Thursday, 25 October 2007

Jesus is all Left wing by me. Er, no.

Yeah! Environmentalism! I love anything mental! That's all I need to focus on from now on to totally change my life! Sign me up today! Do I get a date with Al Gore? He's a real doll!

Canberra Bishop George Browning has said “It’s unbelievable”. And he should know. He’s the Anglican Church’s Global Environment Chief! And the Chairman of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network or AAEN. Er, this is the Church we're talking about, right?

"I’m just going to step away from you and leave quietly via this door. Goodbye!" (Sounds of disappearing footsteps into the distance.)

Voice calls out, “It’s in ‘The Age’, for Thursday 25 October 2007!”

Apparently, the often fluffy Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, has offended the Browning non-method, by daring to suggest the fact that environmentalism is a political ideology driven mostly by er, political ideologues.

According to Browning, Pell is going pell-mell straight to Hell, for saying in part “Radical environmentalists are more than up to the task of moralising their own agenda and imposing it on people through fear. They don’t need Church leaders to help them”. That's er, a fact. Check. He also said that he was sceptical about say, Manhattan under twenty metres of sea water by 2050. Twenty metres under the sea, Al Gore the political transvestite baloney, check.

He also points out that the ‘Environmental Junior Red Guard Movement’ is perhaps bogus or gosh, flawed? Pell says that as a Church leader, he must point out “when the Emperor is wearing few or no clothes”.

“Arise, Emperor Gore”.

Er, Pell is completely correct about the Enviro Comrades not needing the Church to push their deeply corrupt and corrupting agenda. Except that the irreligious Left and Radical environmentalists, not only do want the Church to conform to their cant and rhetoric, but all of the mainstream, which they already mostly have, and well, everybody else too. The Left and Enviro Freaks will never be satisfied, until there is no dissent from their bunkum whatsoever. And even then.

Why? Because it’s essentially an anti-individual, anti-freedom, anti-Capitalist Democracy mass orthodoxy, that is finally and essentially anti-people. The ultimate aim as stated repeatedly by many a Green and Radical Spokes Pimple, is the eradication of “the scourge” of humanity.

The Church being involved to the level of having an ‘Environmental Committee of the Sub-Pagan Committee of Neo Commies’, reminds me of the long ago, well intentioned but absurd ecclesiastical, elastical publication of ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ book. It was a quickly and now profoundly, very laughable and dated late 1950's to 1960’s attempt at getting 'hip' with the kids. No one much remembers it, which is a shame, as it was a more genuine if embarrassingly naive effort that nonetheless, did mirror more closely than the latest load of creepiness, the ideas of Jesus.

Especially more so than following the work of Saint Al and his millions of deluded lemming like fans, in their idiotic pantomime and intellectual masquerade.

Brown prefaces his stupid fashionable and disturbingly shallow views with an accusation against the Government of having “an utter obsession with growth”. As opposed with an obsession with stagnation or the retrograde, or what about a most excellent economic collapse? That’s just gotta be Pious the First! Well, an idiot employed by the Church, non “growth obsessed” and therefore productive taxpayer funded tax exempt, can afford to twitter and twaddle away while conveniently removed from a harsher economic reality.

This is the best part I feel. Bishop Browning Off, says “I wrote him [Pell] a letter saying Jesus had an awful lot to say about the rich taking what belonged to the poor and about the heritage of the children, and as he spoke about both these things he spoke about climate change”. Riiight. Now there is so much topsy turvy ignorance, bean sized intellect and plain crazy as a monk in a lice ridden hair shirt, that I must ‘Fisk’ it one stupid and deluded piece at a time.

Firstly, to ‘Tom Brownings’ Non School Days’ level of education and apparent lack of understanding, wealth is a pizza. So, if I have more, someone has less. Er, no. We have enormous abundance not because we stole Ferrari's, plasma TV’s, air travel and modern medicine from “the poor”, but because we created this wealth from the triumphant duo of Capitalist Democracy and it’s attendant freedoms, including the free flow of ideas. Nothing in human history has done more to move the poor into the ranks of the economically free than Capitalism and Democracy. Not even the great work of millions of hippie parasites or the efforts of mass murdering Communism and Socialism.

Now go away George Browning, and enrol your feeble mind in a night course on economics 101. Get thee to a library!

Now, “the heritage of the children” will rely completely on how innovative, financially literate, educated and productive their parent’s and they have been. Not how much they tried to roll back into the filth and dust of history, no matter how much a phony Arcadia is invoked via the latest dumb and therefore, vastly popular ideological fashion that lies to you, because you want to be lied to.

Er, the last time I read Jesus, he “had a lot to say” about getting off your backside, physically, mentally and morally and about moving forward, not backward or maintaining a death like statis. Um, it's about as absurd as you can get, extrapolating that Jesus spoke about damn climate change. Good Grief, Charlie Browning!

Er, I thought the whole deal was that it was man made? Modern industrial man. But that’s the thing, the ‘facts’ of Climate Change that are so vehemently rammed down peoples throats one minute, are just as easily dropped or reversed in the next. But that’s because as a movement, it’s almost entirely emotional. Its how one ‘feels’ about things.

Brown drools on through his cassock that Pell, was an exception even in his own Church. Er, so scratch one down for total irrelevant bankruptcy, regards actual religion, spirituality and the teachings of Jesus Christ within the old Anglicans then, eh?

Sayeth the 5.0 Calibre Browning, “I frankly don’t know where he’s coming from or why he says what he does. It doesn’t make any sense to me. The contribution he should make as Leader of the Church is muted because of his stance”. Quite. I'm sure that a lot of reality doesn't make much sense to you, Georgy. Here, have two wafers and lay down, non-layman.

So, a leader today is defined by following the mass conformity of Leftist and Radical fashions? Especially the ones that the Left has co-opted to give them desperately needed new blood, legitimacy and a handy all purpose platform ever since the fall of Soviet Communism, the Berlin Wall and the absolute discrediting of Communism and Socialism among the sane. Er, is that the one?

I thought that the Church and Jesus were naturally the antithesis of atheist, inhuman, conformist, mechanical, ordinary people butchering and anti-religious Leftism? Gee, I guess I was wrong.

Yep, I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to you, Brown baby, when a Churchman says something, er, Churchy. You are so far out in getting with the hip and now, you’re about as profoundly spiritual as the latest Hello Kitty accessories.

Um, the opposite is true. The Church is muted because of your stance, George Brown Pants. What does anyone need the Church for, if they’re selling the same guff as the smug creeps up the street at the Socialist Alliance Meet House and Public Urinal? Gee, I wonder if that’s part of the reason why things are going bad regards filling those old pews. Never mind, get some nose rings and dreads. That’ll really convince ‘the kids’ that you’re for real, man!

“You’ll be wack and turner, baby. Rice that cracker and moan some cooly steel, yo’ all”.

Good old Pell said Church leaders should be “allergic to nonsense”. He’s right of course. Climate Change is the most codified nonsense since Communism or the Virgin Birth. He very rightly pointed out that environmentalism is a very effective way for “muting Christian witness”. Well, that’s because it’s essentially a Leftist and Radical inspired loon movement.

If there was no political advantage to the Left, no financial gain to the Leftoid, Liberal and fraudulent of mind, like Al Gore Blimey, various academics, and no cache for Hollywood freaks who see themselves as transgressive the more they conform etc, the environment would just be something you consider normally. Much like vaccination, plumbing and fire safety. Instead it's a single focus 'Fun Fair Mirror' & 'Moral Ego Monster Reflector' that distorts almost everything in public discourse.

George Browning then trots out the usual canard of how it’s all "settled science wise". Science doesn’t work that way, Bub. It always strikes me as curiously totalitarian this idea of, "it’s settled, so don’t even speak".

“Ok , Comrade. What is the slogan for today? Stravinsky is a ‘Hero of the People’ or an ‘Enemy of the People?’ Either way is fine by me but I wouldn’t want to suggest that I’m connecting my self to anything definite or indefinite, unless our Glorious Leader also feels we should agree with both points of view simultaneously or neither. I’m ok, but only in the currently approved and revolutionary way only”.

Science is not an agreement of the like minded, but a series of methods and process's that are all repeatable, demonstrated and testable. It’s not a game of numbers. Or else Galileo was wrong about the shape of the earth. Browning very yukkily suggests that “drought” be stricken from the language! Er, no 1984 there, eh? Christ. Because “it leads them [Australians] to think that they can return to the life they had before”. Yep, Browning is already twenty kilometres down the Road to Wigan Pier. Aah, the classic smug and unreachable arrogance of the unaccountable.

Essentially, like environmentalism, Browning's views are all bigotry, a bigotry that wears the deceptive cloak of 'it's all good for you'.

No matter how benign and pseudo 'reasonable' it's presented, environmentalism can never be satisfied, just like the Left movement by stealth that it really is. As time drags on, we'll be forced into ever more proscribed, restrictive, punitive and absurdly pointless behaviour. At core, it’s essentially a Commie Freak Global Franchise that co-opts regular people to make up the deluded and distracted numbers.

Lastly, the curiously named Rosie Catt, also of the AAEN, goes straight into zero Quality Control and hyperbole hyper drive, by blathering that inaction amounted to “Genocide”. Riiight. No concerns about real and actual Genocide happening right now, Rosie?

Check, Genocide. Apparently, stopping the Third and Developing Worlds from having the development that has more than doubled our life spans, given us enormous health, medical and economic freedom etc, etc, would not amount to Genocide? No way, sports. These people are mere abstractions and ciphers to the Left and Rosie 'on the mat' Catt.

But hey, let the fatuous, ignorant, entirely glib and fashionable in the West play one empty, meaningless and destructive anti-human game of moral vanity after another. It'll all pass as it has many times before, as soon as the gas escapes from it, and they find a new and fraudulent political play thing.

But it must be one that only ever inconveniences those that have no voice and take the full brunt of it in poverty, oppression, misery, disease and death. It must never be of real consequence, or an 'Inconvenience of Truth' to any Western hobby activist. On the contrary, they'll usually benefit very nicely indeed from its frauds, lies and fakery. They always do.


Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports, here's a little more about the good Bishop from 'The Australian Israel and Jewish Affairs Council.

Thefull article can be found at:

Unholy Alliance:
Adding insult to injury

By Ted Lapkin.

It isn’t an issue of liberty, but of propriety. It isn’t a matter of freedom of speech, but of the seemliness of what is said. I must confess that I find something obscene about the phenomenon of Christian clergy who parlay the legitimacy of their clerical collars into assaults against Israel.

Bishop George Browning
On the 1st of May, the Israeli Embassy in Canberra was the scene of an anti-Zionist demonstration conducted by a group of pro-Palestinian activists. According to the Australian Jewish News, Canberra’s Anglican Bishop utilised the dais at that occasion to accuse Israel’s Jews of a laundry list of crimes that were tantamount to genocide.

The Palestinians, declared Bishop George Browning, are "treated as less than human," and are victims of a "systematic slaughter and depravation acted out against a whole people."

And, from that lofty level of strategic vituperation, Browning then embarked on a harangue against Israel’s defensive tactics that was marked by equal measures of venom, imbalance and factual inaccuracy.

The Bishop took particular umbrage at the Israeli policy of killing terrorist commanders, which he described as "indefensible."

But, he had softer words for the deliberate slaughter of innocent Jewish civilians by Palestinian suicide bombers, calling it "morally bankrupt," but to be expected in light of Israeli oppression.

Another focus of the Anglican clergyman’s bile was Israel’s security barrier.

In a fit of hyperbolic zeal, Browning described the barrier as an Israeli conspiracy "to lock people up in suffocating density, unmatched anywhere else on earth…" I guess the good Bishop has never been to Singapore or Hong Kong, where people live happily in places much more densely populated than the West Bank.

But, the climax of Browning’s oration came when he accused Israel of "spitting in the face of God" for having the presumption to build a barrier to keep suicide bombers out of Tel Aviv coffee houses.

Imagine the nerve of those people! Israel’s Jews actually have the hutzpah to desire that when they board a commuter bus they will arrive at their destination in one piece!

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports. I wrote to the Good Bishop as follows.

Dear Bishop Browning:

I recently read your curious and riveting, give Pell Hell and do pray tell, in the delightfully dull 'Age' newspaper. Is it really?

Quite surreal really. But being a Christian, old stick, I was wondering if you could enlighten me by reading my shabby but popular blog at the address provided on this very subject.

Any comment would be appreciated and answered and I never delete.

All the best from Colonel Robert Neville.

Dan Zaremba said...

Dear Colonel,
Methinks that the good bishop (brawning - is this his name?) reads only the stuff, which he thinks is RIGHT.
Too late for the salvation of his soul.
My educated guess is, he'll end up in this same circle of Dante's Inferno as Mo (bbbuh).

Ewan said...

I sent the following letter to The Age. Needless to say they didn't print it.

The Editor,

As a Protestant it alarms me that I have to side with Catholic Archbishop George Pell against the "Anglican Church's global environmental chief" George Browning. Archbishop Pell is making eminent good sense by pointing out that for Christians, concern over climate-change should rank far below concern for genuine moral issues such as abortion.

Recently Bishop Browning has claimed that no Christian should consider voting for any political party that doesn't have a policy to combat climate-change. I would have thought it more appropriate to suggest that Christians not vote for a party unless it has a pro-life policy.

The primary role of the Church is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Bishop Browning appears to prefer playing the role of evangelist for the new 'gospel' of Al Gore.

Ewan McDonald,
Lead Senate Candidate
Christian Democratic Party of Victoria.