Monday, 7 July 2008

Stop Ross Garnaut before he kills again!

My God! Call the Police! 4,000 people are going to be killed! It’s Ross 'what me worry?' Garnaut! MAD Magazine and Alfred E, Neuman’s got nothin’ on Ross! And who says academics are dorks and mega dags? What a swinger and so self aware! Yep, Ross is apparently sensitive to the environment, but perhaps not the dating environment.

“Come in here, dear boy, have a cigar.
You're gonna go far, fly high,
You're never gonna die,
You're gonna make it if you try;
They're gonna love you”.
Have a Cigar. Pink Floyd.

Deaths due to Global Warming are exactly zero. People dead due to Left Socialist ideology are more than a 100 million and counting. But don’t worry, with bio-fuel food production diversion and stopping development in the third world, the Left can even it up nicely. Here's eco-imperialism.

Wikipedia: "Atmospheric scientist Reid Bryson said in June 2007 that "There is a lot of money to be made in this... If you want to be an eminent scientist you have to have a lot of grad students and a lot of grants. You can't get grants unless you say, 'Oh global warming, yes, yes, carbon dioxide".

About four billion bucks in 2007. Hey, yeah, the world is acting just like a greenhouse eh? You mean a greenhouse with ice and snow and oceans and air currents and mountains and plains? Like that kind of greenhouse? There’s no way I could grow rhubarb in that! But Ross Garnaut can!

“Well I've always had a deep respect,
And I mean that most sincerely.
The band is just fantastic,
That is really what I think.
Oh by the way, which one's Pink?
And did we tell you the name of the game, boy,
We call it Riding the Gravy Train”.
Have a Cigar. Pink Floyd.

It's full steam ahead. To paraphrase someone, education does little to nothing regards curing stupidity. In fact it often enhances it. According to Professor Ross McFarter Garnaut, 4,000 people in Queensland will die from heatwaves caused by the massive fraud and gravy train of climate change. Balls. [From the Herald Sun Saturday July 05 2008.]

Nowhere in this front page hack piece, does it say how he got this incredible predictive ability. Maybe from Merlin, Nostradamus or God? Apparently method and testable evidence is not important when one is proving the astrology of global warming.

Er, no. They use dodgy and absurd computer models that can’t predict next Fridays weather accurately. Great! But not enough to bet their own money on I’ll wager. It’s a real test of someone’s sincerity to say “Ok. If you believe this 100%, then I expect no more than what I can get when buying a kitchen appliance. You’ll naturally be happy to give a written guarantee with this?” Go on, ask for one next time. Gee, I bet I know what the answer will be.

“We're just knocked out.
We heard about the sell out.
You gotta get an album out.
You owe it to the people,
We're so happy we can hardly count”.
Have a Cigar. Pink Floyd.

Here's the swingin' Minority Senate Report of over 400 scientists that don't agree with the global scam of climate change. Hey, and no Nazi's!

Why not make it 100,000 dead? Cos that would be ridiculous! Nope, 4,000 dead seems reasonable and absurd enough. Pitiful really. We are surrounded by professional boobs, egotists and fakes, all followed by a vast and willing global wave of conformist twerps. Ah, skepticism is evil. Check. Must conform.

Global warming = global socialism. Check.

Why do people believe this crap? No, really. What’s in it for them? They really believe and want to save the world? I mean, over getting laid? I mean, just keep asking why do they believe it? Because of Gore, the MSM or school etc? Why trust them and believe the er, evidence?

Have they done serious research? Few people I’ve met, have either the curiosity, interest, skills or energy to look into most anything. We are kids, largely passively indoctrinated. It’s not rebellious in the slightest to swallow Left junk and standard mass conformity. Rebellion is usually not so er, pre-digested, pre-packaged and such a group activity!

Keep on asking why, and it'll come to a dead end without a reason why they personally believe it. I can think of five authentic reasons. A sense of superiority, fear, conformity, delusion and money. Let me at that tasty gravy and product placement!

Also, it's easier just to agree. People are basically decent and are being manipulated and duped on a massive scale. That's Leftardism.

“Why buy NEW bullshit? Because it’s great for the environment and because we really care!”

Thus from ordinary dupes to celebrities to our own bureaucrat at heart Prime Minister Rudd, they almost invariably want someone else to pay the pooper. [Bureaucrat: An official who is rigidly devoted to the details of administrative procedure.] Paging Mr Rudd!

Jesus, in Marie Claire, various Hollywood intellectuals, are holding up incredibly vain signs admonishing us plebs for not being as superior GW wise as them. Ya gotta read it. Heath Ledger says he cares about the children’s future. Thus he spent years away from his children heavily using drugs like heroin and is now dead.

David Suzuki says he "tries to use less..." Try suicide.

Cate Blanchet says how we are such consumers! Yep, but not always enough of private jet and limousine ferried movie stars and their er, product. When in Melbourne Cate lives frugally in a St. Kilda boarding house. The other tenants, a wino, a psych out patient and a crippled girl all comment how Cate sits in the dark most nights chewing on raw oatmeal.

“I often hear Cate screaming “I gotta save the planet!”

Celebrities appear to get their brains set on mediocre somewhere around High School.

Hey, but we can save 4,000 retirees from dying simply by getting the government to DO more and more, and TAX more and more and SPEND more and more of your money, and REGULATE more and more of your life, and LISTEN to more movie stars, and PAY more and more to academics, consultants and failed politicians! What a surprise!

And at the head of our directionless and empty neo-Socialist Tourets spin addicted government is Kevin the technocrat who has maybe achieved less than my Aunt Doris. Mr Swann, the Western worlds foremost corner store reject Treasurer and Deputy PM Julia Gillard, ex-University Commie and a lawyer.

But don’t worry. The other two dynamos who make up the inner-circle of five are, and I kid you not, two 28 year olds with no clear reason why they are there. Unless one thinks working as some kind of campaign assistant to minor politicians, is what the free world is screaming out for right now. “Chaos”, “emptiness”, “spin” and “indecisive” are four of the words most commonly associated with Prime Minister Fluffy. Move the furniture or move the staff and ya get the same effect. Drag marks on the floor.

What strikes me is, where’s the rebellion of people and especially of the young? It’s beyond belief that young people could ever think of a gerkle like Kevin Rudd, or a fat rich venal doofus like Lear jet Al Gore, or an embarrassing old Leftard diesel bus fraud like David Suzuki and pampered Hollywood hypocrites as heroes. How? Why? When? Er, all so very, very uncool.

I don’t want revive my own youthful unfashions, and when I think of reliving them as if they actually achieved or meant something lasting, I feel claustrophobic, unhealthy and as if I’m going mad.

A very clever pinhead like Ross Garnaut, is not apparently qualified in his alleged area of expertise, the voodoo and soothsaying of absurd climate change fortune telling. Not that qualifications seem to always help.

Here’s a piece on a cognitive bias and logical fallacy soaked Garnaut lecture. Ah, Pascals Wager is just like GW faith in that one must accept GW on faith and do something! Anything! As the consequences of not doing something crazy could be Climate Change Hell!

Here’s another bit of background on Toothy. Sadly, it’s as a commenter said “eco-Fascist cheerleading”, which is the purpose of the site cos, it’s Clive Hamilton, the alleged King of Ethics! But then, enviro hipsters and their academic minions, are capable it seems of every kind of mental gymnastic. Clive says how naturally evil, perverse and inferior are the climate change “denialists!” You know, like er, Holocaust deniers?!

“...The truth is that if any of the skeptics - especially those who do have some claim to expertise in the area , were to undertake a study that cast genuine doubt on the global warming hypothesis and it could pass the tests of professional scrutiny, it would cause a sensation”.

Really? Maybe it’ll be put on the front page of ‘The Age?’ Guess not. Er, Clive baby, the burden of proof is on you. It is not a flaw of the audience that they are not convinced. The natural position of science is skepticism if nothing else.

Clive Hamilton: "In 1995, Garnaut was offered the Chairmanship of a new PNG mining company, Lihir Gold Limited. This large open-cut gold mine generates huge taxes and export revenues for PNG. It is also a serious polluter of the coral reefs and ocean floor around Lihir Island, as mine tailings which contain traces of cyanide and heavy metals are loaded on barges and dumped on the nearby ocean waste is discharged by pipeline 1.5 kilometres out to sea. In June 2000 there was a cyanide spill at the mine.

Lihir was financed by an Australian Government loan by the Export Finance and Insurance Company, which provided hundreds of millions in finance guarantees. The guarantees were provided after the US Government export credit agency, OPIC, rejected the Lihir project on environmental grounds.

In 1995 Garnaut told the ABC…that the environmental impacts had been "very carefully studied, and the studies have concluded that there won't be detrimental effects on fish life. It's highly technical stuff, and I myself have to rely on expert opinion on that. But the expert opinion is reassuring."

...Garnaut didn't tell ABC listeners...that PNG's environmental standards were far lower than those expected of an Australian mine…a mine so environmentally damaging that BHP was eventually forced to divest itself of the polluter. Garnaut remains the Chair of Lihir Gold…in the top 100 companies by market capitalisation on the ASX.

Garnaut's experience and connections at the intersection of government, trade and mining have proved lucrative beyond the wildest dreams of other academics. By 2000...advising global oil giant Exxon on "fiscal arrangements in the petroleum industry"...sitting on the PNG Sustainable Development Program, the PNG Government body that ended up owning the Ok Tedi mine after BHP washed its hands of it”.

Rather interesting, eh? In other words, he cares man! Ross is a classic member of the super-elites of Australia. He’s very rich, powerful, influential and has as many do, a free and endless media platform on which to spout largely unchallenged as per usual. His words and advice for the plebs, don’t match his actions and history, also as per usual. Even shorter, Ross Garnaut is, like Al Gore, Rudd and Tim Flannery ad nauseum, mostly full of crap. A tragic life of human waste.

Flannery the abstractician, doodles and extrapolates in the way that only an academic and morally vain activist can. Some one once said that “it’s so stupid that only an academic could believe it”.

The glib way he spouts and imagines the reality of economics working to his fashionable cant is truly breath taking. Timbo Flannery: “...the issue is so complex, yet so urgent, that we have no choice but to learn on the job!” Riiight. So you know what you’re talking about now though? Guess not. Source: The Sunday Age July 06 2008.

“Economic modelling” by er, activist Leftard zealots. Hey, it’s worked so well everywhere it’s been tried in the past, so why not?! Good grief. At what point if any, would Flannery an academic and Garnaut, an economist, admit they were out of their depth? Almost never. After all, it ain’t their money where their mouth is. If such noodles had to apply testable Quality Control, they’d maybe grind to a standstill. Wait ten years and then look in wonder when nothing they predict has happened. Not a damn thing. Except for the myriad fiascos and disasters such impractical loons are so good at creating.

Today the heroes of too many people it seems, are the most venal, fashionable and filthy rich establishment bastards one can find. Go figure.

“Everybody else is just green.
Have you seen the chart?
It's a helluva start,
It could be made into a monster,
If we all pull together as a team.

And did we tell you the name of the game, boy?
We call it Riding the Gravy Train”.
Have a Cigar. Pink Floyd.

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