Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Jonathon Livingstone Seagull I presumed.

"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever know..."

Sadly, with the uber conformity of socialist global warming, Jonathon Livingston Seagull's habit of breaking away from the lemming like herd, is now instinctively seen by the left as problematic. As the pacifist and pinko perversely like to do, they simply shot him down as a relevant part of the zeitgeist. Maybe the non-salad carressing ate him with some gravy sauce?

They can drop in an instant any allegedly deeply held values previously advocated and forced onto everyone else for decades. Just like that! Witness the dumping of feminist er, 'ideals' and um, 'gay rights' for laughably imagined kudos from Islamists. Well, they are anti-American after all.

“Well I remember when I was young,
The world had just begun and I was happy.
I used to wonder about the earth,
And how it moved around the sun so snappy.

Imagination goin’ wild,
Makes a very backward child, they told me.
So back at school I’d sit around,
Just waitin’ for the sound, so I could go home.

Sometimes I think about it...it happens every day.
I should think of the present, cause the present’s now”.

I Remember When I Was Young.
Matt Taylor and Chain.

Dig, the left are naturally full of contradictions. No, really. The basic one is that any conservative government is a vast and convoluted conspiracy of evil sans any court ready evidence whatsoever. And yet every lefty's main aim is to give as much to total power to the state via ever expanding government n' regulation.

Er, won’t a conservative or alleged conservative government be elected at some point? Gee, and doesn't everything lefty only grow out of the base of capitalist democratic freedoms created by individuality and conservativism and not the other way round? Gosh, they do like to squawk the drivel that capitalism is a failure an' all. Sure it is. Er, no. And yet the same folks know where to find the free money to take the real wealth and prosperity created by failed capitalist innovation and the productive, and give it away without any goal seemingly beyond the cynicism of welfare.

They love to say “Fascist!”, yet are eager to disarm the mass of ordinary people, always the first step of every fascist dictator. Curious, innit?

George Bush the fully qualified FA14 jet pilot is apparently so stupid, and yet he managed to somehow fool most Democrats and Congress into originally supporting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. So George is simultaneously an evil genius and a moron and this presents no logical absurdity. Er, if George allegedly lied about WMD's, which he didn't, er, "...why didn't he just dump some fake evidence around Iraq?"

Oh I know. He was an evil Mastermind for the WMD part, but a dolt for the planting of evidence bit!! Got it. And to what end? That's right. Apparently to secure an easily traded commodity like oil at higher cost, while spending billions of dollars, thousands of military personel and guaranteeing he'd lose office even if he had another term. Riiight. That's some genius plan the President has there.

Could it be that the in some ways excitingly average George Bush is a fairly decent and ordinary man? Maybe like the virtually equally hated Lincoln, he's simply trying to do his inarticulate best as demanded of every Presidency, and currently under rather extremely difficult, peculiar and almost impossible circumstances? It's a shame he was so very wrong about Islam Murder Inc. though, saying it's a "religion of peace" an' all. It ain't. And I didn't like the trillion dollar debt and regulation increase and the croneyism et al either.

"In determining reality, Sherlock Holmes maxim, was that "when you have excluded the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth".

Left liberals say they are for absolute freedom of expression, lifestyle and nude arm wrestling etc, yet their heroes are people like Che the child killer Guevara; a fascist totalitarian Marxist communist who hated long haired hippies, rock n’ roll, film makers, writers, black people and gays. Go figure. They're opportunistic frauds, see.

Here's a nice speech by Swedish Parliamentarian Goran Lindblad, on the vast and ongoing crimes of Communism. More here and here and here.

Most lefty's by default say they're feminist etc, yet they support by default and often actively, sharia creep stealth jihad. Islam is to put it mildly, a terrifying 7th century desert tribal derived totalitarian doctrine, hallucinated by a paedophile rapist. Sharia Law is Islam and a total way of organising via an Islamic fascist theocracy that can only exist with the relentlessly vicious and ongoing oppression, assault and murder of girls and women. Go figure.

“Rebel, rebel, you’ve torn your dress.
Rebel, rebel, your face is a mess.
Rebel rebel, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so!”
Rebel Rebel. David Bowie.

What happened? The left who gabbed for decades about individuality are now bullying virulent supporters of the mass conformity of global warming drivel. It's a fun but mental place where any dissent from the dominant mass by rational questioning individuals is well, strictly verboten. It's a thought crime against the earth Gods, the state and for "the children!" Oddly the left love to abort children.

“To the tumbrels and on with the pointed cone hats, Comrades!”

Remember the corny book Jonathon Livingston Seagull that made such a splat during high school? It’s central theme of the single and outvoted, outnumbered and misunderstood rebel, maintaining his individuality against the dominant and conformist group of boobs, was well, a major hippie theme. Not any more though, eh.

“Vot is zer ideological fashion for today, Comrade? Please, I must know vot my opinion iz!”

Man, it's plain to see that there's nothing rebellious about left ideology at all. Never was if you followed it to its natural and logical end, which is the socialist conformity of a Brave New World, but without the laughs. The real rebels of today are conservative and libertarian. Hey, that's Malkin, Levin, Breitbart, Evan Sayet, P.J O’Rourke and Mark Steyn.

Left belief is a mechanical and platitudinous package wrapped up in a drab and largely humourless fancy dress. Whenever people start mouthing clichés by numbers at me, they appear much like a cheap and soiled whore bought and sold in the market place of second hand non-ideas.

Though with a prostitute you generally know what they're selling and thus you know what you're buying. And one often gets one's money's worth. With the left free of the free market, it's usually other peoples money and worthless to boot.

“Crawling down the alley on your hands and knee,
I'm sure you're not protected, for its plain to see,
Diamond Dogs are poachers, and they hide behind trees,
Hunt you to the ground they will, mannequins with kill appeal”.
Diamond Dogs. David Bowie.

Thus I can say to a lefty that President Armachimphead of Iran has murdered 4,000 gay people and the response is that “What about George Bush?! He’s murdered a million gay people!” And while the former is rejected by default for many a moonbat, the latter is perfectly acceptable as a rational statement of fact. Having no standards of discriminating, objective and evidential thought is their standard.

“Will they come? I keep a friend serene.
Will they come? Oh, baby, come unto me.
Will they come? Well, she's come, been, and gone.
Come out of the garden, baby, you'll catch a death in the fog.
Young girl, they call them the Diamond Dogs.
Young girl, they call them the Diamond Dogs”.
Diamond Dogs. David Bowie.

So what exactly became of the worthy message of Johnny the beach pecker? For decades it was an absolutely pivotal idea of personal freedom and of a healthy democratic society. You know, the perhaps enlightened, inspired and original individual versus the sometimes stale, uniform and mindless mob? Er, now the latter is seemingly the fashion while the former is now the enemy! That’s if an individual refuses to express their individuality via the current proscribed idiocy.

As Frank Burns from M*A*S*H said “Sure, individuality is great. As long as we all do it together!”

“In the year of the scavenger, season of the bitch,
Sashay on the board-walk, scurry to the ditch.
Just another future song, lonely little Keats,
There's gonna be sorrow, try and wake up tomorrow”.
Diamond Dogs. David Bowie.

So the left care about the environment. Really? Why? Because “...there won’t be anybody alive without it!" And yet, many of the major figures of the enviro-freak religion have stated clearly that they see people as a “virus” and a “cancer” that should be greatly reduced via deliberate sterilisation, coercion, infection, poisoning and mass murder. How uncouth.

"This aint rocknroll...this is genocide!" Diamond Dogs. David Bowie.

Such nihilist totalitarian bastards should not be allowed real power over a single household pet never mind over billions of still free, individual and naturally, beautifully flawed human beings.

“Who, who, who?
Call them the Diamond Dogs.
Who, who, who?
Keep cool.

Beware of the Diamond Dogs.
Beware of the Diamond Dogs”.
Diamond Dogs. David Bowie.


Exposing Islam said...

Liberals do not care about anything except controlling every aspect of our lives. Global warming is just a political tool to them. When this wears out, they will find something else.

Colonel Neville. said...

Dear exposing Islam:

Thanks kid. Yep, ya right. They drop things quicker than an armless footballer! Ah, it's all in the game. A rather rigged one, eh?

How can you tell when a Liberal HONESTLY cares about something? They sometimes stay quiet, like with kickbacks, grants and Chappaquidick etc.

Colonel Neville.