Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The trouble with Hurry Up Harry.

At Harry's place, things can seem kind of almost ok for while. That's until there's a sharp Left turn and the crazy pills kick in. Oh, and they will. They will...

"What a dump!". Bette Davis. Beyond the Forest [1949].

“Your manuscript is both good and original, but the part that is good is not original and the part that is original is not good”. Samuel Johnson. [Attributed.]

“Half of what I say is meaningless,
But I say it just to reach you, Julia”.
Julia. The Beatles.

Now here’s the thing. There is a blog, Hurry Up Harry, that is less than half good, less than half funny and less than half decent. It’s a [less than] half a blog! It’s a Left blog, baby. It’s almost, almost neat and then it’s as if someone has cut out whole paragraphs, then inserted classic endless Logical Fallacy of the moral equivalence, absurd and contradictory Koskid boob kind. No, really.

"Is this love baby, or confusion?" Love or Confusion. Jimi Hendrix.

Harry seems to be doing some good work, and then invariably blows it. And Harry is damn popular. Hey, obviously a lack of Quality Control is a great selling point in today’s neo-teen market! Credit to Harry for unmoderated comments. A very rare thing on Left sites.

“A one... two-- A one... two... three... four...
Half a bee, philosophically,
Must, ipso facto, half not be.
But half the bee has got to be,
Vis a vis, its entity. D'you see?

But can a bee be said to be,
Or not to be an entire bee,
When half the bee is not a bee,
Due to some ancient injury?”
Eric the half a bee. Monty Python.

Now Harry is in Britain, and is being sued, as one often is today, by a classic Islamist loon and creep. Now mostly, the conservative parts of the Net have quickly supported Harry. No surprise at all for the aware.

Harry: “...when I say I’m grateful for the most of the support we’ve received from the blogosphere after we reported the threatened lawsuit against us by Mohammed Sawalha, the Hamas supporter who is president of the British Muslim Initiative”.

Thanks for er, most of the support?

Er, riiight Harry, oh glaringly uncool and ungracious twerp. Why the er, “most” caveat, Harry? [See the comment/letter I left at Harry's joint further down.] Well, as is the standard form today, most support for free speech and in this case, Harry’s, has as stated previously, come overwhelmingly from the conservative blogosphere. Harry is rather prone to wrong definition, and absurd attribution. And yet, he still deserves our support including mine regards his right to free speech. Go figure true conservatives. We do mean the freedom thing, even for you.

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. The Friends of Voltaire, 1906. Attributed to Voltaire.

Here's a good piece of work by Harry, on the background of the laughable charges made against his site, by the Islamist Hamas scumbag Mohammad Sawalha, President of the British Muslim Initiative. Whatever. I think Mohammad also makes the sandwiches during beheading video nights.

Harry: “Much of the backing comes as a result of an item posted by Glenn Reynolds at the very popular right-of-center blog Instapundit, who linked to a “Support Harry’s Place Blogburst” set up by the conservative blog NeoConstant. Although I haven’t done a thorough review of all the blogs that have signed up, at a glance they appear to be overwhelmingly on the political right”.

Actually Harry, Instapundit is not right of centre, and we are not so much of the mythical right per se, as mostly conservatives, libertarian, contrarian, iconoclastic, mature, secular or often Christian etc, and hip humorous empiricists like me. No, really.

“I’m more of a Heinleinian libertarian...” The great Glenn Reynolds.

Nick from South Africa on Harry: “Reynolds is a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, with libertarian leanings. I think describing his blog as ‘right-of-centre’ is a little clumsy and rather old fashioned”.

Harry: “In most cases, I have no problem with this...”

I bet ya do, mate.

Harry: “...for the most part I welcome the support of anyone who opposes the BMI’s dishonest efforts to suggest that we deliberately misconstrued the meaning of what Al-Jazeera originally reported Sawalha as saying about the Jews in London celebrating Israel’s 60th anniversary. (I hope they would all be equally supportive if, for some reason, we were being unfairly sued by Mark Steyn or Rush Limbaugh, but I live in the real world.)”

What real world is that? The Rings of Venus? Tragic innit? Harry just slings out super hyperbole and self-parody via an impossible hypothetical attribution. Mark Steyn would sue anyone? Bullshit , mate. How, why and bloody when? Evidence? Zero. Intellectual rigour? Ditto?

Harry: “...However there appear to be some anti-Muslim hate sites on this list– this one, for example...”

Er, it’s NOT a hate site. Oh that’s right. Defamation of Islam is newspeak for blasphemy. Sheesh. What crap.

Harry: “...whose support we can easily manage without. In fact I would be quite pleased if those blogs would remove themselves from our list of supporters. We have no more use for their support than we would for support from racist or anti-semitic sites”.

Then I guess that rules out a shit load of Left sites as the Left are almost invariably anti-Israel and anti-Semitic then? They are after all, the new bedfellows of Islamists everywhere.

Harry: “...Although the support from leftwing blogs has been a good deal less intense, I welcome it too...”

Yeah, less intense. Bugger all and late compared to the conservative sites, though, eh?

Harry: “...especially from our comrades at Shiraz Socialist who, despite their frequent disagreements with us, responded by telling the BMI to “Sue us too, you anti-Semitic scum!”

A boy named Sue?

Harry: "What’s interesting, however, is (aside from the usual nonsense by Seumas Milne) the absence of support on the web for the BMI’s position– at least as far as I’ve seen. Part of the reason for this, I suppose, is that the BMI hasn’t even mentioned it on their own website, which still prominently promotes last month’s demonstration against George Bush’s London visit..."

Hey, big effing surprise. Islamist freaks hate George Bush just like the Left? Who woulda thought it?

Harry: “...Another reason, perhaps, is that even the most dogged HP bashers are clear-eyed enough to see this threatened lawsuit for what it is, even if they’ll never admit it”.

Harry, conservatives always have, and do see this for what it is now. It's an attack on the individual and free expression by a totalitarian ideology called Islam. This is why they are supporting a Leftard like you. This is something the Left virtually never does. Narrow paradigms and rigid conformity to a total wooden package, is how Leftards celebrate diversity!

Harry: “Update: In the course of offering Harry’s Place his unwanted and unneeded support, Robert at Dhimmi Watch calls us “clueless dhimmis.” Is that a bad thing?”

Now here's a kicker. Insulting the great and empirically impeccable Robert Spencer, THE worlds foremost expert and specialist on Islam and associated ills. What is Harry’s beef exactly, beyond jealousy and Bob’s crushing superiority to anything Harry could ever muster?

Robert Spencer: “Over at Harry's Place, however, they still think that "jihad is what you make of it," as if words have no meaning and Islamic theology has no content, as if you could easily read The Brothers Karamazov as a cookbook or Mein Kampf as an adventure novel, or of course the Qur'an and Sunnah and rulings of all the madhahib as not counseling warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers...

...With customary graciousness, Harry's Place says our support is "unwanted and unneeded", without, of course, specifying anything we say or have ever said about Islamic jihad as inaccurate, and tarring us with the familiar "Islamophobia" brush that jihad propagandists and their witless dupes (like Harry) wield against anyone who speaks accurately about the elements of Islam that jihadists use to incite violence. Harry asks if being a clueless dhimmi is a "bad thing."

Yes, Harry, it is, and the fact that you don't know why is only the beginning of your troubles". Bob Spencer.


La dee dee, one two three,
Eric the half a bee.
A B C D E F G,
Eric the half a bee.

Is this wretched demi-bee,
Half-asleep upon my knee,
Some freak from a menagerie?
No! It's Eric the half a bee!

Fiddle de dum, Fiddle de dee,
Eric the half a bee.
Ho ho ho, tee hee hee,
Eric the half a bee".
Eric the half a bee. Monty Python.

Anyway, the great Phyllis Chessler has a link, and the very good Neoconstant felt it startlingly neccessary to apologise to Harry. Neoconstant is perhaps in error regards empirical equivalence and comparison. Sorry, mate, but you're maybe trying to be too er, reasonable...It's a conservative thing! In fact, because Neoconstant is such a very worthy site, these points have kept me awake all night in contemplation.

There is no proportional reality of Global Islam and the 57 various states of Hell that they inhabit with their official policy of Jew hatred, and a virtually impossible to calculate percentage wise, of local extremists such as abortion clinic bombers, who are dealt with through criminal law etc.

Ironically, it was Leftard radicals in the 1970's, who were reponsible for an unbelievable 20,000 or more violent domestic attacks on US soil, including armed robbery, arson, extortion, bombing and murder. And many have never been prosecuted, also boast about it, as per usual teach at Universities and clearly associate with Democrats. Then there's Europe.

"Paging the Baader Meinhoff and Red Brigades to reception. A call from the New York Times".

To naively believe or hope that Islam has somehow "drifted toward extremism" is simply mistaken. Extremism is not an anomally in Islam any more than murder, conformity and lies are an anomally of Communism and Nazism.

A doctrine founded by a mass murdering rapist and paedophile is by default, extreme. A doctrine that has at its core the eradication of all things un-Islamic is er, extremist. They haven't drifted. It's merely a case of now having the resources and opportunity, via oil money, technology, travel, PC Leftard multicultism and immigration.

[Note: I originally accused the pretty cool Neoconstant of er, "grovelling". Yes, rather boorish, rude and overdone of me, and I wish I hadn't.

Though what gets to me, is how many conservatives are just too damn thoughtful and agreeable, sometimes with people and views that we should simply NEVER agree with or accomodate to, or appear to. We are not always so combative really, and it can show with our lack of presence on the web and the media in general, the louder and fun examples withstanding. The sites removed that I've seen so far, are not worthy of the criticism aimed at them at all. And naff touchiness about often mild terms sans context, well...

In Australia, we often call each other bastards as a term of endearment. No, really. Sure, show me the rotten context and evil intent of a spooky site, and I'll be hip to the creepy of it all. Sorry folks, but I just don't dig the idea of trusting Harry's rather dodgy ideas of who and what is a worthy blog.]

Harry deserves support of course, but should be mature enough to handle a few blogs he doesn't approve of. Islam is bogus and requires no apologies. Here is my feeble comment at Harry’s sometimes not too sharp site.

"Dear sport, er, Harry, I support your right to free speech. No, really.

Even though mate, your site is sometimes rather sodden with Logical Fallacy, cant, canard and hyperbole. Steyn etc, would sue you? Riiight, sure he would! Give me a break. When, how, why? Nice dumb straw man and irrelevant subject change, kid. Stretching your Left cred in case an excellent comrade is looking at your current support?

"What, me pals with the Bush/Hitler people? No, way, man!" Ironic and laughable. Your nose is out of joint, eh?

As if...balls, mate. And er, there's no mirror image of the 52 Islamic states that oppress and murder gays, women and children etc, and support worldwide terror etc, in the Jewish or Christian world anywhere...Give me a damn example consummate to Iran, Syria, the UAE etc. Junk mate. The Jews and Christians the same as the people who have carried out over 11,000 major reported terror attacks since 9/11? AND 9/11? Ah, the logic…maybe the Jews did it with Bush/Hitler?! Pass me a “Truther’ vomit bucket.

Hey, as long as one says Koskid absurdities about Christians and Jews though, one can never be a bigot, eh?

It's no coincidence that Left sites are not supporting you as the Conservative blogs are. They never really do. And you know why. Are you saying this has not occurred to you? The Left talk freedom and diversity, but it's a fraud of every opinion as long as it's theirs. True conservatives at core believe in the individual first and limited government interference, especially foreign.

And the site you mentioned in the current Orwellian way as a "hate site" is no such thing. Islamists and PC Left Liberals now call any criticism of Islam defamation, because they cannot say blasphemy. It's a crock and you know it. Regards an authentic er, hate site, try evidence, via actual statements.

Harry, you’re getting more support than you may deserve personally, beyond your right to speak freely of course. Yep, I support your freedom of speech and mine, to slice and dice your mediocrity and lack of quality control, but Harry, you're often full of bog standard crap. Try humour, self reflection and honest maturity, kid.

Colonel Neville".

However, I found many of the comments fascinating such as these and many more:

Samuel Stott comments at Harry: “It really is time to get over the 18th century idea that all political positions can be assigned a place on a metaphorical left-right spectrum. Some people and political organizations and nations consistently support liberal-democratic rights of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and association, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. Most don’t.

That’s it and that’s all there is. You are either on the side of all of the above freedoms and the people and organizations and nations that honor them or you aren’t.

John P. on Harry: “On the question of anti-Muslim racism. Probably 50% of HP commenters are blatanty and overtly racist to Muslims.
Ah shut the fuck up! Would it interest you to know that the *sacred* texts used by for ALL muslims call for the death of gays. Just sayin’ as a gay man.

And quite performing your mortal preening on my back you disgusting, blinkered jackass before I boot you fuck off of it.

Everytime you buff-up your sick moral credentials, you righteous prig, you put the lives of ALL gays at a slightly higher risk.

Attacks on gays by Muslims are becomming an epidemic, you fucking retard. Quit facilitating those attacks!

Trundlemaster on Harry: “TJ said:”The Trots have been pretty quiet, haven’t they”

I’ve just popped over and looked at another left bulletin board called Urban75 which has quite a few SWP supporters on it and done a quick search to see if the publicity over the IslamExpo has caused any kerfuffle there and there is not word said. Nothing prior to 2006. There are posters on that site like other similar sites where Trots congregate like flies on rotten corpses and any challenge to the idea that extremist Islamism is not a threat to democracy is greeted by a chorus of ‘racist’, ‘Islamaphobe’ or ‘Tory’.

I might for the first time in years purchase a copy of Socialist Worker to see how deeply the Swaps are in denial about the Jihadist background to the organisers of IslamExpo.

There is a need for a national Islamic lifestyle exhibition but it should be pluralist not just a vehicle for extremists”.

Luke: “TT on Harry: “WHere are the great Leftists publicatsions - the Indi, Guardian etc.

Where is the great Leftist broadcasters, the BBC on this. Where are all the Leftist Human Rights people, like Liberty. I haven’t heard a peep from them.

Could it be that Human Rights was just a scam, used by the Left to gain power, money and influence where they have no right to be. Mmmmm”.

Like on Harry: "urban75 is full of wealthy middle class graphic designers and media types. They are living out a fantasy of being tough, radical. working class activists because they are enthralled to the Anti-capitalist movement and they have mortgages on Edwardian terraces in Brixton.

Proper radical man!!!!!!

They are middle class liberal tosers at their worst.

I went on the urban 75 forum to talk about why we as Leftists condemn right wing Christianity but give right wing Islamists a free pass.

Did an impassioned debate ensue? Did they listen to what I had to say and have an adult conversation? No they did not.

I was denounced as a racist by everyone who had a keyboard in front of them. It was like they didn’t even care what I had to say, I was a racist neocon because I dared to question a political/religious movement of an ethnic minority. I wasn’t supportive of the brown skinned anti imperialists of the third world. I wasn’t on the side of the good guys.

Which of course makes me a George Bush loving BNP supporter. I said time and time again that I didn’t support the war in Iraq but because I criticised Islam I was a neocon racist by default.

They are slaves to the dogmas of the Left. Urban75? Pathetic.

Jakester on Harry: “You folks can spin all sorts of stuff about who is more in favor of free speech(right/left) or are we being racist if we say or believe this or that or the Church did all these naughty things centuries ago so how can we rail against such things when committed by...

That is all bs. Look at the world, most of the wars these days involve Muslims attacking some other group (Philippines, Nigeria, Israel, Afghanistan, Kashmir, the Sudan) Some of the most oppressive, sexist and religiously bigoted regimes are Muslim, like the King of them all, Saudi Arabia.

This kind of pseudo intellectual argument is so redolent of the same intellectual vegetables who used to say that Communism isn’t bad, its the anti-Communists who are bad and causing these people to behave this way, or that country doesn’t have real Communism or it’s only a bad apple like Joe, Mao, Pol, Fidel giving this great way of life a bad name, or they have to seal their countries off so the counter revolutionaries won’t enter/escape and spread counter-revolution.

I judge Islam by the countries it creates and on that count, they are doing pretty poorly. Just compare India with Pakistan and Bengla Desh, cut from the same cloth in 1948. Which country has greater freedom and prosperity? Yes, I know the Hindu caste system is oppressive too. But at least modern Indians are moving away from that. Saudi Arabia won’t let Jews into their country".

John P. on Harry: "You can relable shit as sugar, but it won’t make it sweet. And you can buff and polish the Koran as much as you like, sweetie, but it still remains a turd. Now, off you go to feed the turks!"

Girl on the right on Harry: “I’m afraid you have our support whether you like us or not, Harry. Our wacky kind defend the freedoms of EVERYONE - not just people who agree with us. Try it sometime! RG”.

Afghan Whig on Harry: "The reason your website is getting sued is because your lawmakers subscribe to an irresponsibly broad definition of “anti-Muslim hate,” just as you do. By carelessly characterizing websites which are critical of Islam’s terrorist fringe as racist, you have helped create and sustain the atmosphere needed to legitimize the ridiculous lawsuit you’re contending with.

So on one hand I truly hope you win this case; Europe has been bullied by religious extremists for far too long. On the other hand, if you lose, you kind of did it to yourself. Cheers!"

“I love this hive, employee-ee,
Bisected accidentally.
One summer afternoon by me,
I love him carnally.

He loves him carnally,
The end.

Cyril Connelly?
No; semi-carnally!
Oh. Cyril Connelly”.
Eric the half a bee. Monty Python.

"Harry? Is that you?" The Geisha Boy. Jerry Lewis.


Anonymous said...

I have several questions completely unrelated to the current post but I trust you will indulge me.

1) Why do you always dress for dinner?

2) Exactly what type of Colonel are you?

3) What do you do for a living?



Colonel Neville. said...

Dear bsts, yes, unrelated. Ok. Here goes.

1.] The dressing for dinner comes from 'The Omega MAn' movie starring Chuck Heston. In it, the Hest is prowling his kitchen pondering time...

He says to no one in particular "What day is it,anyway? Monday? Huh? The hell it is. It's Sunday. Sunday I always dress for dinner!"

2.] I'm Colonel type A/b27.AT229. If you want one, you have to pre-order, but we are expecting a delivery by Thursday. No. I'm just a nice kind of Colonel and clean living!

3.] Thirty five years ago, I used to mow the grass and I had a newspaper route.

Colonel type A/b27.AT229.

neoconstant said...


Where to begin...quite an in-depth post re: the Harry event.

Personally, I am all for revealing Islamic extremists for what they are, but there are sites that focus so much on doom and gloom and tear into Muslims so vehemently, that they turn people off.

It feels almost depressing to go to certain sites that simply focus all of their energy on trashing Islam. Intelligent, reasoned debate is far more preferable.

I focus a great deal of energy critiquing Islam, but that doesn't mean I have to approve of a site called Islam Idiot which only (in my humble opinion) makes it harder for the rest of us to state our case. It makes the counter-jihad movement look like a bunch of ignorant assholes.

At least sites like Jihad Watch present factual and well-reasoned arguments, whereas other sites play completely off the emotionality of things, similar to Lefty blogs that constantly play on emotions and fears rather than reason.

Then, too, I'm not terribly fond of people who describe illegal immigrants in terms such as "wetback" which is racist and dehumanizing. I want no association with them either, as they represent bigotry more than conservatism, and once again do the cause of conservatism more harm than good.

Regarding Harry's tepid "thank you" however, I do agree that it was rather weak, given the amount of effort put forth to supporting them. In any case, I take issue with the "grovelling" remark, but say what you will. I think the two sites I removed from the list were sites I'd rather not be associated with either. There is a difference between supporting freedom, and spewing hate--and a difference between being aware and vigilant about the threat Islam poses and coming off as merely spiteful.

Eowyn said...

Nothing but good conservative red meat here! A mint julep toast to you, my dear sir.

And now, my tuppeny-ha'penny's worth:

--Harry: “Much of the backing comes as a result of an item posted by Glenn Reynolds at the very popular right-of-center blog Instapundit, who linked to a “Support Harry’s Place Blogburst” set up by the conservative blog NeoConstant.

It was I, yes, I, who secured the rare prize of an Instalanche for neoconstant. *shameless preening and bragging* Why? Because such an endorsement is huge, in terms of getting something going on the Internet. I did it not only because I liked the cut of neoconstant's jib (and still do), but because anyone under attack for free speech deserves it, even if they are wet-noodle liberals.

--Although I haven’t done a thorough review of all the blogs that have signed up, at a glance they appear to be overwhelmingly on the political right”.

I didn't see too many lefties standing up. I never do, actually.

In neoconstant's defense: Organizing something like a blogburst isn't easy. It happens fast, and takes a lot of short-term energy to oversee. E.D. Kain put them all in as they came in, and only had a chance to vet them properly after reading them more thoroughly. Actually, only one or two out of the nearly 100 or so being deleted isn't bad. And I agree that someone who uses the hackneyed (and unfair) term "wetback" isn't so much red-meat as testosterone-gone-wild.

Anyway -- I like the cut of YOUR jib, and intend to bookmark your blog, even if after what I've said earns me the pillory.


neoconstant said...

Once again, thank you Eowyn. I, too, rather like the Colonel's "jib" as you put it. This was a very enjoyable post until I realized I had been groveling. All that aside, I think I'll still come back.

The colonel and I are both members of the Anglosphere Consortium, and I think like minds despite certain, er, statements here and there...

All the best.

Colonel Neville. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Colonel Neville. said...

Dear Eowyn:

On the contrary old sport, expect absolutely no "pillory!" and thanks for the terrific comment. It was a real highlight.

Yes, I was kinda meagre and unfair on Neoconstant and felt a little ashamed, especially after his neato response.

And the wetback thang. Oddly, some of my family went from England to Canada and then to the US, as the old proverbial goes. Now they live in New Jersey, gateway to Asbury Park!

So thanks for the kind and hip comments. And yes the miracle that is Instalanche.

I got one once for the following bit, and a referral from the wonderful Mark Steyn.

All the best kid and thanks. Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville. said...

Dear Neoconstant:

First of all thanks for the great and nuanced comments and for not being too offended. I very, very much enjoyed 'em.

I hope I wasn't too out of line with the er, "grovel" thing. I maybe should have qualified that I think your site is a damn good piece of work, and as Eowyn said, you deserve congrats for your efforts. [Also I modified the er, unpleasantness!]

Anyway, I maybe should have been less forward. So I do apologise in my feeble way. It's pretty hip that you were still gracious. Come on, I know ya do give a damn, quite frankly, my dear!

Having said that, I never mind harsh critiques on myself, in fact I relish them, especially if I'm wrong, and especially if they're rude! I know, hard to believe, but apparently sometimes I am wrong...

It's all part of the old cut 'n thrust. The same as you, I've never been much of a hater kinda guy.

The other thing about "trashing" Islam, is that nothing trashes Islam like Islam itself.

There is no good or admirable part to be discovered. The whole thing from the founder Mohammad, to the Krazy Koran and Islam itself, [which are all actually one and inseparable] are appalling in every way and plain nuts.

Mohammad was a historically significant figure of evil and insanity, like Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Charles Manson or Nancy Pelosi.

There is no authentic Islamic aspect that can connect with any idea of reason or normality, because reason and normalty are not what Islam is about. Reason and normailty are to Islam, blasphemous.

Mohammad and Allah are one and all that' has ever been. Any deviation is to be destroyed. Everything is preordained and proscribed. Everything is the will of Alah.

Therefore, the logic that follows is that every and any act by a true Muslim, is meant to be, like 9/11, beheading Daniel Pearl, rapng a nine year old or shooting your own Mother.

Lie, and the lie was meant to be, cos why and how could Allah be contradicted? He can't. It's an incredibly mad and diabolical piece of circular logic, I grant you.

Islam is a total and terrifying memeplex that covers all bases. Quite ingenious really, just like Dachau.

In the end, like Nazism, Communism and daihorea, it deserves nothing but ridicule and contempt, and if found in ones bed so to speak, a natural revulsion.

"Nurse! The sheets!"

No one has ever been able to present to me, a single unique, positive and useful idea in it. Once one removes the violence, what is there? Fraud, contradictions and absurdly convoluted, turgid nonsense.

Yep, there are many millions of decent Muslims. That's because they often possess little insight into their own faith, as it's preached in Arabic, and 'interpreted' through the local Imam.

A good Muslim to us, is someone who is not following the clear teachings of Mohammad, the Koran and Islam, but is going with their own more acceptable little bag of selection. Leaving out the Jew killing helps a little.

In Islam and for a large proportion of Muslims, a good Muslim is bad for us as it can ONLY be a Muslim who follows Mohammads empirical dreadful and violent example.

There are several kinds of Muslims who may appear good to us, and may be. The naive, the un-indoctrinated, the misinformed, the deluded, the ignorant, the disingenuous, the deceptive and apostates, often known as secular, Christian, Hindu or whatever.

Thus a good Muslim, is not actually a Muslim. The singular duty of every true Muslim is to spread Islam by any means. A Muslim who doesn't do this, is a heretic and an enemy of Mohammad/Islam and the Koran.

Whacky I know, but that's what passes for laughs and reason when you start with a harsh desert doctrine from the 7th century.

I have a simple phrase that holds, and I have waited oh so long, for any effective and empirical evidence to the contrary. Islam sucks.

All the very best to you Neoconstant and I will add your very worthy efforts to swingin' links, even if you may find it a little uncomfortable what I'm saying. I love the way you've laid it out [your site] like a broadsheet. Truly adult and excellent.

Again, sorry if I was a bit of a wild colonial bore.

Colonel Neville.

Ysabel Jehan Howard said...

Colonel, old boy, just a note, I come from and am on the Left and I support Harry, and also unabridged freedom of speech, individual sovereignty, reason. The prospect of swapping my simply delicious red dress for a burqua is also an absolute no-no - you're not the only one who dresses for dinner, you know. The Left has recently gone entirely mad. It was not always thus, as folks across the Anglosphere can affirm, having contained solid, outspoken folks as said what they 'ad ter say without fear or favour and as thought tha stood on yer own two flamin' feet and 'ad tha self-respect. In my Left one says what one thinks not what Master allows one to say.

Colonel Neville. said...

Dear Sarat Panther, hey, ya got a very interesting and free kinda site. It's poetic and muscular. Ah, thus the panther.

Thanks for the groovy comment and I shall add you to the swingin' links. I shall explore your happening pad, so to speak.

All the best, Colonel Neville.

Go here, folks!