Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Wuz inna name, Bub?

Support the return of Le Hammer of Toures! [Hammers! Only $29.95 at Hinesville Hardware, just outside Atlanta!]Few ordinary people know "Islamophobia" is a neologism propaganda device, coined by a Muslim Brotherhood terror front involved in the Holy Land terror funding charity raids made by the FBI. [See Robert Spencer at jihadwatch org.] So by default, anyone who uses the fraudulent term of "Islamaphobia", is complicit in spreading Muslim Brotherhood propaganda and if they do so knowingly, [as many do] they are committing an act of treason and conspiracy. The MB are THE foundational organization for ALL Islamic Sharia jihad terror.

A guy, a commenter, asked for some more humorous Islamic Arab names on a YouTube post showing Robert De Niro as a clueless government official [oddly redundant] - where Bob is reading out a list of wanted Islamist terrorists. Sadly, the satirical conceit is that were all sent in by college students and De Niro playing it bereft is of course totally clueless too, and reads them all out straight faced. How he did, I don't know. Now that's real acting.

Shocking, eh? Nope. So I wrote these daft names and phrases [scroll further down] regards the joy of Islam and in a similar "jugular vein". Satirizing and ridiculing names from long before Python and The Goons is a big part of the history of humor, don't cha know.

“Shocking and provocative words". Derek and Clive.

Er, no. But I did have to stop at some point though. I just had to, Mister! This shows what a "...terrible influence Hollywood can be".

The current fun state of the bogus media and largely confused, easily and eager to be duped authorities, means we are unable to mutually declare a clear, urgent and effective war on Islam even though it has declared war on us every day for 1400 years. And thus all we ordinary plebes and nobodies really have left, is the exposing weapons of humor, satire and ridicule. So we have nothing really.

"Ah, yes. the power of satire that did so much to stop the rise of Hitler..." Peter Cook.

Hey, "Islamophobia, meaning an irrational fear of Islam". Well, it's entirely irrational to not fear Islam. Islamophobia is the same as Naziphobia, an irrational fear of Nazism.

Or deathaphobia, or freakaphobia, or beheadingaphobia, or Improvised Explosive Deviceaphobia, or hijackaphobia, or Islamicbullshitaphobia, or a massive mosque and Islamic school inyourneighbourhoodaphobia etc.

The problem is not ours my dear, whatever the current dhimmi, taqiyaa and blatant logical fallacy pressure. It's a problem for Islam and Muslims I'm afraid. Sadly a few too many apparently want to kill us all.

Curiously, we know rather instinctively that Islam is dangerous, don't we? There's always a latent threat with it. You and I know that we can pretty much laugh at every other religion ad nauseum, and nothing much to zero will ever happen as a consequence. Nothing that we can't simply ignore.

If this was not so, and it is very much is so, Dave Allen would have been knocked off in his first season by two old ladies dropping a life size Virgin Mary on him. Peter Sellers assassination would have been called for by millions of Hindu’s after he made The Party, and Richard Gere would have been beaten to death, by enraged Buddhist monks with a rolled up rice paper scroll for his sheer smug Hollywood posturing, appalling vanity and his movies.

Nothing coming from outside of reality, which is where it usually emanates from, will ever convince me otherwise that I'm merely mistaken, and Islam is really actually quite nice, that Mohammad was a lovely fella and the Koran is a delightful bedtime snuggly buggly little read for the children. It ain't, unless the kids like true horror stories straight from the mouth of madness. And inside of reality, Islam is empirically and has always been a uniquely relentless vision on a good day of well, hell.

Moderate Islam? Moderate meaning "without ideology and willing to compromise?". No such thing, dear innocent children. It just means you ain't a Mohammad identical, Koran perfect Muslim whose first duty is to fully embrace Islam's beautiful message of love, peace and mayhem.

Like Rodriguez, who believed in Cold Fact, "I wonder, wonder I do", how long can a turd pie be sold as cherry? Maybe as long as the mainstream media model can last, which may not be long. So won't cha' hurry up and die, MSM boobs? And the “hate speech” canard. Yep, while I'm not a hater per se, if anything is possible to hate, Islam would be it. And precisely as stated by Yossarian in Catch 22:

Yossarian: “They’re trying to kill me!”

Psychiatrist: “They’re not trying to kill you!"

Yossarian: “Then why are they shooting at me?”

Apparently it’s now verboten to hate some things, even a mere idea like the fully armed doctrine of Islam. I’m sorry, but Islam sucks big time and I care little who knows it. So uh, deal with it I suppose.
“Islam! I’m loving it!” 

Hey, if you can figure out all these satirical names and phrases or even be bothered to, you deserve some kind of citation and professional help. I couldn't remember them all first off, and I wrote 'em. Go figure. Reading them phonetically, whilst emphasizing each syllable helps. No, it does, really. Maybe not. It’s more of a laugh if you use a ruler to cover the answers and try to figure them out. It’s even more fun to not even bother coming to this shabby blog.

And remember what Bill Shakespeare said: "An Islamist loon by any other name will still kill you". Ah, Bill 'Master D' Shakespeare. Dig swingin' hepcats.

Wuz inna name, bub?

Ibin Bahmpin Mahsista.
(In my oppressive basket case we can’t meet girls normally. I believe that this has lead to me being far too close to my siblings)

Bin Hubya Ali.
(I’ve been up your alley. I think it’s the lack of any normal dating thing again)

Fahik Azza Barihk.
(The uncomprehending nature of many people in dysfunctional Islamic societies never ceases to amaze. The phrase thick as a brick does come to mind)

Daharda Zabedda.
(The harsher the social mentality and environment the better, seems to be the Islamist cultural dictum)

Douhbi Awnutt Tebi.
(To be or not to be. I guess the explosive belt means that you’re more in the negative nay-sayers group then, eh?)

Zatis Zaqush Dahun.
(That is the question. Probing questions are something we Krazy Koran Islamists avoid er, religiously)

Wahitz Anu Bahussi Kahat.
(What’s new, pussycat? Not much since the 7th Century, sport)

Mohammad Waiz Akeedi Fahidlah.
(Mohammad was a kiddie fiddler)

Hewaz Anaht.
(He was a nut so naturally I arranged for him to marry my daughter)

Ahnda Rah Pahist.
(And a rapist, so a bonus)

Ahnda Paou Paou Fahiz.
(And a poo poo face)

Lahif Izbutt Adareem.
(Life is but the dream of a global Caliphate)

Shah Bhoum Shah Bhoum.
(We really do enjoy murdering as many people of all ages, nationalities, religions and creeds as possible with Improvised Explosive Devices)

Akeeld Madorduz Fahallah.
(I killed my daughters for Allah because of Islam’s innate hatred of females because they represent life, hope and the natural flow of things. While oppression, murder, total power, banditry and lies are Mohammad’s only real messages and examples, and all you need to know about the true face of Islam)

Awahna Skareem Karazishahit.
(I want to scream crazy shit and I do mean, all the damn time)

Zalafs Aouhnyu.
(The laughs on you and yet Islamists have zero sense of humour. Go figure)

Zaleft Haiz Khan Nektid Wahiz Islam.
(The Left has connected with Islam as not so strange bedfellows, as narcissistic nihilist fantasists and control freaks often do)

Zah Koraniz Karouhd Turghid Shahit.
(The Koran is quite unreadable in a crude and turgid sense. It’s an insane tract of violence, murder and oppression with absolutely zero to offer anyone in the free and awesomely successful West)

Aghet Madabhout Taiddibahz.
(I get mad about teddy bears. In fact I get into insane rages about most things that make life worth living. The things that offend many millions of Muslims across the world can be narrowed down to everything and nothing)

Ahmet Aman Houwazzin Zahir.
(I met a man who wasn’t there, much like the non-achievements of Islam. Or the relentless delusions and the manufacturing of enemies and conspiracy, that Islam requires for its momentum and alleged legitimacy)

Ahmet Zatman Aghen Doudai.
(I met that man again today. Hallucinatin’ like Mohammad in a cave, eh? Yep, you’re nuts!)

Awah Ishzatman Waouhd Sihd Dahouhn.
(I wish that man would sit down or I’ll keel heem!)

Akhan Saiza Fahilhm.
(I can’t see this Palestinian Childrens Television Network film of a beheading)

Zisiz Zah Faheelfa Islam.
(This is, as Christopher Hitchens has said very accurately, “the filth of Islam”)

Yubormi Shahitlas.
(You bore me shitless and that’s on a good day. Please, no prayer chants. I’ll even pay you to stop)

Mohammad Yamutha.
(Mo hammered your Mother and anything else with a heartbeat)

Barudha Khan Yuhb Sahberadahim.
(Buddy, can you spare a dime? Or a few billion petro dollars for the local Madrassa junior Jihadist madhouse?)

Hiaz Lahu Khan Attayu Kahlid.
(Here’s lookin’ at you kid and hopefully from a vast distance or a B52 loaded with pig blood)

Grabhul Baida Wazoo.
(Grab the bull by the wazoo and that’s another Saturday night in another 'Stan)

Iziz Wahda Shavit.
(Is this where I shove it, oh Grand Mufi?)

Ishtah Haoub Id Khan.
(Is a stupid so and so)

Abhoubiz Sheiks Abakini.
(Yep, they do)

Ben Dawoud Inyah Azz.

Azooz Da Ahnimahl Howiz.
(A zoo is an animal house and the Middle-East is God’s Monkey House)

Osama Bin Laden Fahdinnah.
(You’re late for din dins again, Osama!)

Samah Bin Laden Furti.
(You’re late for tea too!)

Osama Bin Laden Atrahk.
(Hey, we’ve been loading a truck with explosives to blow up the girls school!)

Sahma Inbahred.
(It’s now compulsory for the majority of any Loya Jigah, Saudi Council, Syrian authority, Iranian Theocracy, Local or National Mosque Leadership and so on, to be made up of perhaps misrepresentative, inbred and stunted sub-cretins who would be dangerous losers in any successful and normal society)

Rahb Mashaft Tayabhoub.
(I’ve had both your husband and your entire family executed on phony morality and spying charges)

Yahoul Iz Rhadi Fareemin.
(Is there a Proctologist in the house?)

Dis Bahoots Iz Mahid Fahwakin. Anzats Jahuz Waht Dihaldaou.
(These boots are made for walkin’, and that’s just what they’ll do)

Wahhat Izdez.
(What is this? A rocket launcher?)

Wahak Mahdou Da.
(Show me the pleasures of the Infidel girly bar before I have to return to Saudi Arabia to live with my Mother and blind crippled Uncle)

Fahill Yabhoum Wid Bif.
(I am the local Imam)

Y’Khan Taful Amezz.
(I believe that you need to either improve your personal hygiene or avoid Lebanese rape gangs)

Anahl Saheeks Iz Bhaghari.
(Anal sex with a castrated boy is the will of Allah)

Fahkin Khan.
(Hey, that Imran Khan is a wonderful fellow, isn’t he? And so intelligent and rational too. Er, no)

Naiz Babhoul Assiz.
(Nice bubble asses on those donkeys)

Iz Arouhni Rahk Enrahl. Bahit Alahkit Lahkit. Yussah Douh.
(It’s only Rock n’ Roll but I hate all musical expression)

Allah Kahitadouh.
(I like it I do)

Wahkin Madik Ali Tahim.
(I have taken up a hobby)

Ahad Ben Zahdreen.
(I had some Jihad fuel)

Ai shahid Mabed.
(Eastern food disagrees with me)

Mashitsah Fahill Feeshahits.
(My sheets are ruined)

Fatina Yareema.
(Hey, don't tell my wife we do this. She'll think I'm gay. I'm a Jihadist after all)

Zahiba Didouh Dah.
(I feel the Koran lacks a certain light hearted and carefree touch)

Samouk Arifah.
(I don’t partake myself, but you really need some kind of medication, any kind)

Isarfid Furmiuhd. Nawidz Tahmfur Yudtusarfir Mayuhd.
(I suffered for my art, now it’s time for you to suffer for my art)

Hawizdat Furafahd.
(How is that for art?)

Izbn Ariel Drahg.
(It’s been a real drag)

Wahda Bahma.
(Oh dear, it’s another fucked in the head and alleged Islamist "spiritual leader" on the MSM)

Haouhdatz Atta Madouhr.
(Whose that at my door? I think it’s the Iranian Morality Police. Yippee!)

Atta Gaouhd Shahit.
(I see what you mean, brother)

Iwadin Furdamahn.
(I’m waitin’ for ‘The Man’ to arrest me for laughing)

Ibin Fahdin Sinz Cairo.
(I’ll never eat at Ali’s again)

Ali Sahma Ibin Wahkin Mapuhd.
(All Summer the surf has been foamin’ and totally tubular!)

Alliz Fahkt Hup.
(I’m a 35 year old man and I can’t relate to women on any healthy and mature level though I do enjoy beating them and joining in a nice ‘honour’ killing on a Saturday night)

Alouhf Bahbahrah Iz.
(I think I love Barbra Streisand!)

Mamouhd Izghay.
(I love what you've done with the carpets!)

Waihl Hah Lodarli.
(Well hello blow up Dolly)

Samouhk Aounda Wahta.
(Smoke on the water, a hookah in a sty)

Ahfiahl Bahrihti.
(I feel pretty, oh so pretty and shitty and gray)

Ouda Dasuez Islam.
(Out of the sewers and a cave came the monster of Islam)

Hiadah Dah Mezzuen Afihal Suez Sahidhal.
(Whenever I Hear the Mezzuen call to prayer, I feel suicidal at best)

Wahit Awahn Darfoulh Wahild.
(What a wonderful world is the Gaza Strip)

Sahim Bahadhi Stahoub Mabahk.
(Somebody stabbed me in the back in that old fashioned Arab way. And it’s makin’ a comeback!)

Ayudah Sharif Farum Atta Taouhn.
(Are you the new Omar Sharrif in town?)

Duzshaheet Onmashaouz.
(I seem to have stepped on some dog excrement)

Youza Wahn Fahkin Mamuddah.
(You want to have sexual relations with my Mother?)

Jahuz Chaheel Baruzza.
(Just chill, brother)

Yamadduz Adaouhd.
(Your Mother’s a dude)

Daouhd Wahiks Lahik Alahdi.
(Dude walks like a lady)

Alladin Mohammad.
(Mohammad is tryin' sonmethin' new!)

Ben Amouzalhim Izza Bahma.
(Being a Muslim is a bummer, dude)

Izzas Gaouhd Azit Sahims.
(Is as good as it seems and that ain't saying much)

Wazza Mahda Wahit Mohammad.
(What’s the matter with Mohammad? Fresh lice outbreak?)

Haiz Amahd Fahrihk.
(He’s a mad freak, so it's cool)

Ramzi Naouh Bin.
(Ram the knob in and I'll put some tea on)

Saladin Mashaftin Yahaz.
(Brace yourself!)

Aya Shah Zisiz Bahdah.
(Are you sure this is butter?)

Fatimstah Widah Hahdahat.
(Fat Teamster with a hardhat)

Balil Kalimdan Zarkhumstan.
(Clinton has ruined my dress)

Shah Dafahk Ahub.
(Please desist with your mindless rantings)

Yushaht Yakahik Haoul.
(You shut your cake hole)

Yuiz Amahdda Fahikir.
(We have opposing views)

Mabohdi Oudirh Iz Salamin.
(My body odour is slammin’.)

Wahitz Indabagdad.
(What’s in the bag, Dad? Explosives or a knife?)

Aldiz Gahoulz Arafat.
(All these girls are fat)

Izzahr Salim Gahoulz Tafhuk.
(Is there some slim girls to date?)

Masalit Izza Shahvid.
(I keep it trimmed!)

Mahass Iz Wahaks Sid.
(My ass is waxed)

Ayiza Hama Frahdahayit.
(I am a hermaphrodite)

Samah Muslimas Sahik Pervez.
(Proportionately, Islam breeds a lot of headcases)

Mawahf Izza Babhoun.
(My wife is a baboon which makes her a little more sophisticated than me)

Makidz Afrihks.
(My kids are freaks. I think it’s the public hangings from construction cranes as family entertainment))

Islam Sahiks Lahik Amuzzah.
(Islam sucks like a Mother)


NeoConstant said...

Islamophobia is the same as Naziphobia, an irrational fear of Nazism.


Now this post had me laughing out loud (in a metaphorical sense, as I am at work, and should not be laughing out loud at my desk...).

Thanks, Colonel, for the latest dose of your wit....

Jenn Sierra said...

That's great.

The sad thing is that too many people truly do not "know instinctively that Islam is dangerous."

Much like our beloved pets, which have had most of their survival instincts bred out of them to make them comfortable in the house, the last couple of generations have had common sense and the ability to listen to their spirits brainwashed out of them.

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