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Billion Dollar Emirates Cup Slave Babies.

Meet the new mascot for The Emirates Melbourne Cup! It’s Omar the child slave camel jockey! Omar will be a special guest at the Members Dress Circle, straight from his daily beating and sodomizing! Our whole country seemingly stops for a horse race, but not to really understand and be aware of perhaps a damn thing that really matters. Still, have a white wine while you still can, you poor dumb kufir bastards!

[The barefoot child camel jockey in the above picture is begging for water at a racing track in Dubai. He had been deliberately left tied under the hot sun with helmet, so that he bleeds through nose and thus reduces weight. During summer, the temperature goes well above 50C (Asia Child Rights, 2004). Photo source: Ansar Burney Trust, 2004.] From Australian Islam Monitor.

Hey, go Emirates!

Ah, Saudi culture. I’ve seen less repellent cultures forming on a sewage drain outlet. And yet, there are so many things that I love about the United Arab Emirates, and they all add up to the fact that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Oh, wait a minute. Now there’s a lot of it over here in Australia too now! Oh goodie. And they started setting up camp in Australia around 1970. Forward planning. Fantastic.

Thus unbelievably we have the Emirates Melbourne Cup, the Emirates Collingwood Football Club, The Emirates Doncaster Handicap, The Emirates Western Force Football Club and The Emirates A.F.I. Awards etc, among seemingly endless massive United Arab Emirates and Saudi investments in Australia. [Enough to fill a six page PDF.] Like how massive is the cash involved, dude? Er, over the last ten years, millions and millions and millions of dollars.

But don’t worry...even though the Saudis have spent as of 2008, over 70 billion dollars worldwide largely on spreading the virulent, Nazi-like and insane 7th century dessert doctrine of Wahhabist Islam, they couldn't be up to nothin’ secret here! Maybe we should listen to what Islamofascists tell us repeatedly and heed the warnings of Muslim dissidents. Could work. Hey, maybe one day The Emirates Australian Parliament. Swingin'!

“We’ve spread Islamist influence everywhere we can by buying up land, business, real estate, institutions, brand names, events, advertising, people, University departments and media etc, etc, etc, but we Arabs would never do that in Australia. No way! Absolutely! Never! An Islamists word is his bond! Ok. we have, but just a little, ok, massively then”. Sheik Handzwizzadevil. [The bull artist formally known as Prince Number 50,232.]

“Billion dollar baby,
Rubber little lady, slicker than a weasel.
Grimy as an alley,
Loves me like no other lover,
Billion dollar baby”.
Billion Dollar Baby. Alice Cooper.

You know what really won me over to the filthy rich shits of the desert, the ironically perverted sensualists and simultaneous super-wowsers of neo-Dune? No, it wasn’t the Saudi’s massive funding of global Islamic terror. No, ironically, with the Melbourne Cup buy-up and take-over, it was their delightful and largely unknown nightmare of child camel jockeys. It’s um, a“cultural tradition” of the same wholesome folks who now run a gigantic PR campaign for Emirates Air, their professional Western enablers and many, many other high profile stealth jihad tactics. Hey, lucky they’ve got the enormous power and cash of Macquarie Bank to help and guide ‘em. Fills me with confidence in Australia's future.

“The purr wee thangs!” Aunty Doris.

Ah, cultural traditions. The cover all excuse apologia that makes me reach for my Glock. The FBI's Most Wanted List. Notice anything similar? Right! They're all seemingly related. Sure, child slavery ain’t as many laughs as the tradition of Saudi women not being allowed to drive, work, travel, speak, laugh or do much like anything normal, like screaming as you’re executed for being raped or for talking to the opposite sex. But then, a lot of of what passes for sexuality in sand land, seems a little lopsided of normal.

Ah, tradition. Like the thousands of foreigners who do an unbelievable 80% of work in the UAE and Gulf states. From the Philippines and so on, they’re often entrapped, raped, enslaved, assaulted, murdered or just disappear. They don’t call it the Kingdom of Saud for nothing.

Ah, culture. Like the culture of Chop Chop Square, where every week they cut off all kinds of heads. A lot of folks don’t like being beheaded, so they ram a sword into their backside. Tradition! Culture! Air conditioned hell! Hey, the tradition of Saudi Princes hiring whole floors of hotels filled with Western infidel prostitutes or buying mansions and living invariably as uber-perverts in the West and as the true hypocrites they are when returning to the East. Funny about the left on Tibet, but no interest on Muslim treatment of refugees, minorities and er, especially Muslims. Go figure.

All great traditions, I admit, but it’s the cultural tradition and a long one, of using thousands of two or five year olds and similar as virtual abused slaves, that are starved, beaten, raped, mutilated and murdered. Tied to camels as jockeys everyday, all day and for years if they live that long. Many are kidnapped and trafficked from Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Asia and other neighbouring states. This ain't fringe, it’s mainstream.

The endless progeny of the Saudi Royal Addams Family digs the midget dead child jockey scene. It’s all the rage! The law in the Middle-East is a game of the elites and there is no actual free media.

Yep, the Arabs who spend much of their petro dollars living like a cross between nymphomaniac pervert Pharaohs, all the seven deadly sins and Imelda Marcos on crack, are infiltrating and buying us up. Apparently they have sooooooo much to offer that we reaaaally need. Riight, sure they do. Oh, I forgot. The vast piles of filthy cash thing. Check.

“Rubber little monster, baby, I adore you,
Man or woman living couldn’t love me like you, baby.
We go dancing nightly in the attic,
While the moon is rising in the sky.
If I’m too rough, tell me,
I’m so scared your little head will come off in my hands”.
Billion Dollar Baby. Alice Cooper.

“...the United Arab Emirates is a destination country for men, women, and children trafficked from South and East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for involuntary servitude and for sexual exploitation...

...the UAE is a drug trans-shipment point for traffickers given its proximity to Southwest Asian drug producing countries; the UAE’s position as a major financial center makes it vulnerable to money laundering; anti-money-laundering controls improving, but informal banking remains unregulated.” The CIA Factbook via Democracy Frontline Australia.

“I got you in the dime store,
No other little girl could ever hold you.
Any tighter, any tighter than me, baby,
Billion dollar baby”.
Billion Dollar Baby. Alice Cooper.

“Race distances vary between 4 to 10 kilometers and may include anywhere from 15 to 70 camels or more (Hejaz, 2002). The Sheikhs of the UAE invest large sums of money into the development of camel racing throughout the Emirates, in addition to putting cash into the buying and training of camels in order to participate themselves in the races. Their interest and dedication is so much that they appoint specialists from all over the world with the primary goal of improving racing camel performance.

These children have to undergo a rigorous training schedule. It means working for about eighteen hours a day without payment. There is no holiday for them. Most jockeys only have a sheet on the sand for a bed and basic shelter. They have to work seven days a week in heats that even the local people shelter from (ABWT, 2004). Those who fall asleep are given electric shocks (in local language, this is called – giving a “KARBA”) as a wake up call (ABWT, 2005, Video Link 5). If they are tired and unable to carry out the orders of the trainer, they are tied in chains and mercilessly beaten.

Often, if they cry for their parents, they are tied up by the wrists with their feet dangling in the air and their tender bodies are kicked as a punishment, (Selby, 2004). The rescued children reported many stories of cruelty, as example, being tied up in chains in the desert heat, beaten with metal rods and leather whips, cut with blades and being raped by their “owners” (ABWT, 2005).

Other punishments include couple of days without food. They are often told by their trainers a story about being unwanted and being sold by their parents into slavery. They have no legal status and no one to protect them.

One nine year old rescued boy described that every week he used to see by his own eyes the deaths of about 20 children, and more than a dozen injured. He said "There was this one kid whose strap broke at the beginning of the race. His head was crushed between the legs of the running camel. Once the race has started it cannot stop”. (ABWT, 2005).

They are deliberately starved to prevent weight gain. Many of these children are fed with only two dry biscuits, or half dirty bread a day with water just to keep body and soul together (Selby, 2004). Some of them are not even that lucky. To reduce body weight, the owners often force the kids to wear metal helmets and leave them under the boiling heat of the desert so that they bleed through their noses and lose their body weight.

Another method of keeping them underweight is to force them to eat dirty and unhygienic food with seawater. The hope is that an upset stomach will stop the child from feeling hungry (ABWT, 2005). This saves the cost of the food and also keeps the kid underweight. Many of these children, who cannot tolerate this torture just collapse and die”. From Australian Islam Monitor.

Yep, I got hip to this story via the mighty AIM. A place where the empirical truth of Islam and it’s rotten activities in the West get a nice and rare airing. All easily verifiable sports, and after all, it’s hard to hide the Melbourne Cup, eh? Oh sorry, the Emirates Child Jockey Cup.

“Reckless like a gambler, million dollar maybe,
Foaming like a dog that’s been infected by the rabies,
We go dancing nightly in the attic,
While the moon is rising the sky”.
Billion Dollar Baby. Alice Cooper.

Here’s just some of the wonderful world of Emirates in Australia. From Democracy Frontline Australia.

“Emirates Western Force Rugby.
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. [Principal Partner Emirates Our Partnership.]
Emirates Kodak AFI Award.
Emirates Australia Squad for ICC World Cup.
Mt. Buller, Victoria. Ride the Emirates Discovery Chairlift!

Colonel Neville: I will and l'll bring along a couple of rescued child jockeys.

'Emirates sponsors Rugby World Cup. Wednesday, 14 February 2007.
Dubai-based Emirates, has further expanded its sponsorship portfolio by signing a deal to become official airline to Rugby World Cup 2007 in France. “Qantas’s foe, Emirates Airline, was back on the radar this week, on another lobbying mission to double its number of flights here, something to which Qantas is implacably opposed. Emirates argues it warrants better treatment as its invested more than a billion dollars in Australia in the past decade”.

Colonel Neville: Opposed eh? I guess that's why in 2013 it's an Emirates Qantas partnership, inevitably to become all Emirates.

'Emirates signs with Team New Zealand for the America Cup. 
Dubai-based international airline Emirates today signed a lead sponsorship and naming rights agreement with...”

'Emirates to sponsor Gold Coast racing.
Emirates, the Dubai-based international airline has announced its sponsorship of the Gold Coast Turf Club. Emirates ties its hospitality to large sponsorship's. Eddie Lim is the Australian country manager for the Dubai-based airline Emirates, which has an immense corporate hospitality program. Lim said that in Australia, the companys main corporate hospitality events were tied in with its various large sponsorships covering the Victoria Racing Club (VRC), the Australian Jockey Club (AJC), and the Melbourne (MSO), Sydney (SSO) and West Australian (WASO) Symphony Orchestras.

Colonel Neville: Ya gotta ask why a company would do such smiley profile connections...mebbe so we all think: "Hey, horse racing, pretty girls, fun and er... Islam? Hey, Islam ain't so bad then. It's the same as horse racing, pretty girls and fun! Maybe I gotta get me some of that Islam.

"In terms of racing, Lim said Emirates sponsorship's with the VRC and AJC provided ideal opportunities to highlight the importance that the company placed on providing its guests with memorable, sensory experiences whether it be in the air or on the ground."

Colonel Neville: "Sensory experience?" I bet they are. Jockey Club, eh? Ya can’t get in without a toy.

"He highlighted the fact that the marquees in which Emirates hosted its guests at these racing carnivals were becoming legendary for their levels of luxury and originality".

'Stephen Pearse, Emirates new VP discusses future plans. Monday, March 26, 2007.
Amid the hub-bub of the service increases, the new Emirates Vice President Australia, Stephen Pearse, talks at a small media gathering about what Australia can expect from the Gulf airline in the months to come.
Foremost on everyone lips was...”

Colonel Neville: Child camel jockey’s and beheading's?! Er, guess not.

“...the new deal the Australian government had arranged with United Arab Emirates (UAE) which allowed Emirates and Etihad to double their services to Australia the signing of which saw the new vice-president in Dubai for...

Mr Pearse said that on top of this, Emirates will still pursue more interests in Australia as well saying, I’ll obviously continue to be a bigger airline, and we certainly do intend to be the second [largest] international airline, after Qantas, in Australia. Our investment here has been planned, significant, and will continue.

“ more recent years the leaders of horse-mad Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have taken a big interest in the events at Flemington. After all, it is called the Emirates Melbourne Cup, following the sponsorship by the UAE national carrier. And is this a bad thing?"

Colonel Neville: Doik! Er, yes. Oops, I forgot about the great shit ples of cash again! My mind is like a sieve!
"Emirates Chairman meets with Australian Prime Minister. Wednesday, February 28 2007. 
United Arab Emirates Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum met with Australian Prime Minister, the Hon. John Howard MP during his official trip down under. 
As a state run airline, Emirates Airlines operations are under control of HH Sheikh Ahmed and, as a result, the meeting of the leaders was an appropriate time for the presentation of the first official Australian Cricket World Cup team shirt. The airline is the official sponsor of the Australian team for the Cricket World Cup to be played in the West Indies next month. Both leaders noted that the sponsorship was another example of the strong relationship between the Emirates and Australia".
Colonel Neville: And this from an alleged conservative PM in 2007. But then he did disarm us, didn’t he. Good grief. We are overwhelmed, clueless and thus doomed.

"The Liberal Party Of Australia.
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is Australia’s 2nd largest trading partner in the Middle-East and it is increasingly becoming a business hub for the whole region. Australia’s $8.4 billion trade with the Middle East has grown by over 60% since 1996. The UAE will be our first FTA partner in the Middle-East and provide a first-class platform for further activity by Australian exporters into the region.

'Emirates sponsorship splurge. Sunday, November 6, 2005.
“Introduce the low cost, long haul carrier, operating something like a 3-80 with 800 seats in it and you can start flying very long distances for very low unit costs, and you pass those through to the fares.”

Emirates Air sponsors the Melbourne Cup and, it seems, just about every other major event in Australia. Worldwide it spends US$200 million a year on corporate communications and sponsorship. Yet this expenditure is in stark contrast with other airlines, which have struggled to survive the past few years.

And Emirates keeps building, with 45 of the new giant A380 Airbus aircraft recently ordered. Critics say this is only possible because the company is propped up by government oil dollars". 
Source: Democracy Frontline Australia. From Democracy Frontline Australia.

Colonel Neville: All propped up by oil dollars? Ya don't say...

Here are the Four Stages of Islamic Treachery.

As Democracy Frontline Australia asks “Who owns Australia?” Why it's the people with the money and those people are people who need people: dhimmi people, just like the Emirates do, mate. Gosh, do ya think they’re connected to any other unsavory Islamic States? They are an unsavory Islamic State! And yes! And er, gee, what do they all want, yo all? Everything. The revolution will not be televised until it’s completely in place, mate.

“If I’m too rough, tell me,
Im so scared your little head will come off in my hands.
Million dollar baby,
Billion dollar bay,
Trillion dollar baby,
Zillion dollar baby”.
 Billion Dollar Baby. Alice Cooper.

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Muslims control the Oil,Saudi Muslims are the largest shareholders in the worlds biggest bank Citibank, Saudi Muslims are the largest shareholders in CNN Parent company AOL,Saudi Muslims have recently teamed up with Rupert Murdoch in Fox News,Muslims are the biggest contributors to Universities are the world.

It appears the anti Semites and the Left around the world will have to re write their mantra about Jews controlling the Banks,Media etc .