Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Closer Your Destination.

"Excuse me! Yes, you down there with the can of petrol and machine gun. Look, we realise that you're one of the last people alive on earth and all, which is not in our environmental opinion a necessarily bad thing per se. But it's against the latest law to use oil for anything, or to be able to defend yourself.  So we will need to burn you at the stake as a heretic against our Earth God, I'm afraid. Sorry, but it's for your own good. Er, we do insist that you smile and applaud as we roast you alive, or there will also be a fine". Mathias the reasonable.

[This pointless post is dedicated to the great and groovy Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury.]

Cultural Awareness Training. [The Narcissistic Dialect by Dr Sanity.] Riiight. Er, that’s PC codespeak for “your thoughts are not yet the same compulsory thoughts as the governments and various relentless control freak activists and are therefore invalid and eventually illegal”. Dig. It’s a capital error to think that because the sum of human knowledge, understanding, rational explanation and morals even maybe has increased enormously, that this is naturally taken up by most people who are eager to know and understand and be moral an' all. You know, to undo the bonds of superstition, wishful thinking, nihilistic collectivism and pure cant, so to speak.

“Slip slidin' away.
Slip slidin 'away.
You know the nearer your destination,
The more you're slip slidin' away”.
Slip Slidin’ Away. Paul Simon.

Nope, how often do ya meet sporty chums who just have to know and understand more? I mean really curious? I gotta know the facts, man! Maybe they’re hiding. How long have we had libraries full of free books? And who used them mostly? Sad, lonely and pathetic nobodies, that’s who! In fact, the library was usually the best place to find me most anytime. “Man, I had to get outta the library! It was full of jocks swarming all over the French literature section!” Nah, the same kind of people play to the same kind of crowd mostly, and few turn up unannounced. And this is why after 100 years of the utter failure and murder of leftist ideology, millions of boobs are even more hot and bothered than ever for such bunk. Spend a month researching the history of socialist causes and the natural end results, and anybody without their head pushed deep into their lower bowel, would reject completely its innate insanity and bankrupt 100% failure rate.

As they say, for any liberal non-idea to be crushingly discredited, just wait long enough. Ah, but they have a classic Marxist sleight of argument hand excuse for that too, as Olavo De Carvalho shows in the groovy excerpt and link below. This is the long term non-answer to any direct question. A lefties first answer to any point is always instant subject change usually ad hominems. Wanna destroy and enrage a Luvvie? Keep them relentlessly on subject. They have a logical fallacy addiction. Thus they often diggest drugs the mostest. Here's Rodriguez with the very cool song Sugarman. "Sugarman, won't you help me? Cos' I'm tired of these scenes". Rodriguez. 
“Every time the left wants to impose a new item of their program, they say it is the only way to cure certain maladies. Invariably, when the proposition wins out, the maladies it proposed to eliminate become worse. The normal thing to do under such circumstances would be to lay the responsibility for the disaster on the left. But this never happens, for at once the original legitimizing argument disappears from the repertoire and is substituted by a new system of allegations, which celebrates failure as success or as a historical necessity that could not be avoided. 
No one will understand the first thing about the history of the 20th century, or the beginning of the 21st, if they do not know this retroactive justification mechanism by which the Left makes the people work for non-declared goals that would scandalize them if they knew their identity and that can only be reached through the indirect route of dangling the carrot in front of the donkey’s nose... 
The promise of salvation, transfigured into disaster and followed by a change in the discourse to legitimize it, has been, in sum, the constant and essential modus agendi of the international Left for a century, and we see no sign of any leftist mentor having any conscience problems with this. Au contraire, all of them continue to promise the solution to maladies, while having readied in their portfolios the future legitimization of the enlarged maladies”. The Left: Transfiguring the Disaster. Olavo De Carvalho via the very neato Brookes News.
The multi hat trick of the left is the taxpayer funded Emperor Gore fraud of global warming equals global socialism, with a peculiar death embrace of Islam and myriad forms of indoctrination via school, Obama and Kevin love etc, the mostly crap media, ever more legislation and cliched bias entertainment etc. The mechanical, absurd and future fantasies that never arrive except in the form of burden and disaster, appeal mostly to the passionately and emotionally immature and state cronyism. Attractive to those who sense they are not actually nice, generous, kind or thoughtful people at all, but are oh so desperate for everyone to believe that they are. Easier to look in the mirror that way, often for hours.

“I know a man,
He came from my hometown.
He wore his passion for his woman like a thorny crown.
He said "Delores, I live in fear, my love for you so overpowering I'm afraid that I will disappear”.
Slip Slidin' Away. Paul Simon.

Clive: “That’s the thing about your Left. They have a lot of feelings. If anything they feel. Feel all the time. Feel endlessly, endlessly they do. Sadly, they feel nothing for you. The great thing about feelings, it cuts out actually achieving anything, Derek”.

Derek: “Probably because I’m not fucking abstract enough. They’re all arseholes! If the left are such a good investment, what happened to my 100,000 shares of fucking Noam Chomsky?!”

Yeah, feelings. Emotions. If it feels good to you or better still, a vast horde of you, the numbers alone prove that it must be a great idea. And who wouldn’t want to share a joint smoke dream and get someone else to pay for it? It’s gotta work, because it never has before. For the left, a total lack of empirical proof or evidence of any kind is always evidence enough. And anyway, if it doesn’t work and millions die or live in misery, just don’t mention it and move on to something else and as soon as possible. When you’re of the left, your profoundly obscene flaws and monstrous stupidities are always someone else’s fault. And we know who: your parents. Or that perennial substitute for the lefts mother and father figures: a conservative government, any conservative government.

“And I know a woman,
Became a wife.
These are the very words she uses to describe her life.
She said "A good day ain't got no rain".
She said "A bad day is when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been".
Slip Slidin’ Away. Paul Simon.

Jesus, everything the left touches turns to a hideous shit joke. It’s the simple fact that their juvenile intent, divorced from adult reality, is all in the imagination, and not a very good one. They have such a willful eagerness to experiment with not just your kids but sometimes even their own. Yeah, Islam is a real hoot. Of course it is. No, really. No. Here Alan Colmes get's called a kike by a nice domestic killer Muslim. And this little classic: “The Hague, 09/04/08. A primary school in Amsterdam wished to provide its pupils with an understanding for other cultures. But during a visit to a mosque, the children were told they were dogs.

With a view to developing understanding and respect for other cultures among children, primary school De Horizon regularly organises outings to various religious organisations. The chairman of the El Mouchidine mosque told the children from group 7 (aged 10) and their chaperones however that non-Muslims are dogs”. Via Hotair. What’s wrong with teaching the infidel children they are “dogs,” huh? From Wolking’s World.

“And I know a father who had a son,
He longed to tell him all the reasons for the things he'd done.
He came a long way just to explain,
He kissed his boy as he lay sleeping, then he turned around and headed home again”.
Slip Slidin’ Away. Paul Simon.

Here's a nice sum up of the real goals of millions and millions of Muslims worldwide and often in the West. Dig this, at least what they let us see. Via Wolking's World. And here's the great and prolific Phyllis Chessler on the endless willingness for many in the West to be lied to, nay, demand  and loving it. Via Pajamas Media. For such rhetoric prone chums the present is never any good and the past was mostly a big mistake, except for their er, parts. There is only one way to make things better and that’s their way. But it must be all at all once and now and someone else must always pay for it.

They usually despise healthy and real individuality while never seeming to consider any idea of Quality Control for themselves and their stupid ideas. Curiously, while always for the er, “people”, they also hate them if they show any said real individuality. Go figure. It’s an entirely nervous system based position, which is a curious thing for the detached to have. But then, I never said they were good feelings. Here's a perfect and common example of the radicals idea of er, judgement and the resultant behavior thereof.

“And God only knows,
And God makes his plan,
The information's unavailable to the mortal man.

We're workin' our jobs,
Collect our pay,
Believe were gliding down the highway,
When if fact we're slip slidin' away”.
Slip Slidin’ Away. Paul Simon.

It’s no coincidence that New Age drivel can be defined as people who believe absolutely anything and everything but the facts. And they also usually believe in global warming, Kevin 'It's me!' Rudd, Obama the fake and empty Manchurian Candidate and Al 'Gulf Stream Jet' Gore et al.

They also believe in restricting free speech though never theirs, especially of people who have taken diversity to the unacceptable extreme of simply disagreeing with them. Hey, and the same kind of freaks invariably want to change Australia into a faux Republic minus any First or Second Amendment guarantees against tyranny. Oh no, they prefer activist judges to decide in their opinion what freedom is, and how much we can have of it if any, and at any given moment. Yeah, and in Australia and Britain we're all disarmed. How convenient. And here in Oz, the inability to defend oneself seriously against tyranny at all, was achieved by an alleged Conservative Prime Minister in our John Howard. Howard is no fully formed conservative. Good grief he is not.

Here's Penn and Teller on the inherent greatness and humanity of the First Amendment. Whenever I listen to standard activist drool, I invariably think "you have to be kidding me!" Or gee, you "sure do make me sleepy with the things you might say". Nope, they ain’t. No construct is ever really stupid and unworkable enough for an academic and activist to reject. No, they save their hatreds for the proven, because after all, no evidence based, effective and useful reality can ever be as magnificent and exciting, as their often literal smoke and ego dreams of moral vanity. And anyone or anything can become an enemy, even plastic bags. Oddly though the Left almost invariably makes an exception for any actual enemy.

An old Spike Milligan routine:

Sentry: "Who goes there? Friend or foe?"

Approaching soldier: "Adolf bleeding Hitler!"

Sentry: "Pass, friend".

Just as the Soviet product of political correctness cripples and destroys everything it touches, especially the mind, so it will be here and now with whatever is the latest menu of disaster and fiasco a la lefto. Such irrational, hysterical unstable boobs will finish us all in the end, but don’t worry. When we’re reduced to eating bugs and berries and living under leaves, some socialist narcissist nitwit will appear with a brilliant ‘new’ plan to tax and redistribute the value of your Planet of the Apes styled loin cloth. They sicken me.

"Slip slidin' away.
Slip slidin' away.
You know the nearer your destination,
The more you're slip slidin' away.
Slip Slidin’ Away. Paul Simon.

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