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Billion killer babies.

Hey! It’s just like a PTA meeting! Yeah, of Perverts, Terrorists and Arseholes!

Dear sports, even among the avalanche of largely unreported insanity from Leftard land and Gods Islamic Monkey House, an article will somehow stand out. And not always cos’ it’s really unique, new or surprising. No, no. Sure it may have a certain charm, but more because it possesses the required trigger for a kind of epiphany. Like this true fable from freakville.

“About 2,000 Islamist women gathered at the radical Red Mosque in the Pakistani capital on Wednesday and vowed to raise their children for holy war, days after a suicide bomber killed 18 people after a similar rally.

Chanting slogans of "jihad is our way", burqa-clad women, some with babies, listened to fiery speeches from the daughter of the mosque's jailed cleric on the eve of the anniversary of a commando raid on the complex in which more than 100 people died.

"Our mujaheddin (fighters) laid down their lives for the enforcement of the Islamic system in Pakistan. We are left behind to carry forward their mission," the daughter of cleric Abdul Aziz told the tightly guarded rally in the mosque compound.
as the cleric's daughter, who did not identify herself, told the crowd to steel their families for holy war.

"We should prepare our children and men for jihad," she said.

The crowd responded with shrill chants of "we are ready" and "Al Jihad".
From the Daily Mail.

Hey, that's completely:
A.) Insane.
B.) Sickening.
C.) Hell on earth.
D.) Moderate.

Now dig. This is just one little immensely ugly story that made it through the dreary limits of the MSM. Now do the math. In that part of the Islamic Paradise, many folks have typically three, six to ten or more children. A 2007 Pew report showed around 91 million Muslims worldwide are all for Jihad and the implementation of Islamic nightmare states everywhere, including the West.

Only nineteen Islamist geeks committed 9/11. And they didn’t have the lovely nukes like Pakistan does. And the one's that are kinda floatin' around...

How many junior homicidal zombies could 2,000 Jihadist incubators churn out over say twenty years or more if you start production as a child or teen bride? Then they have another wave of killers as grand children. Now that’s some family tradition!

Keep splitting the difference. Say 6 X 2,000 =12,000 then... No, better yet, start at half of 91 million. 6 X 45 million = 270 million. 3 X 270 million etc, etcetera. Get it? Sure, there are plenty of things that would effect any figures down as much as up. But any figure is deeply disturbing unless one is an avid wearer of the dhimmi asshat. And also, Jim, a lot more than 91 million Muslims worldwide rather unsurprisingly, support the goals of Islam. Name a good goal of Islam...

Kick a goal for Mohammad!

Yep, there’s a Hell of a lot of infant mortality in places that disqualify women from seeing any kind of Doctor. There’s a lot of mental retardation due to inter marriage of cousins and old men with children via arranged marriages etc. But so what? Islamist terrorist groups love to use the retarded as human bombs. And in the end, it is numbers.

And remember, there are people who feel this way in country, especially if one is unlucky enough to live near Sydney’s Lakemba Mosque. Though it appears to be largely a some kind of bizzarro Muslim ghetto or fast approaching it.

But enough with the times table. Think of the vast gulf, literally, between these profoundly deluded, nihilistic and dysfunctional psychopaths and say your local Mothers Club run school canteen.

“Ok, we’re in agreement on promoting healthy fruits, nuts and similar as snacks for the children. Any other suggestions?”

“Yes. More babies for Jihad!”

“Beheadings and car bombings!”

“Infiltration of Western institutions!”

“Ban music and humour!”

“I want a promotion and a raise at the New York Times!”

For many an apologist for Islam, these lovely ladies are simply er, “misunderstanding” things. So easy to do and they always are, eh? No, they ain’t. And so what if they were? It doesn’t matter.

Who is going to stop them from ah, “misunderstanding” and following through on their threats? No one, that’s who. There are actually millions and millions and millions of these abominations of humanity. It takes a whole deeply sick state, society, culture and religion to create such necrophiliacs. Islam my dears, is filled with vast armies of the lovers of all things dead and inhuman.

This is the terrifying memeplex of Islam. And no evil revolution by stealth has ever had a better friend than PC neo-Socialist Left Liberalism and multi-cultism. Then there’s no need or requirement to integrate at all, but rather to separate, demand and dominate. That’s Britain and Europe today, folks.

The parallel army of the dhimmi Left will naturally say this is isolated, taken out of context or when cornered, not true, even the photos. The thing is that these hateful pod people, are going to make their own children into useless, uber-nihilist and destructive monsters. And yet, within their piece of culture, this will be viewed as a norm and the ideal. Think what that means.

We teach our kids to be thoughtful and kind, to get along, to be creative, sunny and positive minded individuals. They teach their children to hate Jews, Infidels, Hindus, the West and so on infinitum to the point of no return.

Our kids blow up balloons and cut out pictures of animals and cars. They will learn to blow up pet markets, cafes and schools and cut off the heads of men, women and children. We grow up to see life as naturally myriad in light and dark, diverse, vibrating, filled with discovery, pulsing with potential, the unknown, laughter, tears, joy and the limitless.

They see life as static, proscribed, totalitarian, negative, perverted, stuffed with a 7th century absurdity and essentially worthless.

This my friends, is the end of the world as we know it.

“Aziz's wife, identified as Umm-e-Hassan, said they had nothing to do with the attacks. "We are not terrorists. Islam does not teach terrorism ... America and its stooges are terrorists," she told reporters at the rally, referring to the Pakistani army.

"We are holding this rally to tell the world we are alive and in high spirits. Islam can never be wiped out. It grows more after martyrs shed their blood."
The Daily Mail.

Interesting is it not, how much their line of illogic, hyperbole, irrational America and Bush hatred matches the standard rhetoric and drivel of the Left? They have the utter arrogance and half wittedness to say simultaneously that they want to commit mass murder via their own children and then say it’s someone else who are the ah, real terrorists. It says so much and yet it’s nothing you can’t hear on most any campus, or in an interview with many a celebrity, on the ABC, NPR or a in a madhouse.

“Aziz was caught during the siege last year trying to slip through a cordon dressed in a woman's burqa. His brother, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, who was also a mosque cleric, was killed.

Ghazi's widow, identified as Umm-e-Hassam, said President Pervez Musharraf should be punished for ordering the crackdown: "This man is the enemy ... I want this man to be severely punished before I die," she told the rally.

The Red Mosque and an adjoining women's madrasa, or religious school, had for years been a bastion of militant support in Islamabad and the clerics and their followers had waged an increasingly defiant campaign to enforce Taliban rule.

They occupied a state library, kidnapped women they accused of prostitution and some policemen, and stormed music and video shops and beauty parlours, much to the dismay of the moderate majority in the capital”.
The Daily Mail.

Ask someone to define what a moderate majority means, and who knows? The sophisticated and secular of Pakistan have almost sophisticated themselves into irrelevance and doom. They're amazingly afflicted with the same delusions and corruptions as the Left and Liberal elites of the West, except without the wheat grass.

It’s instructive how the Left peaceniks protest about US and Western nukes as if we’re just itchin’ ta use ‘em. And yet, India and Pakistan threaten a real nuclear exchange a few years ago, and none of them seemed to notice at all. The Leftard is distinguished by being virtually incapable of seeing conflict that doesn’t involve white people, but merely Asian, black or brown.

And most Left feminists are pretty damn comfortable in their willful blindness whenever they see a burqua, to say the monstrous freakery of having babies for the singularly insane purpose of murder. Because kids, one must not comment on cultural differences, unless in the positive.

Nope, never speak in the negative, even when confronted with a vortex-like abyss of nihilistic and murderous child abuse. Wear a smile and have a cake raffle!

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