Monday, 15 October 2007

Indoctrinate K.

Kofi Annan stops for a well earned break after doing nothing about anything except aiding and supporting evil and corruption. And lot's of loading of kickbacks into his Swiss bank account. Phew! He's the hardest working man in the 'All Show, No Action Business!' It was always coffee time with Kofi, at the UN...

Here's a modified piece from Monday 15 October 2007.

File under the snappy title of why I don’t want my son to be indoctrinated with the fashionable and dangerous junk of Marxist Left infected climate change con-artistry.

In 2007 I attended one of a series of Open Days get to know the school thing for my son, who started primary school the following year. All very nice and groovy and so open your brain falls out. The school is over a hundred years old. Yet I remember it like it was only yesterday... Dig, the politics in the government education system date from about 1975 up to the very latest pain in the ass. The teachers at this school are mostly nice people really, but government employed means mostly conforming to the benign, the soft Left and up to hardcore creeping Marxist Leftardism. No, really.

The school has many worthy and thoughtful approaches and maybe that’s the problem. Nice people accept and swallow strangulated PC guff better than anyone, because they imagine they mean well and hate to be seen as not correct enough. You never can be enough for the er, Current Truth.

Not just in education is there always one more obsession with controlling something that isn't controlled completely yet. Though luckily it's only what you say, think, do and who you are. No, really.

Well, I was kinda exhausted on that particular afternoon and as I was drifting in and out of my somnambulism, I picked up how the big focus for the school next year will be, wait for it...the environment. Big 'effing and fun surprise, eh? The kids'll love it! No.

Hey, they don't mean a focus on the environment of critical thinking skills, or physical fitness, or financial, philosophical, linguistic and numerical literacy, martial arts, independence or business skills, how to run a ranch, an appreciation and understanding of our system of Parliamentary Federalism, Capitalist Democracy and freedoms, the glory of the Western Canon, the debt we owe our armed forces for our fortunate life, an examination of the diseased spread of the politics of the Left, or the relentless ongoing threat of Islam. Nope. Scratch the Big Elephant that wants to kill us all.

None of these are where we apparently need to concentrate for real um, achievement. What every kid needs right now, is what the correct opinions are and what to think to the decimal point about the environment! And there's so much of it about!

"Look! The sky! And exciting dirt!"

Now, the very cone hat wearing denunciation session response I usually get is “Well, don’t you care about the environment? There's no future for the children without it?”

Well, not as much as you and not without crazy pills. And for me, there's no future worth having if I have to spend most of it listening to earnest twerps. Just saying you care, doesn't automatically lead to thinking straight and taking effective action on anything. These are quite separate ah, things.

The future is unlikely to be built on parroting unproven and predictive "consensus" drivel. Science has nothing to do with consensus by numbers. If one says no and he's right, 99 saying yes still means nothing if they're all wrong. It's methodology, re-testable evidence, being able to repeat an experiment and submitting a theory for multiple peer reviews etc. Global Warming is a deeply corrupt and corrupting influence, a money and cache spinner to the tune of over four billion dollars in "research" funding as of 2006.

If they all agree, why research it then? You obviously know all and have the hard evidence...No.

"Oh yes. We all agree. We want more funding!"

The dogshit on your shoe that is Climate Change rhetoric, is the most overbearing, insufferable and sickening atheistic orthodoxy since the last one.

Just say "Whatever you tell me, I believe it all!" and "Al Gore is a living and infallible Gulfstream jetting and Limousine convoy riding saint!", and your cheque will be in the mail.

If they care about the environment so much, why is science, physics, marine biology, geography, bio-chemistry, anthropology and so on, no longer good enough for the job?

Cos the real tactical problem is that they all require an adherence to facts and gosh, Quality Control. Then there's nowhere for the Ten Idiot Commandments of Al Gore. Then the empty and meaningless endorsements by one thousand unqualified Hollywood freaks and endlessly sour "The End Is Nigh!" Left academics, just don't count, do they?

The Marxist activist of mind want an all enveloping fake umbrella via a manufactured subject. They then have a very useful, easy to manipulate mass movement. In fact, they already do. They can’t really do this within established and separately legitimate subjects of academic discipline. You have to have mass conformity of thought and action for their true goals.

Global Warming=Global Socialism.

This bunk got a real boost with the collapse of Soviet Communism. Fellow travellers in the West needed to find another cause to feed and legitimise their radical politics by stealth, and quick! Its worked beyond a Socialist ego monster's wildest dreams. The mainstream now promotes and defends Socialistic and Communist doctrines on their behalf! Truly sickening and astounding.

But I digress. Back to school. I was busy and didn’t think about my dazed and confused Open School Day until a few days later, when I read a news letter from my sons Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a German word and kind of apt, considering the Nazi-like ugliness, crudity and cruddiness of accepted Left rhetoric.

“Vee have vayz of making you talk like uz!”

So in 2007, he's in the last few months of chreche and stuff and I’m a flickin’ through a gentle newsletter from said kindie. There's nice and boilerplate things about behaviour and so on. There is. It’s all fairly decent though as per usual overly proscribed with tiresome details. You know a lot of the style today is basically how to make boys more like girls, short of literally emasculating them, and how to encourage girls to be the boys they have mostly no interest in being. You know, the usual ball of string. Then I spy, in the house of love, the dream that you’re dreaming of...

A single page stapled in and written by er, let's call her Candy, titled “Why do children need to learn about climate change?” Exactly. Why the fuck do they? My guess is more hordes of Junior Socialist Soldiers. Er, they don’t need to know. Now I’m not objecting because it’s absurd rubbish and not true. I’m not saying it’s not true a little, no, of course not... I’m saying it ain’t true at all. It’s pure crappo junk.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. There's none. The onus is never on me to believe you, the onus is always entirely on you to prove your case. That's science, bub.

I object to a currently fashionable, politically and financially motivated ideology of laughably named Climate Change canard pushed by Left, Socialist, Communist and radical ideologues and front groups.

I'm repulsed and bored by the venal, rich, political transvestite opportunist and utter fraudulent hypocrite Al Gore. I'm pushed into snooze land by the endless parade of absurd, frivoulous, flatulent and clueless celebrities, Fidel and Chavez loving Hollywood decadents, musicians, Marxist academics and Leftoid Teachers Unions.

Quite frankly, I want the dominating influence of these freaks to be as limited and cancelled out as I can manage. In short, keep as far away from my kids as possible, you fucks.

I don’t want my son being indoctrinated with ideology that has no testable standards whatsoever and cannot be questioned. I don’t want my son to be told the lie that Islam is a religion of peace either. So there. Nya nya.

Christopher Hitchens has defined Islam as "filth". Mohammed the freak, rapist, paedophile and mass murderer, was not a fun guy and thus nothing like Jesus Christ. The crude, turgid and unreadable insanity of the Koran is not a "Great Holy Book". From the first stupid and evil page to the last, it sucks shit.

Now the first line of the first paragraph of the neo-nutso newsletter read “It may be comforting to deny the scientific information about global warming, but the evidence is now overwhelming”.

Pretty smug, eh?

Er, I thought it was far more comfortable to accept an orthodoxy than try to defy it and the wrath of the zealot mob. See how these bastards have replaced even the idea of questioning their crap by defining it as akin to "Holocaust denial?!"

Such conceit and “don’t question me” arrogance. What the Hell is this kind of stuff doing in a Kindergarten paper? They’re two to six year olds...

Such tripe is now considered mainstream. The little letter said that carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas from breathing, the sea, vegetation, volcanoes etc, and what most all life forms are made from, is all caused by humans! And this in turn causes GW. Er, no.

The increase in Co2 comes about 800 years after any of the many warming periods of the earths several billion year history etc, etc.

Candy quotes the fraud, incompetent and stupid mediocrity, Kofi Annan. “The question is not whether climate change is happening, but whether in the face of this emergency, we ourselves can change fast enough”. Er, right you shitbag. Hows ya son's bank account going?

You can’t ask “Is it safe?”, but Candy takes it as given that there's a crisis of climate change. Balls. And what has Kofi changed except his bank details and laughable job description? Candy says “It would be irresponsible to not share this information with children, to give them the opportunity to learn how their actions impact on the planet”. Er, yeah. They'll love it. All five year-olds think this way.

Maybe she means share the nformation that Kofi and Gore are utterly corrupt, rich and unchallenged frauds?

It’s not very responsible is it, to burden small children with phony doomsday scenarios and guilt all for nothing? And you wonder why so many young people are depressed when they are relentlessly told the opposite of reality? They're being brainwashed with the natural negative nihilism of the Left, disguised as the good works of save the planetism.

Capitalist Democracy and free markets are precisely what's improved the world and our lives. Apparently millions not dying from disease and hunger is a negative. Conservation of nature is apparently auto-great, but conserving people just doesn’t figure.

An absurd linking of non-facts and shibboleths built on fashionable suppositions: “This knowledge enables children to be part to be part of the CC solution and teaches them that they can make a difference”. Not as a conformist group they won't. Not a lot of room for rugged individualism in a mass movement, is there?

It’s not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom. My computer holds lots of knowledge called data. This brainwashing doesn’t enable children to do anything, as they have no choice in either agreeing or disagreeing with this stuff. Where is the invitation for an impossibly well informed five year old to er, disagree? Or a 47 year old to disagree or question for that matter? There ain’t one.

Make a difference? Without any understanding of finance, economics, media, political ideology, extremism, Capitalist Democracy, science and coercion? Or for that matter, Radical and anti-Democratic groups satrating, co-opting and infiltrating grass roots and popular movements? I doubt it.

Indoctrination of the very young and innocent by ideology cloaked in self-righteous and unanswerable cant. It's for the benefit of adult obsessions and not the children. It's disingenuously political.

GW junk is parroted to the letter by narcissistic sleaze bags and liars like the Clintons and Al Gore, radical and violent Leftist extremist groups alike, such as the Socialist Alliance, a front group for over 150 violent organisations and is now even repeated verbatim by Osama Bin Laden.

The sources for the kindergarten pamphlet were the spineless, dithering, weak minded and deeply corrupt Kofi plain brown envelope Annan, and the profoundly political, unaccountable and ridiculous IPCC. 2,000 scientists? So what? There are millions of scientists in the world and how many have been consulted?

Yep, it's Lefism through and through, kids. Vast completely unproven and untested leaps to disaster are exclusively the modus operandi of the Left. Computer models that can't get the weather for next week right more than 65% of the time, can apparently get it on the money 20, 30 or a 100 years into the future...Er, no.

The Junior Red letter got kinda contradictory and muddled in predictable fashion and I got exhausted, but here are some highlights.

Candy wants “the children of future generations” to enjoy the same or better standard of living than now. But we have to “reduce our impact on the planet’s resources”. Where do you start? Er, a higher standard of living, eh? So we’re talking about Capitalist Democracy and free markets? Nope. A better tommorrow and all via Marxism apparently.

Though not for Candy personally, I imagine. The two unprecedented and massively successful systems of Capitalism and Democracy are unmentioned or alluded to anywhere in Candy's Economic Master Plan for Tomorrow. And we are talking about a newsletter for a Kindergarten....five-year olds. Wait until High School and Uni, kids!

Candy: “ equity issue that is relevant as race, class and gender!”

Mmmm, deliciously thick, turgid and unreadable as an inner-city lesbian's thesis on the patriarchy of whatever. Riiight. I can see the Socialist Alliance badges and Che the child killer’ Guevara poster and T-shirt set from here. Raise that middle-class kiddie fist in the air.

"No, not ya finger up the nose, Billy!"

Then as it often does, it's into fairly faux emoting of traditions. Tradition is what the Left and Liberal spend most of their time trashing and dismissing, unless it disingenuously and hypocritically suits their means and ends.

This stuff is so mainstream that it flows like dysentery from the most regular and normal seeming folks. That’s the problem. Ordinary people have pretty much accepted what is actually Left, radical and extremist propaganda, with an ultimately hideous and moronic logical end.

It occurs to so few that much of there doctrinaire fodder is clearly stupid and can only end in disaster, as it has. It occurs to even less people to say anything about it, or even know how to. In the end, this singular paradigm for indoctrinating children is a freakish obsession to control everything and everybody.

Good luck in disagreeing with any of it, kids.


Abandon Skip said...

Here's what your kid needs: commando super nanny ...

a current affair

Colonel Robert Neville said...
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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sports, 'Candy' is I've discoverd, a parent and not a staff member. Candy apparently specialises in teaching 'Sustainability', and we all know what that means.

Er, no, yes? Is it the same meaning as last year? Who knows? Apparently, nobody wanted anything to last until 'Sustainability and Empowerment' came along.

Er, don't ya need some level of thinking and analysis skills to teach? Nope, not today folks, they'll only hold ya back from developing a successful career in 'The New Junk!'

Colonel Neville.

がんこもん said...

"It’s also pushed by the venal, rich, political transvestite opportunist and utter fraudulent hypocrite, Al Gore. It's driven by an endless parade of the most disgusting, anti-Democratic clueless celebrities, Fidel and Chavez loving Hollywood decadents, musicians, Left academics and Left Government School Teachers Unions."

Absolutely true. And regrettably, it is even more firmly established here in the U.S.A than it is in your fair country. I would like to see more folks listen to the learned words of President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic. Virtually alone amongst world leaders, he seems to understand just what this bunch of hypocrites, wealthy limousine liberals and decadents really are pushing. I have a small comment on this at keep up the great work!