Monday, 22 October 2007

Rusty’s Crow Call.

Nothing escapes the reverse mirror, topsy turvy moral vacuum and research free zone of the MSM (Main Stream Media). From 'The Peoples Cube dot com'.

Several decades ago, the King of Australian television, Graham Kennedy, got the sack for making a “crow call” on air. That is, he made a long crowing sound like the bird of the same name, that just happens to sound like the originally low Dutch slang for sexual intercourse. Thus “Faaaaaark!” Ridiculous as a controversy and passingly funny, really.

Now I’m a fan of old Gra Gra, because anyone who managed to be distinctive, dynamic, entertaining, rebellious and mysterious at all in the largely dull and predictable Australian television industry and media, is er, a “faaaarkin’” miracle. These five qualities alone virtually cancel out 99% of our current Oz celebrity mass.

Aah, but on Sunday night, an elongated in flight tourist add, called “Australia Revealed”, was shown on Channel 7. Naturally, it revealed less about Australia, than how the negative default explanatory styles of the diseased and self loathing Left, are now mainstream and taken for granted. At least within the biased and bigoted MSM who have free reign to market and push their often mediocre boredom as a worthwhile er, ‘product’.

So what did Rusty ‘hanging on the telephone’ Crowe have to say? It’s nothing as usual with old RS, the full-time serious actor and part-time body guard cushioned public drunk and bore. Serious actor, like disciplined musician, is mostly an oxymoron. But sayeth the Crowe as his pompous, sonorous, condescending and mostly monotone narrative of cliché got into PC hyper drive, ‘If Aboriginal cultures, languages and beliefs are lost, Australia would lose it’s heart and soul’. Riight.

There's so much Cognitive Bias and Logical Fallacy in that one cant sodden, patronising and stinker line. The fact is er, no it wouldn’t. Bollocks. Not a bit and no. Firstly, there's zero chance of such a hyper hypothesis happening in Hartford, Hanover or Hampshire. Um, isn't there more than three times as many Aboriginals today as in 1788? Don't both public and private Australia pump millions of dollars, much exposure and effort into promoting and maintaining Koori heritage? Er, plenty of Aboriginals have career's, professions and cash etc, too. Aren't um, Aboriginals themselves going to be er, fairly Aboriginal? Could be.

Any Kooris watching this kind of typical glad handing crap on the tedious tube must just get sick of it after a while. I'd like to see some of these folk's given a chance to voice their more "diverse" range of opinions.

"Hey Crowe, mate! You're full of crap!"

But you know, journalist's know exactly what opinions Aboriginals should have. Somewhere from gratitude to a faux 'solidarity' with the opportunistic Left.

Apparently, the other 99.5% of the population have no heart and soul, especially as ‘The Crowe’ made a right angle turn from standard PC patronising of Aboriginals to standard PC broad insults against every other Australian, but mostly read as ‘white people’. Yep, there was of course that mandatory old canard of the Leftoid and non-patriot that ‘Australians came mostly from English Criminals’ etc. Er, no.

Most were not criminals and those that were, would never have been today. Their main ‘crime’ was poverty and illiteracy, especially in the ways of the dysfunctional, corrupt, dishonest and mean system of their time. And many were very literate indeed, as any investigation of the writings of that period will show. But what does that matter? You only have to walk on eggshells spouting phony platitudes trumpeting your Major in Moral Vanity, when you talk about Aboriginal’s or ethnic groups. Go straight for the crème de la crude when prattling about “White people bad, everyone else fabulous!” It'll all work out perfectly fine for you.

I liked quite a few of the films that Rusty has acted in and that’s in no small way because like most actor’s, he hasn’t actually written any screenplays or made any films. Still, he's obviously doing better than I am, to put it mildly. Now, most movie stars have nothing to say that you haven’t heard at any Student Union Crisis Meeting, car burning, bong night or madhouse. Or from Osama Bin Laden’s latest video release. Twenty minutes of the ‘Mile High Club’ and 'Oxygen Deprivation Society' was all I could bother with.

In every interview I’ve seen of the 'Great Actor', Russell usually seems to come across like a humourless and puffed up parody of himself. As if a medicated psychopath with an extremely earnest Banjo Paterson fetish, has cornered you at a party.

Russell will now read a poem. “Let me tell you of the gentlemen of the high plains and of the fields of wheat that sway in the...Hey! I said put my bloody call through now, pal!”

Now here is the kicker. Apparently Rusty was not insulting enough to mainstream and working class Australians according to a Mr Gordon ‘who am I?’ Farrer writing in 'The Green TV Guide' in 'The Age'. Er, I know I’m anonymous but unlike Farrer Force it Minor and Rusty Trawler, I don’t despise or condescend to a large proportion of my fellow voiceless and anonymous citizens.

‘Gordon of Cartoon’ did agree that ‘Crowe’s Call’ was one long line of hackneyed bunkum, but he still felt that it really let down the thirst for self loathing, arrogance and elitism that beats in the black heart of nearly every ‘Age’ journalist. Yes, it was ‘The Age’. Surprised eh? ‘The Age’ being the well known home of patriotic celebration and a profound love of the common people. Er, no. Farrer uses the phrase “patriotic masturbation”. Er, apparently, treason would logically then, be the height of being ‘Master of Ones Domain’. Balls.

Farrer 'The Fatuous' tooted, “But that portrait ignores the traditional Aussie can’t be arsed, won’t do spirit. Where’s the celebration of the slackers and the yobbo’s? Where’s the hoi poloi, the rabble that eschews effort and is uninterested in anything intellectual? Oh, hang on: Kath & Kim was on earlier”.

What a bastard, eh? Yep, yar all trash! Let’s give old Gordon ‘faux intellectual’ Farrer a little bit of a ‘Fisking’, eh?

First of all, there are just twenty one million people on this vast and mostly harsh continent. That’s only one million more than the tiny island of Taiwan. Australians achievements by almost every measure, are incredible, and much of it by the people who Farrer seems to see as gauche to despicable losers. My own achievements however are sadly negligible. Uh yeah, without another ‘Age’ journo, how would we all get by?

“Oh my God! This is a real crisis! A disaster! What’ll we do? I know! Get a journalist, an activist and a stand-up comedian! Quick!”

As you see, these people often have nothing but contempt for the mass of people who consume their utterly dispensable junk. Um, apparently Farrer is a real seeker of the intellectual, but can’t tell the difference between the sitcom of ‘Kath & Kim’ and real life. Keep lookin', Jim. That can happen to media types who are mostly cushioned by an income derived largely from being sales people for biased crap and mediocrity sold to the masses that they regularly insult.

How bad can our media get? As bad as any largely unaccountable series of smug cliques can be. How can so many write so little for so long and not get fired?

Dear Gordy, er, I’m kind of smart and I can usually brush my own teeth without much assistance, yet I don’t really hate my fellow people, especially as an abstraction. And I’m er, not picking up any deep sort of Samuel Johnson level of contemplation from you, really. Maybe that’s on Wednesdays? Maybe you’re just a bit of a bigot who looks down on anyone who doesn’t share your right kind of prejudices? I think the right term for such an Undergraduate mentality is twerp. Australia deserves a damn better media than they have. The Australian media is mostly not good enough. Its crap really and never seems to improve at all. It's just better packaged.

You wouldn’t know this from the annual ‘Andrew Ollie Media Lecture’ that was also shown on the same night on ABC TV. It stunk. Endless droning and backslapping about how incredibly great the Oz media is and how it’s actually getting better than ever. Er, no, it ain’t. The same old sickening baloney about how they're always ‘looking for new talent’.

Yeah, you can just turn up with your potential and apparently highly desired individuality, right? Nope. Potential and individuality are the two things that the media expend much energy on trying to avoid, and usually with great success. No, you mostly need to be a fully qualified assembly line bore and then you'll still only have a minuscule chance of getting any opportunity at all, ever. Those that do get into Club MSM, can look forward to a long career mostly churning out the same old required hucksterism’s.

Everyday in almost every way, the Australian MSM makes a collective crow call aimed squarely at the general public. It really is kinda rusty through and through.


Dan Zaremba said...

But you know, journalist's know exactly what opinions Aboriginals should have. Somewhere from gratitude to a faux 'solidarity' with the opportunistic Left

That's an excellent line to pinpoint lefty's bloody, patronizing dogoodist attitude.

One day, some time ago I was invited to a wedding reception (ABC crowd). One of this young and socially aware people (after listening to a brief dialog between the groom and myself) started a conversation with me:
"Oh, you are an ethnic person! I love talking to ethnic people."

Now, what can you say?

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Dan, as usual, I very much enjoy you comments. And yep, EVERY Left and Liberal loon just LOVES my Japanese wife. Just loves her! And that's before they even catch her name.

Can't help saying how much they love Japanese, all 150 million of them. Gotta love that General Tojo!

But that's the thing, they're merely clueless reverse bigots, that love everyone they imagine a Central Casting Bigot would hate, and despise what they imagine such a rare bird would apparently like.

Thus the Left Mutant can up their Moral Vanity Quotient without real effort, understanding, fact or nuance.

Colonel Neville.