Delfi means. Oh, don't tell me, she means George Bush! Riiight....

As I've said many times before, yeah, me, Anne Coulter and David Horowitz have arrested millions of people, Nationalised the entire economy and re-ordered society along military and bizarro Arcadian fantasy lines, and all before lunch.

The great thing GM, is that the Left, Liberal and Radical NEVER, EVER really say anything surprizing that you haven't heard a million tawdry times before. It's amazing really that they don't slip into a self induced coma.

All the best GM Roper, and I count you among the growing community of very worthwhile and witty bloggers. Now let's all adjourn to the study for cigars and a damn good Cognac, what?!

Colonel Neville.