Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Everything old is neutered again.

At SBS TV News, nobody's heard about the Byrd. The Byrd, Byrd, Byrd, about the Byrd.

Last night there was a news report on Iraq and they had Senator Robert Byrd, that well known man of high ethical, moral and intellectual rigour, long time Democrat Party main man and I kid you not, long term KKK Klansman! That’s really him in the photo. Fetching, eh? Fetch, Rover!

"Forever, forever, forever, forever, you'll be the one, the only one".

Yep, there was stinky old Byrd, hard to believe this guy’s history, but anyhow, the freaky old cone headed and sheet ensemble wearer, was giving his worthless opinions on the war. You know the war? The one that has nothing to do with the global goals of Islamists, according to the Democrats, British and Australian Labour and other fashionably infected Euro Leftoids. Neither does it resonate in any way for them, with the stark choices of an eventual victory or the utterly dark defeat of Western Civilisation.

Hey, but for the many millions of deluded brimming with self loathing, that's a good thing, right?

With his vast geopolitical on-acumen and non-General Patton like imaginings, Senator Robert Byrd drivelled into his mike all bent over, toiling and troubling like, about how the war is no good, so run away and apologise to everyone. As you know, all the world loves a weak minded and confused coward. Er, no.

Well, folks, this was on SBS TV, the government funded and multi-ethnic TV and radio service. Apparently, according to the logic of the SBS approach and charter, all ethnic groups must therefore also be made up of mostly Left leaning twerps, Liberals and mediocre elites. Oh yes, and 'the people'.

For a similiar taxpayer funded PC snow job in the USA, think PBS, the 'Public Broadcasting Service. Once they say 'public', think the opinions of the urban elites. Both stations are cut from the same ignoble and sadly corrupted cloth. I used to listen to PBS everyday until I heard one too many guys called Mo talking about the 'problem with the Jews'.

Gee, maybe that’s why you never really see on SBS,(PBS!) any ex-South Vietnamese military and absolutely zero showing of very angry boat people who are now often Conservative business folks. Zilcho any anti-Fidel ‘El Gordo’ Castro Cubans; the ones who didn’t drown while escaping on a motorised beer cooler. Nada any anti-Communist Poles or North Koreans etc. Or any other folks who may give a less loving and PC Pinko approved recommendation to their own ‘Holiday in a Communist Disneyland’ for example.

Er, not a lot of Jewish folks get much SBS airtime I've noticed. Hey, don't want to upset any soccer and improvised explosive devise fans, eh?

Nope, if it’s an SBS approved ‘documentary’ on Cuba, they like to go easy on the old rapist and child murderer. That’s impartiality, SBS style.

The thing is, I know who Senator Robert Byrd is and you Dear Reader, probably do too. But most of the public don’t, even if they watched SBS day and night with the resulting thoughts of suicide; just for laughs and a change of pace. Nor would they gain any similar 'outside the approved grid' insights for that matter. As per usual, there was zero qualification of who Byrd was or is.

It was just “Here’s Senator Byrd, Democrat; ipso facto, ‘Good guy!”

Well, Senator Byrd tried to block the Civil Rights Bill in the early 1960's and that's not just South of the Mason Dixon Line. And folks, Senator Robert Byrd really is a long time Klansman! He's also a long time Democrat Party Senator and a, well that covers everything mad and venal really. Is he one now? I mean a paid up cross burner, not a Democrat loon? No, he’s a real darling now! Maybe he got severe rope burns and had to retire.

Now SBS have extended their nightly news broadcast, which means they have much more time to cover topics with a greater shallowness and lack of depth, bog standard PC drivel, the same old non sources and well, infuriating oddball styled misinformation. So you end up with SBSTV using a KKK ‘Grand Frisbee' and ‘Super Fruit Loop’ as their source for insight into the currently undeclared WWIV. This seems standard fare at the 'Symbiotic Baloney Servants'. Go SBS!

“As part of our policy of balance and impartiality, we now cross live to our man in Gaza, Heinrich Himmler, who is officiating as ‘Master Race of Ceremonies’ at the opening of a new kindergarten and bomb factory in the Strip”.

Observe government MSM, and you either get alternatively bored, irritated, outraged or incandescent. Yep, I positively glow, sports! The government services alleged higher brow standards are merely pretence. If it wasn’t for American shows, I wouldn’t watch much of the tube at all.

Ooh! Ya can’t say that. Which is another fashionable pretence by the kind of conceited people who say that US shows are all rubbish. Especially the highly successful, entertaining ones that they watch regularly.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of TV, but it don't mean it's good. Yep, it’s often great company, fun and entertaining. I just don’t go there for insight, facts, depth of analysis and much real verified info. For that, I prefer books, publications, the Net and correspondence. Maybe I’m expecting too much, but I don’t think so. If you say you are for example, news, and some kind of accountable investigative journalism, you're being paid for such and have the enormous privilege of a rare platform, then ya better damn well deliver.

I just had a vision of the relentlessly mediocre, addled and almost uniformly dumb George Negus eating a wheel barrow full of egg custard with a shovel.

Let me put it this way, the Internet, quality journals and magazines are generally vastly superior to the MSM not just because they are, but because few in the MSM have any incentive, any intention and not much ability to do any better.

The media in Australia is perhaps accurately understood as being owned by a few, dominated by the boring and pedestrian, and mostly staffed by the entirely dull. Of course there’s always the predictable to fall back on.

Australian media is forever it seems, the same very uninteresting old names, faces, ideas and rubbish formats from the Class of ’68, ’74, ’89 etc. Which by the way are mostly all over. Strangely, even the few new faces seem like old faces, failing to rise above professional bore and well paid complacent mediocrity. Many can often start off with a very promising tedium, but then it’s all downhill from there.

A big part of this problem such as it is, is that there seems little real opportunity for success for young people in much MSM beyond the same narrow confines of standard professional blathering to the converted and the indifferent. In the mainstream, the repetitively deluded ideas of what’s gonna be commercial is nine times out of ten completely wrong, as clueless productions, made by the right circle of pals, invariably crash and burn.

Most of our shows come over as the constructs by advertising agencies that they are. There are extended cameos and spots for the hopelessly hopeful young actor in various weak premised and doomed vehicles, which accounts for almost all our local content made up of the almost invariably disappointing. The shows that do last are often also curiously cheaply made and badly scripted. Go figure.

How can you tell if it’s an Australian drama? The lighting is marginally better than a Seven Eleven Store and the production quality is on par with DIY cable TV advertisements. Now something is really wrong when we obviously have so many talented and highly trained people, bursting with ideas, many great technicians and the studios to do it all in. But the folks in charge seem to have no idea, no courage and pretty much like the current statism of affairs. I guess that’s why so many young people either go independent, alternative, DIY, underground or use their passports and leave. No point hanging around the lobby forever, eh?

Exciting new things don’t always happen only in the underground, but they seem to nearly always begin there and in Australia, usually die there. They may get picked up several years too late, and get slotted into some ‘show’, like a dying monkey into a Freak Circus.

With the wonderful, uncontrollable subversion and island hopping opportunities of the Net, we can almost already say a collective “who cares, we don’t really need ya paradigm, Bub, except for laughs and an attack of the flu”. As they say, traditional media is losing one informed person at a time. I’ve changed my mind!

Let’s burn down the Deans office!

Now let’s be honest, yes let’s, about the nature of journalism and media professionals, sainted trades that they are. It may attract a certain kind of person. Now this may even shock you, but some people have said that there’s a little bit of a Leftish atmosphere at the Universities that journo's graduate from, at least more than say, a panel-beaters.

I know. I was shocked, but just go with me a little. Say it’s true? Perhaps it may, just may influence things just a teensy bit regards a prevailing or accepted ethos? Could be. It’s crazy enough to be true.

Now I personally love a lot of things about Government Broadcast Services, especially Radio National and the 24 hour News Service. I have genuinely enjoyed for years some of the many, many great things found often and only on government radio and TV. It’s just not always as good as it should and easily can be. But then it’s not for a wide range of people is it, really? But now I listen less and less and less. I mean, I've heard what they're going to say and how they're gonna say it many times before.

I'm after all, an inner-city, cosmopolitan and coffee drinking kind of a guy. Flat white as opposed to Latte. Do you know latte just means milk? So those that knock the "Latte" drinkers as the Neo-Socialist's they are, are against the school 'Free Milk Program!' The Fascists!

Now sports, more than a little of the ABC is from entirely predictable, mediocre and dumb, to pure ideological cant and well, lies, but it's still all very nicely presented. I’d have to stick my fingers in my ears and repeatedly say, "La, la, la, la, la, the ABC's not full of Lefty luvvies. It’s not full of Lefty luvvies! La, la, la, la etc", to believe otherwise.

Now of course, you don’t necessarily need to be the more cube shaped of head and mind to totally misunderstand the concepts and practice of being contemporary, cosmopolitan, sophisticated and hip and think that said urbane tendencies are a threat to be controlled or eradicated by the government and various unelected pressure groups. It’s the ‘Red Neck Left Liberal Conundrum Paradox!’

Some of the squarest people I've ever met consider themselves inner urban groover types. It's like looking through the musical tastes of someone who thinks they're hip, and it's filled with my parent's appalling record collection! Scottish Favourites, Des O'Connor and Bobby Goldsborough but not the good stuff!

It’s hardly surprising that in the ways that count, Australia is a conservative country. That’s why the lights and power work continuously. There is however not really that much articulate and truly conservative media beyond some tiny circulation periodicals, a little radio, parts of some dull newspapers that stand for well, something, but only if that’s ok with the people who disagree.

The aforementioned weirdos, tabloids and even the forgettable spreadsheets don’t really always mean either conservative, a source of the fresh and worthwhile or often anything much at all to me. Though I must admit I do enjoy an occasional Saturday morning coffee with said dreary edition of paper hat material.

I just see that there's almost no equivalent here for example, of the urbane and contemporary literary journalism found and expected in many other countries, like Pago Pago. And much of the alternate media is not going to be much of an alternative if it’s made almost entirely from the same interchangeable, inarticulate and undergraduate non-ideas from Central Casting.

“Our lead story and editorial on why Bush is Hitler!”

For those who don’t really bother to edit and seem to care little about reaching any standard as their standard, why should anyone else put more effort into reading something than you've put into writing it? Sure, if you just want to cater to those who don't really read or listen, and can't comprehend what they're seeing and of the world in general, maybe become a journo! So, why bother? Because it’s supposed to be something? Well, maybe.

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